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Andrew Love Erotic Humiliation and Degradation: In this class, we will be exploring the erotic uses of dirty, nasty, offensive words and actions. Learn the intricacies of combining these elements to create a mental space for one to experience the depths of depravity and the taste of taboo. Instead of a human being experiencing the filth as simply environmental, a person in that moment can internalize it, embracing the filth and becoming the subjectof everything that is depraved and loathsome in this world.  We will discuss the psychological aspects and requirements of this form of play, from both the bottom’s aspect and the top’s.  We will talk about why it is that we do what we do and give you the tools required to begin exploring this yourself.

Lady Elsa Negotiating with Strangers BEGINNERS So you've met a hot stranger, and now it's time to play. You know you need to negotiate before playing, of course, but where do you start?  In this workshop, you'll learn a straightforward step-by-step process for communicating your wants and needs to a potential play partner.  You'll learn how to assess the experience level of your partner, how to convey hard and soft limits, and how to communicate about implement preferences, play styles, and more.  We'll also talk about some basic safety and security precautions when playing with someone you don't know. 

Lady Moonfyre and Lord Mykel Hurt Me… I Like it: A focus on Masochism and bottoming. Managing and developing your reaction to ‘pain’ or getting the most out of a beating. Developing an understanding of what makes a masochist “tick”.  Pain tolerance, the rush and drive to experience pain and how masochistic tendencies affect your play time. Includes discussion about coping techniques for managing deliciously painful play and how to break through the resistance barrier and ride the wave.  

Lilith How to Train Your Dominant: As anyone in the business community knows, the most treasured employees are the ones who can build and maintain value in the services they provide while accommodating their supervisors personal style and preferences. Sound familiar?  If it doesn’t, just insert your power exchange titles in place of “employee” and “supervisor” then read it again. A submissive partner does not have to be a passive partner. Being empowered to take an active role in your power-exchange dynamic opens the door, not only to new avenues of service and submission, but also to more cohesive and fulfilling relationships.This class is not about being manipulative, per se, or about taking charge from the bottom. It’s about analytical and anticipatory service. It’s about how a submissive can observe and evaluate the needs of the dominant. It’s about how to communicate and work with them to create the best dynamic possible for both of you, from the day to day aspects all the way up to the big picture.  

Master Obsidian and slave namaste Practical Protocols and Rituals Master Obsidian and slave namaste will lead a discussion about protocol and ritual in the scene and how they can be used to center and ground both Master and slave. What exactly are protocols? How are they used? What is ritual and why is it important to the maintenance and development of the power exchange dynamic? What do you need to do to create and establish your own protocols and rituals? We will discuss the vanishing art of protocol and explore the many ways in which protocols and rituals can be used to strengthen and elevate the bond between Master and slave.  

Master Talon From the Bottom to the Top! A Masters Journey: Join Master Talon for a trip through time as he made his leather journey from boi to Master. Come and share in the ups and downs, joys and sorrows, steps taken and lessons learned along this path. Leave with a better understanding of what it takes to follow your unique path to wherever it leads.

Miss Ali Rose Domestic Discipline Scenario: Many of us walk in to these communities and lifestyle in search of our fantasies. This class will begin with an example, a template that you can use to incorporate into your own relationship, roleplay, and/or power dynamic. It is a cookie-cutter dynamic to be used as plug-and-play, or altered infinitivally for your own purposes and needs. We will then discuss ways that you can utilize the suggestions and guidelines recommended, and mold them into designs that works best for your relationship(s). The establishment of a strong foundation under our relationship dynamics, whether organic or structured in formation, is vital to the growth, stability, and longevity of our relationships.

Miss Constance Attracting a Partner: Too often we look at the time we spend without a partner in our lives as wasted time, or don't have a clear understanding of what a submissive or dominant looks for.  Time spent looking for a partner is also time that can be used to make oneself more appealing.  It can be a time to develop the kinds of skills and qualities that others look for and develop methods that will make you stand out as a submissive or a dominant.  The class will also cover different ways to approach potential partners and pitfalls to avoid, as well as creating a "resume" for oneself.

