Andrew Love

International Mr. Olympus Leather 2008

Andrew Love, founder and producer of the Rocky Mountain Olympus Leather competition, made his way into the Salt Lake Leather community at 25 and immediately knew he had found home and family. Andrew has held the title for Mr. West Coast Olympus Leather 2008 and International Mr. Olympus Leather 2008 and has devoted his time and energy into making his community the best it can be, upholding his own values of the necessity of "giving back".  His focus on education is apparent by the broad list of classes he has taught, among them being Discipline and Punishment, Blood Play and Play Piercing. His teaching style is interactive and fun, reflective of his easy manner and ever present twisted sense of humor.  He has recently emceed for The Pantheon of Leather, and served as auctioneer for the charity auction at Southwest Olympus.



  Bryan Cassidy

Certified Master Hypnotherapist and Performance Hypnotist Bryan Cassidy began putting people under hypnosis since the age of 11, when a book report for school sparked a lifelong interest in the field.  He has been studying and refining his craft ever since, training under such notables as Hypnosis Hall-of-Famer Bert Freeman and acclaimed hypnotist and trainer Brian David Phillips.  Certified in both Speed Trance and Erotic Hypnosis, Bryan is accredited through the National Society of Hypnotherapists and the Society of Experiential Trance. He owns Hypnotic Tranceformations--his private practice in Philadelphia. He enjoys falling snow and long walks in your mind.



Capercae (Miss Chris)

A genetically predisposed, hard-coded pervert (the Catholic school system in NY did wonders for her development); Cap didn’t actually connect with the lifestyle in the flesh until she walked in the door of the AZ Power Exchange in 2006. Instantly, the memories were triggered, the fantasies became real, she felt at home, realized the lifestyle was her missing link, and began her 24/7/365 love affair with kink. Cap is a switchy pan poly edge player, professional disciplinarian (aka Miss Chris), fetish video actress / stage performance artist, spanking party group coordinator and kink presenter. She founded the Sun Valley Spankos (now Spank University) back in Feb ’09 and holds spanking parties every other month in Phoenix AZ. Miss Chris is an annual staple at spanking conventions, making regular appearances at Shadow Lane, Crimson Moon, StrictlySpanking & BottomsUP. She is proud to have presented at local, national and international events  But the best by far for Cap, is meeting all the incredible people globally in this “line of work” who are in this amazing lifestyle. Love, laughter and life lived to its fullest!

  Dunter ~ Rope Track


I am an old french Canadian educator part of the Montreal community, since 92, passionate about rope and many other fields. I have a very good background from military and martial arts with many years experience in edgeplay from suspension to breathplay, from electroplay to fireplay enjoying a good percussion scene to a rough body play, like an old take down and capture scene. For the last  few years I enjoy teaching at events Canadian or American  like Shibaricon, FetishCon, Thunder in the Mountain, Fetish flea fair and many others. I am a Rope Master who learned many techniques to exert control over pressure points from Aikido, Acupuncture and Kyoshu. I developed ways to include this knowledge for S&M, giving safe ways of inducing pain without using brute force. I am now an aged player who likes to share his knowledge!


EM ~ Rope Track


Based in Memphis, Tennessee, -EM- is a rope artist and whip enthusiast whose interests lie in pushing his bottoms in strenuous yet beautiful poses. With years of experience learning rope from various artists across North America. His interpretation of Japanese bondage allows us to view the intricacies of the human body, their manipulation, and the beauty of strain.  -EM-'s dedication to the practice of whips stems from his interests in technique, skill, and accuracy with regard to all forms of S&M play. And an obvious attraction to consensual sadism. With a drive for perfection and a penchant for suffering, he has learned to combine the art of restraint with the intense kiss of a whip.




 Jay Traveling Fool


I am a master at the sensuous art of violet wands, getting the violet wand orgasm, and the smiles and sighs of pleasure from slow, sensual violet wand play. If you're not into pain, and prefer the squeals of pleasure, my style is for you. I love to teach and demonstrate how to maximize your violet wand play by combining various violet wand tools and accessories with many sensual techniques. I have been a board member of the TES. I am a certified wand demonstrator and member of the Violet Wand Guild. Traveling Fool/Jay travels the world for work, and plays, demos and teaches at many kink events





JLJ has been in the Leather scene for 25 years. He was president of both Leather United Chicago and the Chicago Leather Club. He has been extremely active as an officer of various clubs for 18 years.


