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Andrew Love Guide To Effective Discipline and Punishment: Power Exchange dynamics can have many pitfalls and Andrew Love has avoided some, fallen in others and learned from them all. If you find yourself in the world of Power Exchange struggling to find an effective structure that provides mutually beneficial result, this class is for you.  Mr. Love will cover the points of effective discipline and examine the effective use of punishment in Power Exchange relationships. 
BigBadJim: BDSM 101 Ever been turned on by something and thought it was weird?  Do you want to try something new but aren't sure how to go about it?  Maybe you'd like to separate fact from fiction.  Come learn about kink and fetishes and all that the kink world has to offer you.  Jim has been involved in the kink community for over 10 years.  He will discuss different areas of kink and how you can enjoy them safely, whether you want to do it at home or come out and join a community.  Lots of time for questions and possibly even some demos if anyone is interested.
boyRiver: Sex and Gender 101 What is the difference between transgender and transsexual? What is gender identity? How is gender different than sex? What is the difference between gender expression and sexual orientation? Find out more about the spectrum of gender and sex!
ChrisMarks & Lia Leto: Couples Sensual Massage  From Relaxation To Titillation Where to touch, how to touch, what not to touch and why.  This workshop is a primer on basic massage techniques from relaxing, Swedish-style strokes to sensual, arousing touches.  The course includes an overview of muscle physiology, as well as contraindications to massage.  Participants will learn through directed practice.  Tops will learn how to avoid tiring or injuring their hands or body. For Partners/Couples/Triads Only.  Singles wanting to attend must make plans for a partner before the workshop begins.
Cross: Training and Conditioning a Submissive  Cross will explain approaches to the training of a submissive partner. In this case, training refers to general behavior, individual development, and educating on personal preferences. This will include identifying the proclivities and traits in a sub that may guide them toward a particular type of service or submission and how to foster and encourage their personal growth through training.
Cross: Sharing the Sub; Co-Topping Every scene is unique and every pair of partners have their own dynamic. So adding additional people can make it a more powerful, intense, and exhilarating experience. But it can also be easier to go wrong, so extra care and preparation is critical. This class will begin with a short demo and proceed to a discussion on etiquette and tips for successful two-top scenes. The class will also cover scenes with more than two tops.
Eric Pride: Bonding and Spirituality in D/s and M/s Relationships Why do we do D/s and M/s? Is it all about play and service, or is there something significantly more intangible at hand? We explore the deeper motivations that drive the dynamic of M/s relationships. How do protocols and rituals strengthen the bonds? What roles do transparency; truthfulness and responsibility take in our expressions of intimacy? What core values of control and power do we share to confirm our identity as dominant and submissive, or Master and slave? And is this about spirituality, or is that just a “game” we play? We discover the principal foundations at work and discuss how to incorporate them into our lifestyle relationships.
Eric Pride: Going Deeper: Connection and Creativity in Play and S&M With all the different toys and play techniques around, it is easy to forget what really matters in an S&M scene - truly connecting with our partner. The purpose is to create and share a meaningful experience to be remembered on a physical and mental level… And maybe even beyond. Through a series of shorter S&M scenes we show how to build a deeper connection, feed each others’ creativity, and thereby bring our play to a different level. We provide separate techniques and ideas for tops and bottoms.
Eric Pride: The Master/slave Lifestyle: How Does It Work? Are you curious what the Master/slave (M/s) lifestyle is about? Then this presentation is for you. We will talk about M/s, what it is about, why we do it, and how to get started. This presentation is hands-on and interactive, primarily driven by the interests and questions from the audience. Discussion topics may include: Safety, ethics and responsibilities, How to find a Master or a slave, Structural models of M/s households, slave contracts, protocols, rules and orders, Communication, Training slaves for service, Household management and leadership,M/s, love, sex, and SM – do they go together? Eric and Christie Pride, both Masters, have maintained an M/s household with several slaves for over 10 years.