MistressMayhem Cuckolding: To suffer the torment, to savor the pain - Male & female cuckolds The components of cuckolding in BDSM and relationships. From the fantasy to the reality of Cuckolding. Who is a cuckold, how do you know if your a cuckold? 10 questions to answer to find out if your a cuckold Resources and information about cuckolding.

MistressMayhem The Cookie Experiment - finding your way: Are you Poly, open hearted... Dealing with Jealousy, Envy & Lust? Mistress Mayhem's "A Cooks Guide to Using Jealousy in Your Healthy Sexy Dishes" A demonstration of sharing - A platter of cookies are shared around the room... This is the beginning of the class and an introduction to the concepts of how Poly works in my little poly world of many loves and living as a tribe.

MsKendra What does it mean to own another person? Owning a slave is a big responsibility.  What are the responsibilities of owning another person?  What are the joys and agony of owning another person?  Is this for you?  Come prepared to ask questions and learn about the true life and times of owning someone. 

River Dark/domenique The Care and Feeding of the Top: Now that you’ve caught one, how do you keep it?We all want to think of our Tops/Dominants as invincible gods, but the fact is they are very human. It takes two to maintain the power and the confidence of a good Top. This workshop is aimed primarily at bottoms who do not switch, but is not a workshop on how to be a good submissive/bottom. Instead we look at the psychological pressures of being a Top, and how to support and encourage our Tops, while still taking care of ourselves. We look at how to get our needs met without moving out of bottom space and without injuring our Tops.

ShibariPyro andRedwarrior Don’t Shoot the Slave! Training Techniques that have Gone to the Dogs: Conditioning, training, punishment and reward.  Come with us as we explore how these concepts are used in dog training, particularly in Schutzhund training with dogs that are known to be headstrong and stubborn and then see how these same concepts can be applied to training humans who are just as strong willed, all in ways that are effective, consensual, and even fun!  We’ll talk about the psychology behind these techniques as well as their practical application for humans and wrap it all up with how these techniques can fit into power exchange relationships.  There may even be treats...for those that behave!

Scott Harrington Developing Your Dominant Style: As a Dominant, your submissive wants you to be in charge, both speaking to them and conducting yourself in a Dominant manner. But what exactly does that mean? Yell at them? Scold them? That’s probably not what they were hoping for. But what is? The key to being a really effective Dom is to understand what the sub needs from you. But “putting yourself in their shoes” doesn’t work – your personality is opposite theirs, so those shoes don’t fit! In this class, Master Scott discusses how to find and refine your own natural-born ability to Dominate your sub – both in terms of how you speak to them, how you give them orders, and how you physically behave yourself so as to instill their deeper submission and respect. The focus is on understanding the submissive’s needs, and learning how to deliver your Dominance in a way that satisfies both of you. 

Sir Top THE TRUTH OF IT Presenting, Mentoring, Households and Leather Families: We will discuss the structure of different aspects of our lifestyle and how to maintain them. Open discussion about the pros and cons, trials and tribulations.  Suggested plans for success in longevity and exit strategies when endings are inevitable.  Bring your ideas and questions to this workshop.

slave namaste The Four Agreements for the surrendered heart: The Four Agreements is a life changing book that can be beneficial for anyone. In this class slave namaste dives deeply into each agreements and their practical application for those seeking to live a life of Surrender.  These agreements can shed illumination and clarity that can free those who are submissive/slaves from common fears that are obstacles to living a surrendered and fulfilling life.

Snoflak and biscuit Protocols vs Etiquette: How to Develop (and Redevelop) Your Own What is the difference between protocol and etiquette? How do we create our own protocols to enhance and reaffirm our dynamic? Protocols can be used for sexual enhancement, as well as structure-building. The class will be given examples of Old World protocols with Interactive Participation. We will discuss and help develop first-time protocols to fit your own needs. For those who already have protocols in place, perhaps they have become old and outdated for where your dynamic stands currently. We will discuss replacing old protocols for new, reaffirming ones 

Snoflak and biscuit Negotiations and Contracts for Casual Play and Committed Partnerships: Both for relationships and pick up play"Hey, you're hot, wanna play?" Isn't working for you? This discussion and interactive class is for both sides of the leash. The class will cover how to negotiate with someone new for dungeon pick up play, negotiations and contracts for establishing a D/s dynamic.How do you define what you want and need? Where do you begin?From self-defining to the contract stage, a step-by-step journey.Please bring paper and pen!

