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Cross CREATING ASSIGNMENTS FOR SUBMISSIVES: This workshop will help dominants form assignments for subs which are not only fulfilling for them, but also productive. The workshop will cover a variety of tasks from short to long term and from active to passive. We go beyond the chores of daily life and present the necessary tools for making sure that your sub has plenty to do.

Daddy Michael/Amaia JEALOUSY IN A POWER EXCHANGE RELATIONSHIP: Jealousy is an emotion we all have. Like anger, we can choose to learn how to understand and control it, or we can let it run, and possibly ruin our life. Jealousy is all about you and has nothing to do with anyone in your life. We are taught how to be jealous from birth; now it is time to learn how to control your jealousy. Are you ready to learn some new tools, and some new thought processes to put you back in control?

Lady Elsa/boi kris CREATING A POWER EXCHANGE RELATIONSHIP THAT WORKS FOR YOU: Every relationship is different, and that goes for power exchange relationships too. Yet so many people try to make their relationships into something they're not, to try to fit into the "boxes" of traditional M/s or D/s. Outside of these standard, well-understood dynamics, the BDSM community offers few roadmaps—or even roads. What does power exchange entail for you as a couple?  How do your personal roles in the relationship impact how you walk—individually and together—in the BDSM community? And how the heck do you explain your relationship to other people? We'll look all these questions and more, as we talk about how to survive and thrive "off-road."

Liza/Jody RESPONSIBILITIES OF OWNERSHIP: As a Master/Owner/Dominant, you own a human being. That ownership comes with responsibilities. What are those responsibilities?  Through facilitated discussion, we will explore the extent and limits of the responsibilities of ownership. Open to Masters, Owners, Dominants, and anyone who is in the position of ownership or considering taking on this mantle.

Liza/Jody WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE A SLAVE: The term “slave” has connotations stemming from history, culture and fantasy.  But what does it really mean to wear the title of slave?  In this class, we will separate reality from fantasy and history.  We explore the myths as well as the mysteries of consensual slavery.  We will discuss commitments, responsibilities and being true to yourself as a slave.  Open to those who identify as slave, boy, girl, property, submissive, and so forth.  Come prepared to participate.    

Master Obsidian/slave Namaste PRACTICAL PROTOCOLS AND RITUALS: Master Obsidian and slave namaste will lead a discussion about protocol and ritual in the scene, how they can be used to center and ground both Master and slave. What exactly are protocols? How are they used? What is a ritual and why it's important to the maintenance and development of a power exchange dynamic? What do you need to create and establish your own protocols and rituals? We will discuss the vanishing art of protocol and explore ways in which protocols and rituals can be used to strengthen and elevate the bond between Master and slave.

Master Obsidian/slave Namaste POWER CORRUPTS? AN EXPLORATION OF TOTAL POWER EXCHANGE RELATIONSHIPS: Does absolute power corrupt absolutely? Many seem to think so. Join Master Obsidian and His slave namaste in this discussion of TPE myth, legend and transitions. This class will cover many of the concerns people often have in entering into a TPE relationship. Additionally we will explore some of the myths and ideas one may encounter concerning TPE. Does absolute power corrupt? Absolutely? What does it mean to have no limits? Is this even possible? How does one transition to a TPE relationship safely? Expect this class to be interactive, so bring your questions, your ideas and your stories.

Master Raul LIFESTYLE RELATIONSHIP DYNAMICS: What’s this all about? We will discuss the different types of relationships (Husband/wife, Master/slave etc). We will also discuss how to manage opposing relationship dynamics and how the dynamics can vary between the different types of relationships and accompanying mindset. This class is about bringing forth clarity to possible misconceptions based on what living the lifestyle has taught me over the years while actively participating in the BDSM community and juggling many emotions that surface while having a polyamorous relationship between myself, my lover and my boy.

Master Z  ALL IN THE FAMILY: This workshop looks at the dynamics of one Leather Family (Master Z’s Texas Leather Tribe), its’ history and the diverse components that have comprised the F/family and are working in it today.  Discussions will revolve around the concept of poly relationships and the special challenges and joy that can be experienced with multiple personalities and energies.  Come and share some of your dynamics in discussion about this unconventional but functioning Leather family.