Goddess Indigo: E.M.P.O.W.E.R. The Feminine The Feminine is often seen as weakness in our society. As female Dominants, can we be both feminine and powerful? Not only is it possible, but embracing and embodying both actually increases and sustains our power. Join Goddess Indigo as we explore misconceptions of female power, strong female archetypes and how to realize our potential to be the self-actualized, fully-faceted and supremely powerful feminine self we are meant to be. Integrating all parts of ourselves, i.e. living authentically and with integrity allows us to take control and master our own lives so we can more successfully accept surrender from our partners. Find your direction, your path and your potential. Renew your drive, your passion and your spirit. EMPOWER The Feminine.
Hardy Haberman: Bottoming for Tops How experience can color our play as both bottoms and Tops and how sometimes, even a Top needs a beating.  A discrete and safe place for Tops to experience sensations and play that might be foreign to them with other Tops.  Part of the session will be hands-on so come prepared to participate.  Obviously boundaries will be respected.  Though it might be a foreign concept, remember a Top can bottom without being a submissive. 
Lady Elsa: Service Topping as a Spiritual Practice As tops, we are supposed to be selfish bastards, cruelly inflicting pain on our bottoms, right? Well, it may seem that way, but for many tops, SM is primarily an other-centered activity, a way of expressing their highest ethical and spiritual visions of themselves while guiding a bottom on the journey they need to have at that moment.  In this workshop you'll be invited to think about--and talk about--how providing service from a position of authority and control can serve not only the recipient, but also the giver, the community, and one's deity.
Master Oakman & slave diamond: Slave Positions This is a hands-on workshop where Masters and slaves come together to learn about positions and how to get into them gracefully and with guidance and/or verbal and non-verbal signals from O/our Masters. This is a class for all skill levels. slave diamond and I start with a disclaimer about "no wrong way" and proceed to demonstrate 24 positions, class participation. You will learn and then do the positions.
Master Obsidian & slave Namaste: Total Power Exchange; slavery in real life! This class is an open frank discussion on the realities of life as a TPE slave. We will explore the different stages, types and motivators of TPE slavery and how it can develop over time. Handling family, poly, children, and career while being enslaved – and what empowerment looks like within the TPE model. (It’s not what you think) also slave namaste shares her thoughts on MUST HAVE traits for slaves. Come prepared – bring your questions and take notes!
Master Obsidian & slave Namaste: Sacred Service - What is the "spirit" of Service? How can you combine spirituality and service, surrender and obedience to elevate your power exchange dynamic? How can service and surrender be a spiritual tool? What is the role of the Dominant/Master in this dance of service?  slave namaste will explore the concepts of spirituality and of service and will teach how combining the two can create a synergy that is both compelling and intense, serving to deepen the dynamic and strengthen the bonds of M/s. You'll learn practical tools that can be used, how to ritualize any action or directive, what is Presence, and much more. Come with an open mind!
RedWarrior: Switchy Situations  Switch...all too often it’s seen as a bad word or at least one to be shied away from.  In this class, we face this word head-on, whether you’re a bottom who occasionally Tops or a Top who occasionally bottoms, this class will help you embrace not just this word but a broader view of BDSM experience.  We will discuss switching in different contexts and the issues and benefits it can bring as well as switching within the same relationship or scene and issues of BDSM identity as well as empowerment. This is a presenter-led discussion and a chance to connect and explore together what switching means to us in today’s BDSM/Leather world.
RedWarrior: Power Bottoming There are dozens of classes to help a Top gain new skills for Topping.   This class focuses on skills for bottoms to become more skilled at bottoming, from techniques to process pain to creative ways to initiate play and delight your Top, and ways to be more interactive within a scene without taking power from the Top.  We will discuss energy exchange, communication, and helping to build anticipation and prepare long before the scene as well as how to communicate and recover long after the scene has ended. This class will end with a demonstration of the techniques discussed.