JLJ has presented more than 100 seminars, allowing him to meet some of the vast breadth and depth of Kink/BDSM/Leather men and women. He is head of the Leather Heart Clan of Dallas, with four Patch and two Prospect members. By teaching others, JLJ feels that he passes along what has been taught to him.



 Lady Elsa  

International Power Exchange 2012


Lady Elsa is a femme leatherdyke with a passion for kink education.  She is proud to have held the title of International Power Exchange 2012, along with Boi Kris, and has travelled all over the country talking and teaching about non-traditional power exchange and BDSM spirituality.  She is the co-founder of Andromeda, a BDSM organization for kinky women, and is active in NLA Indianapolis.  Favorite things include clothespin play, butches in business attire, and endorphins.



Leonora Ma'am

Leonora Ma’am is a national educator on personal empowerment and human sexuality. She is the 2010 TSR Network People’s Choice Award “Woman of the Year”, 2010 Southland Honors Nominee, and winner of the 2011 International Olympus Leather Gio Micu Award For Inspiration and Contribution to the Community. Leonora Ma’am has presented at numerous colleges and venues throughout the country including The Arizona Power Exchange, the Desire Leather Women’s Conference and Folsom Fringe. She has been both emcee and presenter at Southwest Leather Conference as well as for Beyond Leather.


Leonora is thrilled to return to the education team of one of the most inspiring leather conferences on the planet.




 Lilith Corrupted

Who am I? I am Lilith, also known as Lilith Corrupted.  I have been involved in BDSM for a little over a decade and have been in the public scene for a little over 4 years now. I enjoy serving my community in a variety of ways; volunteering, boot blacking, demo-bottoming, and teaching. If I absolutely had to put a label on myself I am an alpha slave with toppy tendencies and a sadistic streak a mile wide.


In that time I have been involved with Sanctuary Education Series, the Mentors Programs, TNG, Denver boys of Leather, and C.O.L.L.A.R.  I have presented classes and workshops for the Sanctuary Education Series, Northern Exposure in Alaska, SKALES, and C.O.L.L.A.R.  I have co-presented with Cross at Kinky Karnival in Kansas, Beyond Leather in Florida, Northern Exposure in Alaska, and Sanctuary Education Series. I’ve also served as an editor for Aside from all things kink, I am a mom. I enjoy swearing at video games, getting messy with crafts and burying my nose in books. My addictions: coffee and cookies. Oh, and I watch porn for a living. 

Lord Mykel and Lady Moonfyre


Lady Moonfyre is an Alpha-submissive and lady of Lord Mykel’s household, The House of Fyrewind. She has been actively involved in the Edmonton scene since 1999 and in SM privately since 1989.  She goes by the name "His moonfyre" in scene space and her pony persona is "pony girl Blaze". Lady Moonfyre enjoys encouraging people to reach their full kinky potential; this love led her to writing and presenting. Lady Moonfyre is a published author on relationships, sexuality and alternative lifestyle and a dedicated, passionate presenter. Moonfyre has been a professional public speaker since 1989.  She presents workshops and lectures with professionalism, humour and the ability to actively engage her audience.


Lord Mykel and lady Moonfyre enjoy sharing the allure of many aspects of SM and power exchange play with willing spectators and groups.  They produce and perform scene music and fetish shows as the performance art duo, Pocket Universe.


 Marilyn Z

Ms Sunshine State Leather 2001


Marilyn Z has been involved in the leather scene for many years. The sound of her laughter can be heard as she blends a wicked sense of humor, sadistic nature and kind heart.  A “safe” player,  based on her experience as a trauma nurse, she adores finding “victims” daring enough to submit to the crazy things that go through her head. Marilyn has been involved in numerous events and boards.  She is Ms Sunshine State Leather 2001 and has taught numerous classes on different topics.  In 2003 she was honored with the first Pantheon of Leather Florida Regional award.