Miss Chris (Capercae) AGE PLAY! LITTLE'S & MIDDLES to GRANDMAS & GRANDPAS: While you wouldn’t think a 26 year old girl coloring in a child’s coloring book while dressed as an eight year old to be particularly provocative, it’s amazing the different misconceptions that people even right here in the BDSM community have about Age Play. The overly simple definition of Age Play is that it is a type of role playing that involves either age REgression or age PROgression – assuming a persona younger or older than oneself. There are a few different categories within Age Play, including Littles Play, Elder Play and AB/DL Play (Adult Baby & Diaper Lover) but fundamentally we are talking about the simple act of not acting ones age. Miss Chris/Capercae presents from both a little’s perspective (9 yr old cappy) as well as a Mommy/Dommy perspective (Big Momma) on the wonderful, empowering and nurturing aspects of Age Play.

Mistress Susan/slave ziggy PUNISHMENT AND CORRECTION, WHY BOTHER: There is punishment as a form of play, and there is punishment and/or correction with the intent of improving the performance of, and to benefit, your slave. During this presentation we will look at punishment and correction as they pertain to a Master/slave relationship, their benefits, and their drawbacks. We will also explore the psychological effects that punishment and correction have on both Master and slave.

Mistress Susan/slave ziggy WHEN IT ENDS; DEALING WITH LOSS AND UNCOLLARING IN M/s: As hard as it is to say, all M/s relationships do end, one way or another. Because of their nature and intensity, an uncollaring can be extremely hard for both the Master and the slave. During this presentation, we will take a candid view of why we stay, and what makes us leave. When we experience loss due to death, it is often difficult for non-M/s friends and family to be fully understanding. We will explore what we do next, what is the obligation of the Master, where does the slave go, and how does the Master or the slave begin again? W/we will also offer some ideas as to how to stay connected to the Community and why it’s so important.

River Dark THE CARE AND FEEDING OF THE TOP: Now that you’ve caught one, how do you keep it?  We all want to think of our Tops/Dominants as invincible gods, but the fact is they are very human. It takes two to maintain the power and the confidence of a good Top. This workshop is aimed primarily at bottoms who do not switch, but is not a workshop on how to be a good submissive/bottom. Instead we look at the psychological pressures of being a Top, and how to support and encourage our Tops, while still taking care of ourselves. We look at how to get our needs met without moving out of bottom space and without injuring our Tops.

Sir Guy UNIFORM PLAY; A WAY TO ENHANCE YOUR ROLE PLAY: The sexy yet innocent parochial school girl look;  the highly polished boots, gun belt and mirrored shades of the highway patrolman; the starched white uniform of the registered nurse; the dress blues of the marine.  These images have long been the staple of many erotic fantasies, vanilla and otherwise.  Sir Guy will discuss uniform play and why it makes us so hot.  He will also discuss the history of the uniform in the Leather community, the psychological aspects of uniform play, including pitfalls and benefits, uniform resources and the law.  In addition, uniform scenes will be demonstrated and excerpts from his soon to be released book read.



boy nick PRIMAL PUMMELING, THE BEAST JUST GOT LOOSE: In this presentation, we're going to get straight to the down and dirty play that will get the testosterone flowing. Be sure to notify your DM's. This may get ugly.You've warmed your bottom up, your bodies are wet with perspiration, pheromones fill the air, emotions are caged up and dying to get out. Are you ready to open the gate up and ride this bull or do you change gears in the scene? It's an eight-second ride. How bad can it be? Primal Pummeling brings you to the physical and mental game of the hands-on scene. From using different hand strikes to psychological techniques to get deeper into your bottom. Taking an "alpha" stance in the scene, using your voice to strike and how to prepare for and finish such an intense scene. You'll have to explain to your friends. "I can do fluffy... Just not today."

Lady Elsa/boy kris NEGOTIATING WITH STRANGERSSo you've met a hot stranger, and now it's time to play. You know you need to negotiate before playing, of course, but where do you start?  In this workshop, you'll learn a straightforward step-by-step process for communicating your wants and needs to a potential play partner.  You'll learn how to assess the experience level of your partner, how to convey hard and soft limits, and how to communicate about implement preferences, play styles, and more.  We'll also talk about some basic safety and security precautions when playing with someone you don't know.

Lady D CANING FROM SENSUOUS TO SADISTIC: Many people think of caning and think that it is only for seriously heavy players but caning can also be light and playful. Caning, unlike spanking or paddling, gives a two-fold sensation. You first feel the strike and moments later, it radiates throughout you. Caning can be very sensuously applied or you can sadistically cane someone. If you strike over and over without allowing that permeating feeling, it can be quite intense and literally take your breath away. Some subs are afraid to be caned because they have only seen the intense caning and have never seen or felt caning in a way that can be teasing and titillating. We will explore caning from one spectrum to the other and even some in between. Hopefully after this class, you will see caning in a whole new light.