River Dark & domenique: The Care and Feeding of the Top Now that you’ve caught one, how do you keep it?We all want to think of our Tops/Dominants as invincible gods, but the fact is they are very human. It takes two to maintain the power and the confidence of a good Top. This workshop is aimed primarily at bottoms who do not switch, but is not a workshop on how to be a good submissive/bottom. Instead we look at the psychological pressures of being a Top, and how to support and encourage our Tops, while still taking care of ourselves. We look at how to get our needs met without moving out of bottom space and without injuring our Tops.
Sir Guy & Karida: Power Exchange Relationships; Living Outside the Box Master/slave…Dominant /submissive… Owner/property… When we speak of Power Exchange relationships most often our minds go to these familiar terms or descriptions, but is it possible to have a power exchange relationship there is not one of those listed?  What about Daddy/girl, Handler/pony and other power exchange dynamics?  Where do they fit in?  How do they work?  Should they be accepted?  Sir Guy and his girl karida, holders of the International Power Exchange 2013 title, who are themselves in an unconventional power exchange dynamic, discuss this matter freely and openly and encourage dialogue on the matter.
Stefanos & Shay: In Your Place: Verbal and physical protocol training “Headspace” is a much-ballyhooed concept in BDSM, especially when it comes to power exchange. While it can seem like a nebulous idea, there are very specific  things you can do to get into headspace, or help your partner(s) find theirs. In this highly interactive class, Stefanos & Shay will discuss & demonstrate using protocol training to establish a D/s dynamic. They will start with specific verbal protocols, including manners of address and communicating within the “mood” of your scene. Next they’ll cover physical protocols, including position training, greetings/dismissals, collaring, and more. Throughout the class, Stefanos & Shay will aim to help you create and individualize protocols for your own unique dynamics.



Boy River: Humiliation: Break Down and Build Up How do you break your partner down with humiliation during a scene? What is safe, what is not? How do you build them back up afterwards? How do you tread the line between fantasy and reality.
Capercae/Miss Chris: SPANKING Mild to Wild The most intimate of touches, the most searing of sensations, it can be fiery hot or icy cold, humiliating at the same time nurturing, inducing of guilt while forgiving it. Spanking is the most versatile, the most culturally ingrained, the most socially acceptable form of kink under the BDSM umbrella. Often thought of as a “gateway kink” or even as entry-level, nothing could be further from the truth. This class will blow the socks off of anyone who still thinks of spanking as just “a childhood punishment”. Professional spanker Miss Chris will introduce and demonstrate a whole range of possibilities all having to do with the multifaceted spank. From mild, a dreamy percussive whole body spanking, to WILD, bloodletting vampire glove spanking and all the delicious variations that fall in between

Caro: Playing As The Body Changes  & Prevertable Medical Equipment This workshop deals with how to keep playing when the mind is willing but the flesh and joints may not be what they used to be. The class will emphasize the kinky repurposing of “durable medical devices” such crutches, walkers, bandages/wraps, surgical tubing, blood pressure cuffs and other medical equipment to delight, tease, torment, and stimulate your partner beyond a routine evil Doctor/Nurse medical scene. Also covered will be bondage and immobilization for the Impatient, (or the in patient), which covers ways of using items to restrain or immobilize your partner when one doesn't have the patience, dexterity, or aesthetics for other, more intricate forms of bondage. This workshop is suitable for the new or the experienced.

Caro: Sacred Pain! The Agony and the Ecstasy From Physical Sensations to Spiritual Transcendence While many involved are all about the sensations of pleasure and pain, few understand the nature, dynamism, and dynamics of both. Many speak of or experience “subspace” or “sacred pain” without quite understanding its genesis or its scope. This class was developed to afford an understanding of both. From an introduction to the neurobiology and the physiology of pain and pleasure, to the appreciation of the historical significance of pain, to the exploration of various techniques of inflicting it, to incorporating aspects of meditation to gain an appreciation of spiritual aspects, this is a comprehensive workshop of how pain and or pleasure can transmute and transcend to spiritual ecstasy. Attendees will gain, not only a greater understanding of just what we do, but a broader appreciation of why we do it, and where it can ultimately transport us.