 Mark Frazier



Mark has been involved in the Leather and Kink Lifestyle for over 27 years. Having presented well over a thousand workshops, he has not lost this passion for education, learning and sharing of information.


Mark has had the privilege of owning nightclubs, producing events, being a titleholder and holding leadership and membership positions in numerous local to International Organizations. He has been the recipient of many awards and accolades.






Master Obsidian and slave namaste

International Master/slave 2010

Master Obsidian is chapter founder and Director of MAsT (Masters And slaves Together) Austin and is Region Representative for the Southwest Region of MAsT International. He served on the Board of GWNN (The Group with No Name) Austin Texas and moderator of Black BEAT Texas for 7 years. He and his devoted slave namaste are International Master and slave 2010, Southwest Master and slave 2010. Master Obsidian is a published author with articles in BDSM publications covering M/s and BDSM lifestyle and philosophy. 2009 nominee for the Pantheon of Leather Man of the Year award, he has also been honored to mentor novice and seasoned Dominants. Master Obsidian has been in the lifestyle for over two decades,  is the owner of slave namaste and the Master of House Obsidian in Texas. 


slave namaste is honored and privileged to be the 24/7 slave of Master Obsidian. she has counseled, mentored and taught on Surrender, Internalization of slavery, spirituality and submission. Her writings on surrender and absolute slavery have been featured on web sites and in books including the "Art of Slavery" Edition of the Power Exchange Reference Series. She is Founder and co-moderator of various lifestyle groups, including one geared specifically for slaves in TPE relationships as well as running a blog/website with a focus on excellence in service called Service Savoir Faire. she possesses a great passion for aiding her fellow slaves in the lifestyle, Domestic Service, Protocols, Spirituality and The Art of Surrender.

 Master Roger Stevens


Master Roger Stevens, 25+ years in the lifestyle, has been teaching whips for 15.  Naturally skilled at whip thrower, his unique technique of always keeping his whip in motion has been called hypnotic. He has taught at major BDSM events including Washington, D.C.,  Austin, TX,  Indianapolis, IN; Chicago, IL; Kink Fest in Madison, WI; St Louis, MO; San Jose, CA;  and Vancouover, B.C..


He feels it’s the responsibility of the scene Elders to share their accumulated knowledge with those who are new. Master Roger Stevens also made a 2-hour instructional DVD titled: Singletails In The Scene. Website info seen here:  All attendees of his whip class(es) receive a complimentary copy. 



 Master Talon

From the beginning of his journey as a boi, to the presentation of his Master’s cap, Master Talon has evolved into a dedicated member of the Florida leather community.  His service involvement began by working the Orlando Bash in support of its sponsored charities. His was the chapter representative for NLA-CFL, and looks forward to seeing more of what our diverse population can do when it comes together for a common cause.


The very first demonstration Master Talon witnessed in 2001 sparked his interest in studying various BDSM techniques, and he has exhibited a love for learning since then.  As much as he enjoys becoming skilled at new methods, his passion lies in sharing knowledge with his community.  Whatever the setting, from private dungeon parties and demos, to large events, Master Talon is eager to explain to anyone who asks exactly what it is that he is doing to the squirming bottom before him.  


 Miss Ali

The core behind Miss Ali’s BDSM philosophy is through equality and exchange. Her technique in play and approach to SM puts heavy emphasis on the intent of one’s desires. Her desire is to facilitate skill sharing and open source education, whether you are seeking integration of Leather into your world, or simply enjoying a sprinkling of kinky play. 


Her educational proliferation is focused on the integration of sexuality and intimacy, with personal empowerment. Instruction with Miss Ali is participant-driven, integrating open discussion and peer sharing. 






Mistress Constance

Great Lakes Master  2003

Mistress Constance has been actively involved in the BDSM/Leather community since the mid-1990's.  She is the Founder of the Louisville Munch as well as its hostess for ten years, from 1997 to 2007, and was christened as "Louisville’s First Lady" by her community.  As a member of various BDSM/Leather organizations, she has been nominated for Pantheon Woman of the Year as well as regional awards, and has been nominated with her slave, drew, for Couple of the Year.  