Stefanos and shay Strike A Pose: Position Training “Present! Ready! Kneel! Expose! Expose Ass! Apology!” If you pictured yourself (or your sexy s-type) going through those positions and got excited, this class is for you!  Position training  has many variations- it can be used to initiate and build a D/s dynamic, to create sadistic predicaments, or as a “dance” of connection between Master and slave (to name just a few!).  Stefanos and Shay will discuss and demonstrate specific example positions (like the ones listed above), as well as variations like numbered positions and use of signals. They will also demonstrate types of position training scenes,  from yelling out orders like a drill sergeant (with severe punishments for fuck-ups) to delicately guiding a cherished pet through a postures performance. Interactive activities will help you focus on individualizing these positions and scene types to your own personal turn-ons, limitations, interests, and dynamics.




Capercae/jenni SPANKING: Mild to Wild! The most intimate of touches, the most searing of sensations, it can be fiery hot or icy cold, humiliating at the same time nurturing, inducing of guilt while forgiving it. Spanking is the most versatile, the most culturally ingrained, the most socially acceptable form of kink under the BDSM umbrella. Often thought of as a “gateway kink” or even as entry-level, nothing could be further from the truth. This class will blow the socks off of anyone who still thinks of spanking as just “a childhood punishment”. Professional spanker Miss Chris will introduce and demonstrate a whole range of possibilities all having to do with the multifaceted spank. From mild, a dreamy percussive whole body spanking, to WILD, a bloodletting vampire glove spanking, and all the delicious variations that fall in between.

Capercae/jenni ROLE PLAYING: Actualizing Your Wildest SM Fantasies Have you ever wanted to play out your wildest SM fantasies, but didn’t know quite where to start? Come join Miss Chris as she presents “Role Playing: Actualizing Your Wildest SM Fantasies”. Learn basic to advanced tips and techniques on how to leverage attire, speech, body language, props, and the five senses to evoke different scene stages. Learn how to assume a character, improvise, create a backstory, and to suspend reality for a scene. Role Play examples will be presented throughout the class, and an interactive exercise at the end allows everyone to get their hands dirty with a basic role play you can play with and eventually incorporate into your own bag of tricks! 

Dunter Interogation Scene & Torture Play: Torture for interrogation play. Come to discover a new kind of mind fuck. This workshop is not like what you have seen before. Will be devised in 6 modules with demo and discussion prepared like real interrogations. -Fear, how to use this tool to crack most brain. -Pain and bluff, pain is easy to administer but in a interrogation scenario this is just a toys. -Endurance, every body can resist to most interrogation, this is the way on how to deal with endurance.

-Mindfuck, trick to get information from twisted idea. -Stress, how to play with stress, how to create and manage it. -Interrogation technique, questioning, how to ask the good question.

Jay Traveling Fool Violet Wands - The Sensual Toy No One Talks About: Today, we’ll use the Violet Wand to create sensuous or pain feelings in our partners. Traveling Fool/Jay will show you how to create and control the smiles and sighs of pleasure from slow, sensual violet wand play, and how to get the Violet Wand orgasm! If you're not into pain, and prefer the squeals of pleasure from your partner, this style is for you! Traveling Fool/Jay loves to teach and demonstrate how to maximize your Violet Wand play by combining various Violet Wand tools and accessories with many sensual techniques. Come learn how to light up your sex life with electricity and put a little spark back in your play.

Jay Traveling Fool Advanced Violet Wand Techniques - Taking Electricity To Another Level. Shocking Isn't It? In this session Traveling Fool/Jay will take on advanced Violet Wand techniques. Traveling Fool/Jay will talk about, and demo, Fire Play, Cupping, and Cooking the Turkey! He’ll also talk about branding and needle play and floggers and cattle prods…all with the Violet Wand! Yes, you can cause pain for those into pain, and you can play with fire as well, but you can also create a very sensuous scene when playing with the wand. Come learn, experience and be a convert to the Magic of the Wand!