ChrisMarks & Lia Leto: Dragon’s TongueHow To Give A Good Licking With a Short Whip Known by many names – Dragon’s Tongue, Dragon’s Tail, Dragon Quirt - this short whip can easily be used in small spaces and crowded dungeons without taking out the eye of an unsuspecting bystander.  Its wide range of sensations can inflict everything from tickles and caresses, to licks and stings, to mind-numbing pain.  The range of marks it makes go from little pink lines to purple triangles to breaking skin.  This workshop will focus on teaching participants how to produce a wide range of sensations with this fun little whip 
Dr. Clockwork: Temporary Branding with a Violet Wand & Other Advanced Techniques When most people think of branding, a hot iron generally comes to mind. However, there is more than one way to brand someone... and the brand doesn't even have to be permanent! A violet wand can be an effective tool to temporarily mark someone. Learn about how electricity can singe the skin safely and watch an actual demonstration of an electrical brand! We will also be discussing other advanced violet wand techniques such as electrical fire play, and how to extend your scene with electricity.
Dr. Clockwork: Zap! Violet Wands- Basics and Beyond You’ve seen them in the clubs. THOSE people. The ones who don’t bring toybags, but rather come bearing hand trucks stacked with aluminum cases and crates of extension cords. Who are they, what are they doing, where is that purple glow coming from, and why are they all huddled around the electrical socket? The answer is violet wands. Learn about Nikola Tesla and the history of violet wands, direct, indirect and reverse techniques, internal electrical play, electrical fire play, and branding. Then stay to watch the interactive demonstration where many of these techniques will be used. 
Master Oakman & slave diamond: Florentine Flogging This is a hands on workshop requiring two similar in weight and length floggers. (W/we have extras) Florentine Flogging involves two floggers used simultaneously and in unison to produce a rhythm of strikes. The over and underhanded wrist motion used in this technique requires accuracy, skill and control of the tails of the floggers. Other factors include the length and material of the tails that the floggers are made of producing unique sensations either stingy or thuddy depending on the desired effect.
Master Oakman & slave diamond: Single Tail Whips 201/301 This is an advanced workshop. You will need to bring a whip. We learn how to strike someone and advanced cracks, wraps etc
Miss RaeIn Depth Caning Miss Rae has a serious love for canes and a real passion for teaching how to use them. The first half of the class will cover a brief overview of different types of canes, how they’re made and what to do to care for them. Then on to the good stuff. Miss Rae will share how to use canes for best results from your bottom or how to process pain if you enjoy having them used on you. Do you have a fear of canes being used on you? She will help you get over that...quickly! Have you used them on someone but you weren't getting the reaction you expected? This too shall pass. Ever heard of a canegasm (cane + orgasm = canegasm)? Canes can be used in many ways and Miss Rae will help you learn how to properly use them or how to enjoy having them used on you from sensuous to sadistic and all stops in between. She will go over the basics of how to hold and swing a cane using different techniques and then the focus will shift into a more advanced lesson on caning. Bring canes if you have them or borrow one of hers. Everyone is welcome and "hands on" participation is encouraged!  You do not have to bring a partner, there will be plenty of people who will be glad to help out!

Mistress Tokyo: Heavy Sensory Deprivation or Total Enclosure Bondage Heavy sensory deprivation bondage is one of My favourite styles of play. Often called “Total Enclosure”, this scene involves an all-encompassing assault on all the senses of the sub. I often put My sub into rubber and/or leather, into more latex or leather bondage gear, then into another form of bondage such as pallet wrap, tape or rope. I amy then take the sub into suspension. Other desirable components to this scene would be blindfolding, hooding, gagging and gas masks. I’ll go through the basic safety issues and variables of this style of play, exploring all aspects of this scene with anecdotes, examples of gear and demonstrations.

River Dark & domenique: Topping Without Tools Leaving the toy bag at home! The mind, body and voice are the most basic and yet most powerful tools for sadism, domination, and passion. In this workshop River covers psychological/emotional topping, and physical topping, without the use of a toy bag. A wide variety of topics will be covered including: body language; the psychology of power dynamics; setting the scene; creating vulnerability; taking control of the head; hands, teeth and voice; slapping, punching, hitting and kicking; and more.