Leonora Ma'am WAX PLAY THE AGONY AND THE ECSTASY: Screams of pleasure and pain fill the room as the drippings from lit candles drop on waiting flesh.....

Air sucked in through lips expressing sensual sexual bliss, as the body is slowly encased by cascades of hot, slippery wax....

Join Leonora Ma’am as she takes you on the erotic sensory journey to the Agony and the Ecstasy.

Master Oakman/slave diamond FLORENTINE FLOGGING: This is a hands on workshop requiring two similar in weight and length floggers. (W/we have extras) Florentine Flogging involves two floggers used simultaneously and in unison to produce a rhythm of strikes. The over and underhanded wrist motion used in this technique requires accuracy, skill and control of the tails of the floggers. Other factors include the length and material of the tails that the floggers are made of producing unique sensations either stingy or thuddy depending on the desired effect.

Master Raul LET THERE BE WHIPS: Bring your whip(s) to this class. We are going to have interactive fun while learning the basics of whips. From the different types of whips, how to use whips safely, how to choose the whips that fit you and the environment…to different throwing techniques. Also we will learn about the different kinds of crackers, and how you can make your own crackers the fast way. So come join this class and let the whipping begin.

Master Z  ROUGH BODY PLAY: “Rough Body Play” is an interactive workshop that has been presented by Master Z at numerous events and venues around the country.  A thorough explanation and demonstration on the art of rough body play is presented and hands-on experience will also be available to the participants of this energizing and sexy workshop.  How to body punch, kick and face slapsafely will be covered in detail. **Be sure to arrive early as this workshop invariably fills to capacity.

Mis Julie Spanks PADDLES, STRAPS AND OTK SPANKINGS: This is a class I offer for those who enjoy the sensual art of spanking. I discuss the different types of spanking and why it is so erotic. I will also discuss why people may prefer Over the Knee spanking VS just a regular spanking.  We will also discuss the different tools for administering spankings and how they feel and the importance of “the warm up”.

Sir Guy H.O.T. HANDS ON TORTURE: With novels like the “50 Shades of Grey” series and movies like “9 ½ Weeks”, one might think that you’d have to have disposable income to engage in kinky BDSM, but Sir Guy is going to show you how to use hands only… to get the spiritual connection, and mete out the physical pleasure and pain to make a scene enjoyable.

subMissAnn PONY PLAY 103; PONY PLAY TRAINING TECHNIQUES: You have a Human Pony to play with, what do you do? subMissAnn demonstrates techniques of grooming, and training your human pony using lunging, ground driving, jumping and cart play.  This course will cover tools you need, basics for a good foundation and guidelines for years of fun play with your pony.




Artemis Hunter BONDAGE, IS IT THERAPY?: DEBUT FOR BEYOND LEATHER Why are people so attracted to Bondage? Why does rope bondage touch so many so deeply? Could rope bondage be linked to enhancing sexual response cycles in men and women? Could rope bondage serve to benefit those with ADD/ADHD, Autism, Touch Aversion, or other neurological/genetic disabilities?  How might Rope Bondage and BDSM Play touch senses beyond the Original 5? Join Artemis as she explores links between Bondage and Physical Therapies. (Bring one 40’-50’ hank of rope, if you have it, for hands-on variations in the Lightening Body Harness and Karada Body Harness.)

Leon MonkeyFetish ROPE MOODS: Rope can be cruel, it can be kind, it can be torment and it can be bliss.  It can be any and all of these things in a single scene. Learn to use rope to help establish the mood and energy you want out of a scene.

Leon MonkeyFetish FAST ROPE: The most often refrain I hear from people who are not into rope is that it takes too long.  Bring your rope (or borrow mine) and learn to do a few things that will let you tie an arm in five seconds and otherwise really speed up your rope work.

Leon MonkeyFetish GETTING OFF WITH ROPE: Bondage is about restraint.  It can also be about sensuality, connection, orgasms and sex.  Rope can tie your partner into that position for fucking and it can drop them straight into an orgasmic space. This class will be all about using rope for pleasure.