Leonora Ma’am Wax Play: The Agony and The EcstasyScreams of pleasure and pain as the drippings from lit candles drop on waiting flesh… 

Sighs of sensual sexual bliss as the body is slowly encased by cascades of hot, slippery wax... Leonora Ma’am will take you on the erotic sensory journey to the Agony and the Ecstasy. 

Leonora Ma’am Flogging Interactive: Brief talk about my background and the history of flogging. Flogging demo to different kinds of music including the tango to show how to allow music to influence your style and passion. I invite participation in which I will assist tops to fully explore their flogging potential to the use of music to intensify and satisfy the flogging experience.

MarilynZ Love and the Family Jewels: CBT; cock, ball, teasing, tormenting, torturing.  What extreme names… when all we want to do is play with the family jewels.    We will start with anatomy and safety issues.  Basic play techniques.  Then the fun begins,  as the class (with the bottoms consent) will choose which advance type of play they want to learn.  Butterfly board, Crown of Thorns, Scrotal infusion, Sounds ?  Or let’s suture the scrotum to hide the penis and turn him into a girl.  You decide.  Or better yet … are you ballsy enough to play with … or let us play with your …  family jewels?

MarilynZ Loving Needles: Temporary piercings will be discussed and demonstrated.  From basic, to increasing the sensation with elaborate designs and/or weights.   Hands on class participation will be encouraged as a Top, bottom or both 

Mark Frazier Knife Play: Knife play involves the use of knives in kink play. They can be used in body mods and cutting play, fear play, temperature (scars) play and puncture play. Knife play edge play and is not for all players because to the presence of blood that is present in my knife play scenes. The workshop will be hands-on and discuss how to incorporate the use of knives in the a scene, when it is safe to use knifes and when you should not.   We will also discuss many of the safety concerns of knife play. 

Master Roger Stevens Take a walk through the sadistic mind of an experienced whip thrower: Learning about whips should not mean a long, boring lecture.  So let’s make this class your own with the information YOU want and need. We’ll start with a brief whip scene so you get an idea of where my sick, twisted mind is at.  You’ll be able to watch my whip work and how I use it on my willing victim. Then after a quick run through of the basics, let’s get down to YOUR questions.  Pick my mind.  Ask the questions that are important to you.  Don’t just sit in a class and take notes, let’s interact.  Let’s all share ideas, comments, tips, and helpful hints.  We all have something to offer. This is a hands-on class so be sure to bring your Signal Whip or Bull Whip.

Master Roger Stevens Let’s grab our whips and whup some butt: Now that we’ve covered the basics in my earlier class, let’s all grab our whips and start throwing.  During the class I will circulate around giving each of you valuable one-on-one time.  Want to learn a different grip?  Want to learn better ways to practice?  Want to learn a particular throw or technique?  Want to learn how to throw light & easy?  Or how to throw heavy and sadistic? This is your chance.  No matter what your skill level, you’ll leave having learned something new and helpful. This is a hands-on class so be sure to bring your Signal Whip or Bull Whip.

Mistress Tokyo Caning: Love the sound of that unmistakable swish of the cane through the air as the scene starts? Is there a more scarey sound for those who should fear "Six of the Best"? Do you relish leaving perfectly aligned tram track marks on your sub's bottom? If you want to know what I've learned over the years of discipline using a cane, then this workshop is the chance for you to learn what I know! We'll cover things like how to warm up, different striking techniques and how to structure a scene to get the best out of yourself, whether Top or bottom! 

Scott Harrington Safely Man-handling Women: Man-handling your girl to remind her who’s in charge can be lots of fun! Until someone gets seriously hurt, that is. In this live-demo class, Master Scott teaches several techniques for “man-handling” women in rough kinky play while minimizing risk of permanent injury. If you can bring a playmate to the class, there will be opportunities to practice the techniques being discussed. Scott includes both physical techniques for dominating and controlling your submissive as well as psychological techniques for creating intimidation and fear when they have been consented to.