Sarina: Dollification! The art and psychology of dehumanization through Dollification Often confused with crossdressing, the true intent of dollification is to create a living doll whose personality, interests and mannerisms are dictated by the Dominant. Dollification is the process of evolving, mentally and physically, into a "living doll." This is a very specific manifestation of Domination and submission, and we will be examining dollification as a fetish as well as a primary modality of power exchange. By the end of the presentation, attendees will have a basic understanding of what dollification is, as well as witnessing a full transformation from human to doll persona. 



David Lawrence: Extreme Bondage – Pushing the Envelope This is a class for the Intermediate to Advanced rigger, or anyone aspiring to escalate their rope bondage scening. David Lawrence will demonstrate how to move beyond the typical bondage performed at home or at a play party and turn it into something extreme. It will push the limits of your mind and the mind & body of your rope bottom. In this class David will help you examine the question: What do you do with your bottom once they are secured in extreme rope? This challenging exploration will be well worth your attention, as David never fails to surprise, impress, and amuse.
David Lawrence: Getting Down and Dirty with Your Rope Play This class is all about creating strong connections with your partner. All too often we forget the connection when tying our partners. This class explores creating and heightening the experience of the bottom and of course the top in the scene. We will talk in class on how to open up the lines of communication both verbal and non verbal to allow for HOT~ HOT~ HOT playtime with rope. Is there a sexual component in rope play? We’ll explore that too!
David Lawrence: Breast, Waist and Body Harnesses This workshop explores several breast, waist and body harnesses (karadas) and how they can be combined to create more intricate ties. The thrust of this concentrates on the artistic expression of the rigger. In addition to the aesthetics of rope I will talk about and share some ideas on how to maintain spontaneity in tying. This is the perfect class for the beginner and intermediate rope enthusiast.
Leon MonkeyFetish: Escape Bondage Riggers like to tell ourselves that our rope is inescapable. We shall proclaim loudly that some specific cinch or another will prevent our bottom from escaping.  Of course, when we put ourselves on the line, the bottom escapes in 15 seconds.  This class will separate the class into riggers and bottoms and each will be taught the tricks of their chosen role and we'll come back together for a challenge to see who learned theirs better.
Leon MonkeyFetish: Ritual and Rope Much of what we do with rope is precise.  Precise placement, precise movement, precise storage of rope.  This mindful action lends itself perfectly to ritual.  Ritual spans the entire process of rope from rope maintenance and care to playing with rope.  This class explores that span and brings the elements of ritual so cherished in the leather community into the rope domain.
Leon MonkeyFetish: Rope Bondage For Everyone Rope is really not that hard.  It can be intimidating.  "What rope do I use? What length? What do I do with it?" Come to the Rope Village and learn what's so sexy about rope and try it out.  No rope needed, just show up and use our rope to get your feet wet in one of the sexiest kinky disciplines.
Mina Hart: Bondage Without Restraint In the bondage world, we are often taught the exact ways to do things with precise movements and engineered ties. While this may be traditional, often the act of bondage becomes tedious and we begin to lose the passion and creativity that brought us to learn the art of bondage in the first place. In this class, we explore the edges of our creativity and focus on the connection, not only with our playmates but within ourselves. Join us as we explore ways to rediscover our passions, play with energy and share that emotion with our play partners. Bring rope or any medium that ties. Bring your imagination and leave your preconceived ideas at home. This class is about unrestrained love for the art of bondage and the amazing connections it can evoke.
Mina Hart: Damned If You Do Predicament bondage with a flair for the devious is the theme here.  In This class, we explore the mental and physical aspects of predicament bondage, have some fun with brave volunteers and, most importantly, let our imaginations roam free. Set free your inner imp and let’s have some fun!