Suzanne Sxysadist BINDING THE JEWELS - COCK AND BALL BONDAGE: The male genitalia lends itself beautifully to many types of bondage and it is a wonderful way to remind him that YOU are totally in charge. In this class we will explore some basic safety info and then do a hands on demo of some of my favorite cock & ball bondage ties. It is suitable for all skill levels.  Please bring a subject to work on and some fairly thin rope, cord or twine. If you do not have rope I will bring extra to give to you. Also, if any unattached males show up I will be seeking volunteers from the audience to demonstrate on. 

Suzanne Sxysadist FUN WITH "FLOOR WORK": Sure tying people to fancy dungeon equipment can be a blast when you are at an event or a club, but what if you don't have any of that in your living room at home? And yes, suspension work is hot and sexy as hell (not to mention dangerous) but if you aren't ready for that quite yet what else can you do with some rope & your imagination? There are dozens of ways to have fun with someone when all you have is some rope and an open piece of floor. In this workshop we will explore as many different positions and uses for them (wink) as we are able in the time allotted. Bring a partner if you have one, your rope bag and a mat, pillow or blanket for working on the floor more comfortably. If you are single looking to tie or be tied come on down and we will do our best to pair folks up for practice purposes.

Suzanne Sxysadist FACE AND HEAD BONDAGE: One of the quickest ways to send some bottoms flying is to apply your bondage to their head or face.  I find that it really draws on all the senses since it allows you to limit their sight and muffle their moans. They can hear the rope whisper past their ears as you work and smell the scent and possibly even taste the rope, creating a delicious smorgasbord of sensation! But the question is where or how to start with no obvious anchor points other than the neck?  (Sorry, this class doesn’t include breath play!) Please bring at least 15 to 20 feet of thin-ish smooth rope similar to paracord or thin linen rope and we will experiment with several ways to do head and face bondage. We will cover hair bondage as well if time permits, but this class is suitable for any gender and hair length.

Tatu THE WAY OF HARMONIOUS ENERGY WITH ROPE: In this class Master Tatu will explore in depth the spiritual dynamic to rope bondage. "Nawa-aikido", a term coined by Tatu, literally meaning "the way of loving and harmonious energy through rope." Once you have your bottom beautifully tied, posed and exposed, what now? Learning how mutually connect in your rope scene, accessing the energies that activate the inner pleasure centers that are naturally within the body will be our objective. Tatu will discuss Dominance, submission and spirituality in terms of an "energy" and not simply roles played. Understanding the body and the flow of energies, and other approaches used in creating a spiritual connection between the Rope Top and bottom is fundamental to the goal of mutual pleasure. Techniques and concepts such as: scene setting, ceremony, tradition, ritual activities, simultaneous breathing, and meditation will be explored and practiced in this class. Level: Intermediate

Tatu SEX, SHIBARI STYLE; JAPANESE TIES FOR SEX: In this course participants will learn what Tatu calls S.U.S.H.I. Seductive Uninhibited Shibari Hot Intimacy The Japanese have some very interesting ties that are accommodating for sexual pleasuring. This is a class on how to beautifully, tie, pose and expose your rope victim using classic shibari ties such as the Kotobu Ryo-tekubi, Komon Sarashi, mata-nawa and a number of other ties to position your delicacy. Tatu will teach these forms to enhance your personal experience. Sushi anyone? Suggested rope lengths for this workshop are: 3 24-30' & 2 12-15' lengths, either 5/16" or 3/8" in diameter. What to Bring: 3 24-30' & 2-12-15' lengths, either 5/16" or 3/8" in diameter

Valerie PARTIAL SUSPENSION 201: You want to play with rope but you are at home and don't own a suspension frame.  This class will teach you how to get some height without fully suspending your rope bottom. I will discuss safety issues in choosing items to suspend from and body parts to use in partial suspension.  All participants are responsible for knowledge from Rope 101.

Valerie HOW TO FINISH YOUR ROPE: So you bought untreated hemp, jute, sisal, flax or nylon. Which ropes to process or leave as is. Reasons why you might choose to process or leave your rope as you bought it. Examples of treated and untreated Hemp, jute, sisal and flax with demonstrations of how each rope makes the difference in chest harness and wrist cuffs. A discussion on dying rope and why it turns out differently with each new attempt. And finally what to do with those fraying ends, options for decorative knots and different ways to treat the ends of your rope. You're welcome to bring treated or untreated rope but not required.

Valerie ROPE FOR BEGINNERS This will cover basic safety, negotiation, and materials for beginner Japanese rope bondage ties as shown in The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage by Midori (with her permission) Ties include: Simple Breast Bondage, Open Leg Crab, Arm and Chest, Tortoise Shell Body Harness, Cross-Legged Bondage, Hog Tie.