Dunter Dynamic suspension: This is a basic but very fun type of suspension that allow the body to move in different position. This workshop will cover: safety during suspension, basic chest and hips harness, how to setup the dynamic line, stabilization and load bearing.

Dunter Bondage For The Non-Flexible Bottom: This workshop will aim for restrictive bondage oriented for non-flexible partner or people with handicap limb. The Z-Tie, Straight Jacket tie, J-string tie, Nirvana-nawa tie.

EM Rope Bondage for Impact Play (beginner to intermediate) You and your bottom can revel in the joys of rope together, but seeing their immobilized body strain against the rope can be rather tempting. It's time to give in to that temptation. Learn how to "think rope" in terms of manipulating your bottom for other forms of play - from ties that allow a bit of movement, to ones which keep them totally immobilized. Along with suggested modifications for an assortment of bodies, your impact play scenes can feature serious restraint using nothing but single and double-column ties.

EM Connection Through Pain (intermediate) So often we think of the word “sensual” the moment someone uses the words “connection” and “rope” near each other. That is not always the case. For the right sado/masochistic pair, inflicting pain with your rope on the ground slowly and deliberately can be a very intimate experience. That’s what we’re going to explore as a group. 

EM 8 Tips For Streamlining Your Suspension (intermediate to advanced) Again, this is oriented toward the intermediate rope top and budding suspension enthusiast. Using a combination of demo/lecture and hands-on teaching techniques, this class will attempt to do two things. The first is to make sure you are tying your partner off to the ring in a fluid yet safe manner. Expanding on the very popular “suspension line tie offs” class that I taught at Ropenspace last year, it will cover the information found in that class and also feature a few other tips for managing safer direct-lift suspensions (where the majority of rope-breaks have happened lately), lifting that pesky last ankle from the floor and getting it tied off to the ring smoothly, as well as a few other techniques to make ties safe, consistent, and smooth.       

Mistress Tokyo Takedown Bondage: In this workshop, I’ll draw  from my experience as a Takemusu  Aikido practicioner and lover of Hojojyutsu (the Japanese martial art of rope tying on prisoners) to show you some techniques I employ in My scenes to get your sub on the ground and keep them there! We’ll cover takedown from an Aikido perspective, pressure points, equipment and a Hojo inspired boxtie harnesses. Please wear comfortable clothing bring some rope and be prrepared to go to the ground! This is a pair-based, hands-on workshop format.

Mistress Tokyo Shibari and Rope Bondage: In this introductory workshop, I’ll discuss my style and approach to Shibari and Japanese rope bondage. I’ll touch on history, address fundamentals of some basic ties and their components. I’ll share rope handling techniques, some good starting points and speak to safety and first aid.This workshop will be part demonstration, part explanation and part hands-on about how to throw yourself in there, without a Japanese pedigree! Attendee requirements: rope of any style (gauge 7mm max, ideally 8m lengths) Attendees coming as a single may wish to source a tying partner for this workshop

Spike Self-Suspension: A class where the students will learn how to suspend themselves without the need for a partner. Safety, preparation, methods of quick release, and exploration of the “worst case scenario” will all be discussed before a single student will be suspended

Spike Rope Ponies: Bit, bridle, hooves, tails, carts, sulkies, stables, pastures... jeez, this ponyplay thing sounds expensive! Fear not, fellow kinkster! You too can be a pony player with nothing more than a couple hundred feet of rope.







Bryan Cassidy You are Getting Very Horny: Hypnotic Arousal and Orgasm: It's all in your mind. And by "it," I mean sex. Bryan with review the ins and outs of using hypnosis to stimulate, tease, excite, and yes, even produce full-blown, genuine, mind-melting orgasms. It's all in the name of good clean fun--and better sex. 

Bryan Cassidy Long-Term Hypnoerotic Control for the Intensely Curious: Part of an Authority Relationship? Learn ways to safely and effectively transform your willing, committed partner into your willing, committed, hypnotically obedient partner. Bryan will discuss various techniques and tips for utilizing long-term hypnotic influence as a path to greater pleasure and intimacy.  Includes Q&A period.