Mistress Tokyo: Takedown Bondage 101 In this workshop I’ll draw from My experience as an Takemusu Aikido practitioner and lover of Hojojyutsu (the Japanese martial art of rope tying on prisoners) to show you some techniques I employ in My scenes to get your sub on the ground and keep them there! We’ll cover hoods, pressure points, rope handling, Aikido techniques, Hojo-inspired box tie harnesses and how to plan out your hot scene. Be prepared to go to “the ropes”! Handout provided. Both pair and single attendees are welcome to this is a pair-based, hands-on workshop format. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring at least one piece of 8m length rope.
ScarletSerenity: Self-Bondage Sometimes you just need to take some alone time.  Time to feel the rope, time to think creatively or challenge yourself and sometimes just time to get yourself off.  Self-bondage can be very risky but those risks can be mitigated so that you can have fun, intellectually stimulating, intense and just plain sexy bondage.  
ScarletSerenity: Bottoming for Rope Rope is edgeplay.  It is only slightly true that we say this because we want to be considered just as seriously as those extreme cutting/piercing/humiliation doing kinksters.  It is completely true that Rope play can be supremely challenging on a mental and physical level.  Preparing your body and mind to bottom for rope can make the difference between a failed scene and the best scene of your life.  This class will touch on the things that riggers and bottoms can do to prepare mentally and physically to make their rope play safer and more enjoyable.




Andrew Love: Double Penetration What the fuck? You want to put that where?  Whether using dildos, plugs, fingers, cocks or random objects- in this class we will learn about double penetration and what it can contribute to your sexual experience.  Join us as we explore various aspects of double penetration and the safe use of this technique.  In this class, we will openly discuss the physical, emotional and mental aspects of the use of double penetration in your play and sex.
BigBadJim: Fisting; It's not about the fist Why is it that some people love fisting and others say red at the very mention of it?  In this class you will learn the techniques that Jim uses to get his 13” fist into a pussy.  More than technique there is the emotional side of fisting that you will learn as well.  Convincing someone to try fisting can be more difficult than the act itself.  How can we minimize the risks involved so that you can have a memorable, beautiful scene?  Afterall, fisting isn't about the fist.
Goddess Indigo: Ball-istic Sports Goddess Indigo loves playing with the family jewels.  In this class you will use rope and/or bungee cords for restraint and administering different types of sensation, creatively use household items for Cock & Ball Torture and see more advanced techniques such as the Butterfly Board and/or Crown of Thorns.  All of the Goddess’ classes are opportunities for interaction.  Observers are welcome, bring a partner or we will try to pair you with a partner if you would like.  
Hardy Haberman: Putting Sex Back in SM How many times have you heard someone say, "BDSM isn't about sex". That's because they are doing it wrong.  To miss the erotic aspects of SM is to lose the full impact of the experience.  The class will discuss ways to create a more erotic experience from SM play and ways to enhance sexual aspects of the scene.  Additionally the class will explore why sex doesn't have to be "Part A" into "Part B" to be enjoyable! Not for the shy or easily embarrassed
River Dark & domenique: Cock Sucking and Face Fucking; Getting the most out of your Dildo A dyke cock is as real as any other cock – just real in a different way. And getting your cock sucked, or fucking someone’s face, is enough to make many women come. And for those who love to suck cock, or who crave submitting to their mouth being fucked, the pleasure can be just as intense. This workshop covers ways to suck cock in order to maximize the tops pleasure while minimizing your discomfort, as well as how to survive getting your face fucked. We will also go over techniques and toys that the top can use that will maximize a bottoms ability to take their tops cock as well as techniques for deep throating. Bring a cock and/or a sucker, (and a towel) for the hands...er...mouth on component! Or just bring your cock for show and tell, and some classroom pointers and practice. Bio cocks welcome.