She serves as Special Events Director for the Great Lakes Leather Alliance and Silent Auction Coordinator for International Leather Sir and Leather boy.  She was Presenters Committee Chair for Leather Leadership Conference 2010 Great Lakes/Ontario, has produced and judged Leather events and contests, been instrumental in the organization and creation of various groups and clubs, advised and encouraged other communities endeavors, and produced a performance by a BDSM comedian.  Groups around the country use her writings in information and introductory packets, and she is an occasional columnist as well.  She and slave drew hold the titles of Great Lakes Master and slave 2003.


 Mistress Mayhem


Mistress Mayhem is a photographer, educator, gypsy, hedonist and lifestyle Mistress. She grew up in the NorthEast, followed the rules, and did what was expected. She traded the white picket fence and her safe, corporate design career in Boston at the age of 32 for the life she lives now. As an active participant in the Madison scene with 18 years of experience in BDSM and attending events all over the country, as someone who delves deep into the mind of her play partners she has something unique to contribute as an educator with her talent of "Mind Fuckery”. 



 Mistress Tokyo 

Sydney Ms. Leather 2012

I am a Dominatrix based in Sydney Australia with over 14 years experience in BDSM. I hold the leather title of "Sydney Ms Leather 201"2 and I'm one of the founding members of the "Sydney Fetish League", running social events for the local kink community - most recently our inaugural "Sydney Mr and Ms Fetish" 2013 title. I am proud to work with the New South Wales Aids Council as a Anti-Violence Project "Community Safety Ambassador", being a first point of contact for victims of assault in our community. I hold monthly GLBTIQ rope group called "Rope Flow" raising money for "Twenty 10", a charity supporting queer youth. I am proud to promote our local scene on the world stage through My journalistic efforts as the Australian correspondent for "", Tony Mitchell's UK-based monthly fetish magazine. Over the last 4 years, I have regularly facilitated workshops on a diversity of kink-related topics in Sydney and Melbourne, conducting classes for Uber, The Femme Guild, Sydney Xplore Festival, Eagle Leather and Sydney Leather Pride Assoc. I also perform shows at BDSM clubs in Sydney and Melbourne. In My spare time, I am a martial artist and practice the noble art of Takemusu Aikido.

Ms. Kendra

Ms Leather Pride Indiana 1996 

Indiana Ms Olympus Leather 2002

Ms. Kendra hails from Indianapolis, Indiana. A transplant from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, she has spent her entire adult life in the leather community. Ms Kendra owns slave garrett who has been an owned slave for almost thirty years. Ms Kendra has received the Pantheon Leather Woman of the Year award as well as the Ms Leather Pride Indiana 1996 and the Indiana Ms Olympus Leather 2002 titles. Ms Kendra received the Golden Paintbrush Award in 2010 from Butchman's in Phoenix. Working with contests and titleholders keeps her busy as she travels around the country with the Great Lakes contestants as they compete at International contests as well as continuing to encourage leather folk to step up and represent their states in contests in the Great Lakes region.


Having come from a very religious background and having a father who is now a retired minister has had an impact on her desire to speak at events and conduct workshops. She has done numerous workshops that included how to find a Master or a slave, how to be the best Master or slave you can be, building communities to work together, how to find good contestants and keep them, anal fisting, flogging, fire play, caning, bondage, wax play, water sports, anal toys, how to shop for the best toys, how to work with people from different communities and what is it like to be a titleholder. 


 Robin Pyro and redwarrior

Robin Pyro has been in the BDSM scene for over 10 years, most of which was spent wandering the kinky playgrounds of Florida and most recently finding a home in the wilds of Alaska.  He has been a twisted pyromaniac since age 7 when he was lighting his GI Joes on fire and his passions include erotic fireplay, ropework of all flavors, Leather, and Master/slave relationships.  He is the proud owner of redwarrior and head of the International House of Pyro in Anchorage, Alaska as well as the President of the local BDSM Riding Club.


redwarrior is a fiery, feisty slave whose heat had to be moved someplace cooler and so she is contributing to global warming in her new home in Alaska.  She served her community as Southeast Community Bootblack in 2010 as well as International Community Bootblack 2010 and was honored as Pantheon of Leather Woman of the Year in 2011.  She has presented across North America and judged Leather contests in most corners of the US and Canada.  She loves boots, bootblacking, whips, and all things sharp and stingy.