JLubeJack Anal Fisting; The Hole Tour: Ah fisting… the mere word is music to our rears. Anal Fisting is a how-to-get-started safely as well as a wide-open, forearm-plunge into giant dildos, chains, and multiple-hand mayhem. Anatomy, safety, training, and lubes are all covered. In appropriate venues, there can be hands-in demos and audience participation.

JLubeJack Blood, Sex & Steel: Like sex? Like blood sports... say, needles & knives? Similar to chocolate & raspberries, one of the great combinations in life is blood & sex. We're gonna find out how a body carved with blades and poked full of needles reacts when it's jigglin' & rockin' with full-on fucking. The dual sinsations of steel penetration and foreplay, carving and cunnilingus, blow jobs & blades will set up the demo-bleeders for a spectacular cumclusion. When breasts or balls full of needles bounce to the rhythm of rough sex & pounding penetration, the effect on BOTH fuckee and fucker are awesome! Bring your steel and a willing perforee and sing along; let's call it “Carv-e-o-kee”!

Master Talon Vaginal Play: Chain and Fisting: You’ve all heard the legend of the chain...join Master Talon and learn the 'ins and outs' of this orgasmic play technique as well as the fine art of fisting. Class covers the basics of choosing your equipment, important safety points, the benefits of lube, and protecting yourself from the squirting so you'll be ready to try your hand at these vagina pleasing games!

Miss Ali Rose Cephalic Play: This is a peer-based, interactive workshop, so bring along your favorite head and/or face toys. We will work our way from the outside inward—focusing on re-emphasizing an area of the body that houses four senses. It is not enough to learn physical skills, we must also pay attention to the affective side of our psyche by stressing the development of thinking attitudes, intentions, and how they are exhibited. We will share examples and generate conversation around pathways to help you facilitate an increase in vulnerability and intimacy within your scenes. We will start with your own interests, and sprinkle in a few fears to exploit, discuss force versus intensity, and perhaps unravel a bit of both the dominance of the physical and submission of the emotional.

Scott Harrington Deep Throat & Face Fucking: The Ultimate Oral Experience: Deep throat oral sex and it’s close cousin Face Fucking, meaning forced deep throat oral sex, can be the ultimate sexual dominance and submission experience for many people. It requires a high degree of submission from the bottom, because vomiting is usually induced until they’ve done the scene many times and learned to suppress their gag reflex. Master Scott begins with a discussion of the psychological and D/s aspects of deep throating and face fucking, emphasizing the deep emotional bonds that can be developed through this kind of intensive sexual submission. He then goes on to discuss the safety precautions and then demonstrates techniques, describing hints for both tops and bottoms to get the most out of this intense experience.





Andrew Love Filth - Dirty Pig Play: You see the note on the bathroom wall, Dirty pig play desired, open to anything dirty raunchy and wrong, call 555-555-5555.  Your phone dials, your heart races. What's next?  Mr Love, is open to a variety of this play and every class is likely to be different.  This is a dirty, filthy, messy class… Scat will not be on the menu.

Mark Frazier Deep Tissue Bruising: Deep tissue bruises are painful and can range in severity from 1st degree to 3rd degree.   Although, very painful and uncomfortable, they are very colorful and can invite a range of conversation but good (from those who understand Bruise Play) and bad from those who equate it to dysfunction or abuse. The workshop will be hands-on and will discuss methods, placement, safety and aftercare. Wearing deep tissue bruises is not for everybody especially those who do not express or embrace their kinks.

ShibariPyro andRedwarrior Smack DOWN! Take Downs and Resistance Play: Do you like to bottom but dream of fighting back?  Do you enjoy Topping, but sometimes wish for the rush that comes from conquest?  Do you desire to pit your strength against your play partners and go toe to toe?  In this class, we will discuss all the ups and downs of Topping and bottoming for resistance play and take down scenes.  ShibariPyro and redwarrior have been playing this way for over 4 years now with the amazing memories and scars to show for it and will share their experiences and what they have learned from this style of play, including safety considerations, emotional/relationship concerns, and the techniques used to mitigate the risks involved in what can be a very risky form of play.  There will be a demonstration of these techniques in action following the discussion.