ScarletOTara: Get Her Wet….Really Wet! Female Ejaculation; also called squirting, spraying or a general “Oh shit! Now, that’s wet!” experience, is an often misunderstood and occasionally presumed mythical type of female orgasm. There is an incredible amount of taboo, gender bias and in many cases, even embarrassment over squirting. This workshop will explore the participant’s positive and negative experiences with squirting, female anatomy and how to induce squirting orgasms. We will have a female volunteer to demonstrate personal masturbation techniques. We will explore different methods (including sex toys and sex positions) to help get her wet, and how to include squirting in your D/s play. While this class is clearly a female-centric topic, it is specifically designed to be co-ed. All genders and sexual orientations can benefit from learning about the female anatomy in a sex positive way. Did I mention the masturbation demonstration? Get there early to avoid ‘splash zone’ seating! (I kid! I kid!)




Capercae/MissChris: CORPORAL FUNISHMENT Judicial canings, Roman scourgings, public whippings, forced labor and torture. For those of us who share a fetish for Corporal Punishment just the mention of some of these terms is enough to get the heart pounding with kinky excitement! One doesn't have to be the toughest or meanest SOB to participate in CP scenes, in fact with just a few tips and tricks anyone can craft a CP scene. Just think, all the wonderful dark sadistic energy, and none of the messy maiming and death! History gives us so much in the way of fodder for our CP scene fantasies, so we'll start the discussions there. Implements, role play characters and attire are critical to authenticity, so we'll be talking about those in depth next. You will learn to create or tap into pivotal headspace elements, like fear, dread, guilt, and control to ratchet up scene intensity. Walk away with a step-by-step procedure on how to put together a full CP scene, including forgiveness/acceptance and scene closure. A final demonstration of a judicial style caning will be performed. This is Corporal FUNishment at its' best, don't miss out!
Dr. Evil & MsJulieSpaks: MIND FUCKS; The Ultimate Discomfort Zone Everyone loves a magic show. We sit in the audience and try to figure out how the trick is done or just sit back in wonder at the illusion. Your conscious brain is lead by the magician to see things that aren’t really there or are too obvious not to accept. What is the energy of creating the illusion and then playing with that illusion in a scene or in your play at home? Frankly, it’s yummy, often hysterical, and best of all it can re-energize our day-to-day drudge. Attendees must be open and willing to participate in merely the pain of personal growth.
Dr. Evil & MsJulieSpaks: BLOOD AND RITUAL Create a hole in a skin suit and the essence of life is released. 
Put your socks on in the morning and you’ve just participated in a personal ritual. You treat your special scene knife very carefully. Random? - No. Recognizing our rituals in life-past, present and future makes us more powerful as tops and bottoms. This workshop is an exploration of life rituals and scene rituals in play that help create such sacred connections. This isn’t a ‘woo’ class, but a practical and educational approach to understanding how rituals play such a meaningful part in our lives.
Lady D: Interrogation and/or Resistance Play This type of play is not for everyone and definitely not for the faint at heart. Interrogation usually includes resistance play but resistance play may not necessarily include interrogation. Resistance play is quite physical and usually the sub/slave or bottom is resisting whatever the top is requesting or demanding. This type of play may sometimes have face slapping, kicking, biting and other forms of fighting and can appear to be quite extreme to the viewer. The goal in this scenario is to be overpowered and ‘forced’ to do whatever is negotiated. Understand that detailed negotiations should take place before a scene like this is done. Limits especially should be discussed, especially hard limits. This is also true in interrogation scenes since they usually not only are quite physical but an element of mental and psychological terror are added as well. If you have not set limits and discussed the ‘what if’ scenarios, you may step into a black hole and do some psychological damage. Even Dominants have limits and may enjoy this type of a scene but may have a problem with face slapping, etc. Learn about these types of play, the pros and the cons and what to do if one of them goes array.

 Sir Top: Outside Your Comfort Zone This will prove to be an exciting presentation as we will look at the reasons people have fear, some of the more common ones and with a little audience participation, we will face some of them during this class.  Afraid of needles, scalpels, tight places, or any other things that you might like to face, bring it forward and let’s tackle it.  Let’s see how far Sir Top can push your limits.  We will discuss some common points of discomfort and more importantly we will encourage audience participation to help tackle some of those situations.  Bring your subs to this class and let’s see just how much creativity and problem resolution they can endure.We will also have some solutions to help people remain in situations that are uncomfortable and work through them.  