 River Dark and domenique



River is a poly dyke Top/switch, a writer and an educator hailing from Vancouver, BC. She has been teaching for 9 years, out as a pervert for over 20, and thinking about it all her life. She is trained as an actor, but currently expresses herself artistically by writing and reading porn, teaching workshops and by creating a scene. 





domenique has been River’s property for 4 years, but claims to have belonged to her from the day they first played. It came out into kink when it was 19 and immediately embraced it with mind, body and soul. 







 Scott Harrington



Scott Harrington has 13 years’ experience in the BDSM scene and 7 years in the M/s scene. Master Scott is also a board-certified hypnotherapist, and a very experienced public speaker in the corporate world. Power Exchange is his primary kink, and his teachings in the scene focus primarily on D/s and M/s relationship dynamics.







 Sir Top

Sir Top, SE Master 2007, is gender fluid and has been active in the lifestyle since 1999 as a Dominant and Master.  He was presented the “Leather Archives & Museum Chuck Renslow President’s Award 2010”, Pantheon “Couple of the Year Award 2010” with slave bonnie and the "Jack Stice Community Award 2009”.  Sir Top is in a successful 24/7 M/s relationship with collared slave bonnie, since 2002. Sir Top loves educating and paying it forward in his teachings. Sir Top resides in FL and was a nurse on the heart team. Now retired from the field he still has a strong precision for needles, creative needle play, and decorative cuttings.


Sir Top is co-owner of Beyond Leather, Top’s Boot Camp, the International Power Exchange contest and the International Pony Play Championships. Sir Top has presented at events all over the country, judges International contests, has been an emcee since 2008 and is passionate as a keynote speaker.


Snoflak and Biscuit

New York Metro Power Exchange 2014


Snoflak and Biscuit lived a 24/7 Owner/ property ,TPE dynamic for a year with a 50's twist. Sno is the Creator and leader of the alternative lifestyle education, community center Feel Me Breathe. Biscuit assists in the day to day running of FMBC he is an active leader in the sub support group. Snoflak and Biscuit are the producers for the Northeast Power Exchange Contest.


Together they have joined heart and mind, to share their dynamic and knowledge through support groups ,classes and demos. With their local and surrounding communities their goal is to spread love and acceptance. 





 Spike ~ Rope Track

A BDSM player for nearly 20 years, Spike doesn’t play with one aspect of BDSM, he enjoys playing with them all. A rope artist, a whip aficionado, a sub, a Daddy, a pony; he enjoys being all of them.  Spike’s wry sense of humor and timing ensures a lively conversation at any event. He resides in Madison, Wisconsin with his Mistress: Mistress__Mayhem. Spike has presented at Shibaricon, Madtown Kinkfest, COPE, Beyond Leather, and Twisted Tryst. When he’s not playing with rope, Spike enjoys cracking whips, being a DJ and spinning fire. 




Stefanos & Shay

International Power Exchange 2014

Stefanos & Shay ( are a vivacious, unconventional D/s couple whose entertaining, information-packed classes have been called "better than a Vegas act.” Together they hold the title of International Power Exchange 2014. They identify as pansexual polyamorous playsluts, purveyors of perversion, and alliteration fetishists! Shay is an ER nurse by day, education director for the San Francisco Citadel by night, while Stefanos is all kink all the time as the Producer/Steward of The Upper Floor on and DM & CEO of Bondage-a-Go-Go. Together they created the bondage education website They are based in San Francisco and have performed, presented, and hosted around the country, including at Dark Odyssey (Winter Fire, Surrender, & Fusion), Thunder in the Mountains, KinkFest, Northwest Leather Celebration, Westcoast Bound,  OpenSF,  Kinky Kollege, Beyond Leather, the SF Citadel, Mission Control, the Exotic Erotic Ball, International Ms Leather, BayCon, COPE, Mischief in May, Folsom Fringe, and Cum & Glitter. They've also been featured on,, BehindKink, Discovery Channel’s Oddities, and in over half a dozen documentaries across the world.