River Dark/domenique When it’s Not Just Fun and Games! Playing on the Dark Side: What about when it’s not “fun”? What about when it does not feel “good”? Is it Ok for a Top to inflict pain purely for their own sadistic pleasure without considering the needs or wants of their bottom? If a bottom accepts this are they abused and in need of an intervention? Is training just about teaching or can it be about remaking and forging the person into what you want them to be? Can "this is for your own good" be an acceptable reason? In this workshop we explore the darker side of S/M and D/s that does not fit the rhetoric generated for the vanilla world. Where safe, sane and consensual are not a creed but instead one way of looking at things. Where punishment is not funishment, where tears shed are not always from happiness or release and where there are not always safewords.

River Dark/domenique Strangulation & Asphyxiation! A Study in Breath Control: Many people play with chocking and/or suffocation.  Yet so often when we put anything over someone’s face that restricts the flow of air, or anything tight around someone’s neck, the cry “Breath Play” rings out as though it was murder most foul, or a universal safe word. Instead of lumping them together in a dark back room with “Dangerous Edge Play, Do Not Enter” written in blood on the door, let’s separate out these different strands and look at them in the light of day. What about them are unsafe and why? Is there anything that is safe about them and why? And, most importantly, what are some fun things we can do with them?

Spike Erotic Wrestling: A class that explores wrestling in a loving manner. Learn how to throw, sweep, pin, joint lock and choke your partner….lovingly. 

Stefanos and shay Skin Deep: Cutting for play: There is nothing quite like the sensation of a cutting- the fear, as you see and feel a blade against your skin, the sharp, immediate pain as the cut is made, the slow tingle and wet feeling of blood dripping down your skin... In this class, Stefanos & Shay will discuss and demonstrate surface cuttings using sterile scalpels, including information on both freehand and patterned cuttings using transfer paper. While they teach (and preach!) that you should always go into a cutting assuming it will scar, their focus in this class is to partake in cuttings as play (as opposed to cuttings as body modification) while seeking to minimize scars. There will be focus on RACK and making cuttings as safe (with discussion by Shay, an ER nurse) and sexy as possible. While the technical information is a crucial starting point, this class will go beyond the basics, discussing cutting as spiritual play, working within a D/s dynamic, and incorporating roleplay. This is edge play and not advised for newbies. 

Stefanos and shay Precipice: Extreme edge play: Violent rape, interrogation, assault, humiliation, terror… playing on the brink can be vastly rewarding, but also psychologically and physically dangerous (which is of course part of the appeal). Stefanos & Shay will demonstrate & discuss types of edge play scenes, negotiation & aftercare for this type of play, and the how & why of taking yourself (and your partner/s) to the limit… and then pulling them (and yourself) back. There will be numerous demos, including emotional edge play, rape, gun play, use of “trigger words,” realistic and personal portrayal of domestic abuse, and rough body play, as well as participatory discussion about “soft limits” and risk awareness in the context of edge play. Stefanos & Shay emphasize using edge play for catharsis and empowerment, finishing with a personally vulnerable demonstration. This class is not for beginners and contains content that many participants find triggering (often in unexpected ways). NO LATE ENTRY allowed for this session.



PONY PLAY INTERACTIVE: Come join your 2012 and 2014 IPPC Champions and some of their Pony Friends as we take you on a fun filled journey of the Pony Play experience! Come experience the Joy of being a pony for the first time or Handling/Controlling your first pony! If you’re an experienced pony, please come out and help us teach our new pony friends!Whatever your Pony Play Interest...Handler, Trainer, Groomer, pony or Voyeur....We’d love for you to join us!We’ll start off with a short discussion on what you need to be a pony, where to buy tack, pony headspace and How to rein a pony (For the Handler/Trainers).Then we'll learn some dressage gaits and the reining for those. We are going to do this in Pairs of ponies. One experienced pony with an inexperienced pony so they are side by side and can really pick it up and also Bond! For the second half of the class we will introduce the cart....Safety...Loading and Unloading....Pony hook up....How to pull to the cart and handle the reins while riding. After that some freestyle pony play!!!!