Stefanos & Shay: Skin Deep; Cutting for Play There is nothing quite like the sensation of a cutting- the fear, as you see and feel a blade against your skin, the sharp, immediate pain as the cut is made, the slow tingle and wet feeling of blood dripping down your skin…  In this class, Stefanos & Shay will discuss and demonstrate surface cuttings using sterile scalpels, including information on both freehand and patterned cuttings using transfer paper. While they teach (and preach!) that you should always go into a cutting assuming it will scar, their focus in this class is to partake in cuttings as play (as opposed to cuttings as body modification) while seeking to minimize scars. There will be a focus on RACK and making cuttings as safe (with discussion by Shay, an ER nurse) and sexy as possible. While the technical information is a crucial starting point, this class will go beyond the basics, discussing cutting as spiritual play, working within a D/s dynamic, and incorporating roleplay. This is edge play and not advised for newbies. 




Boy Kris: Poly Speed Mixer Highly recommended for first-time event attendees or anyone newly exploring polyamory!  Looking for a weekend play partner(s), a romance, or just some new friends? Join in this fun, fast-paced “speed dating” activity designed to help polyfolk connect in a safe, lifestyle-affirming environment.  At the minimum, you'll come away with new friends to say "Hi" to in the halls and classrooms.   You might learn a little more about your own poly perspectives in the process, and who knows? Maybe Mr. or Ms. Right (or Right Now) is waiting there for you, too..
Hardy Haberman: Old Guard Protocols (and Why you Don’t Need Them) A frank discussion of the reality of just what Old Guard meant and how these traditions may or may not have any bearing on your play and path in Leather/BDSM. Prepare to have your illusions shattered and your beliefs challenged. 
Lady Elsa: Negotiating with Strangers So you've met a hot stranger, and now it's time to play. You know you need to negotiate before playing, of course, but where do you start?  In this workshop, you'll learn a straightforward step-by-step process for communicating your wants and needs to a potential play partner.  You'll learn how to assess the experience level of your partner, how to convey hard and soft limits, and how to communicate about implement preferences, play styles, and more.  We'll also talk about some basic safety and security precautions when playing with someone you don't know.  
Ms. Kendra: What does it mean to be a Leather person? Being a Leather person holds a tremendous amount of responsibility.  Come join me in discussing what these responsibilities are and how you can achieve them.  How do you become a Leather person and do you stay a Leather person?
Sir Guy & Karida: BDSM ER; It’s Not a Scene (Scene Safety) Your fire play session was hotter than expected.  Now someone got burned.  What do you do?  Your knife play was cutting edge and your bottom got the point.  Now you’re in for some unexpected blood play.  What do you do?  Your breath play scene took your bottom’s breath away…literally.  What can you do to breathe life into the scene? Sir Guy, a Ground Zero first responder, will review medical emergencies, show you what questions to ask before you play, what to do when things go wrong, and how to deal with first responders.  In addition he will give tips on creating a first aid kit. 
ScarletOTara: Transitioning Home Our Beyond Leather weekend is coming to a close; don’t lose that Positive Energy you’ve built up! This will be a group experience; creating and sharing energy with one another in a collective fashion. Bond, connect, open your heart and soul and let those good vibrations flow. Allow this to be a wind down, a ‘sigh’, a tribal celebration to sum up our experiences and to sustain that Positive Energy! We will experience chakra awakening, energy cleansing, dancing, energy conduits, meditation and a group ‘puja’ experience to close. You may come to the class with a partner, a friend, a playmate, someone you grabbed in the hallway or you may come by yourself and be a part of this loving   tribal experience. Please wear comfortable clothes but note that this is a clothing optional exercise; please disrobe IN the room. Nudity is NOT required. Feel free to bring a yoga mat, towel, or sheet for the floor.