Andrew Love EROTIC HUMILIATION AND DEGRADATION: In this class, we will be exploring the erotic uses of dirty, nasty, offensive words and actions. Learn the intricacies of combining these elements to create a mental space for one to experience the depths of depravity and the taste of taboo.  Instead of a human being experiencing the filth as simply environmental, a person in that moment can internalize it, embracing the filth and becoming the subject of everything that is depraved and loathsome in this world.  We will discuss the psychological aspects and requirements of this form of play, from both the bottom’s aspect and the top’s.  We will talk about why it is that we do what we do and give you the tools required to begin exploring this yourself.

Andrew Love STIMULATING SEXUAL SUBMISSION & SURRENDER: I love when my slave surrenders, and my slave loves to surrender. Sometimes that simple statement is not sufficient to sustain the state of mind your slave seeks when surrender is a strain.  During this class we are going to discuss the use of language and words, touch and energetic connection coupled with a smidge of sadism to stimulate the state of mind and induce deeper states of sexual openness. This is no magic seduction of consent; this is about turning a yes into Oh God Yes.

Artemis Hunter THE FEMALE ERECTION-WHAT YOU PROBABLY DIDN'T LEARN IN HEALTH CLASS: Still think the clitoris is only about an inch long?  Could an average genetic female’s clitoris be as big as a penis and capable of erections and ejaculations?  Artemis Hunter takes us back to Health Class and revisits some items that may have been over looked/ignored/skipped.  Let’s look with adult eyes and minds at the similarities and differences in the Anatomy and Physiology of Sex, the male and female prostates, the chemical bath produced by the body during sex and BDSM play and its effects, and the models for Sexual Responses cycles, including Taoist models for multiple orgasms across the gender spectrum.  There’s more to know.  (Class includes comparative Vulva viewings.  Female Erection Observation Homework will also be assigned as a boner… I mean, bonus.)

Dr Evil/Julie Spanks ANAL & VAGINAL FISTING: A “Hand’s-IN Workshop” The miracle of the art of fisting, taught to all levels of expertise by the one and only Dr. Evil. He has consistently been rated a top instructor for lessons learned, comedic patter, and the ‘wow’ factor. The class will include everyone’s favorite basic power point of the how-to's and don't do's of fisting followed by a demonstration. Are you a virgin top and wanna try? A sly bottom that’s wanted to top? This is the class where all your dreams can come true and your fisting problems will be solved in one easy lesson. Splash zone protector won't be provided!

Hardy Haberman CBT - MORE FAMILY JEWELS: Building on material presented in my first book, “The Family Jewels: this workshop expands on techniques and explores new ground in CBT. Primarily a demonstration workshop, attendees will be invited to participate in some aspects of the play.  There will be information for the newcomer, such as safety and anatomy, but the demonstrations will also include advanced activities like “Ball-Punching” and temporary genital piercing.

Mark Frazier NIPPLE AND COCK PUMPING: Bigger is better - sometimes - Ok most times. Pumping provides temporary enlargement of the penis and nipples with results varying from person to person there are other reason to engage in pumping activities. Pumping can provide improved self esteem, more stamina, increased sensitivity and more pleasure. The class will focus on safety concerns, methods for pumping, types of pumping devises, and incorporation of pumps into kink play. 

Mina Hart TEASE AND DENIAL: This is a class on how to sexually tease your submissive and how to keep them in a heightened state of arousal with-out sex OR with it. 

Paul Rulof ARE YOU CUMMING TO THE CLASS? THE EXPLOSIVE POSSIBILITIES OF ORGASM PLAY: Yes…you will see real orgasms! For some, the goal of a scene may be the orgasm, but for others it is the manipulation, denial or overload of orgasms that really gets them going. In this discussion we’ll explore and demonstrate several types of play relating to orgasms: teasing and denial, chastity, orgasm overload, conditioning, voice control, and non-traditional orgasms.

Redwarrior SMELL OF LEATHER, SCENT OF SEX PART II: Come along for a romp through the raunchy and the ethereal world of erotic bootblacking. In this class, we will touch on both the lofty spiritual aspects of a good boot scene as well as the titilating details of using bootblacking as a form of play and seduction. A live demonstration will be given to illustrate how bootblacking can be taken beyond service and restoration into the realm of energy exchange, power exchange, and play.

River Dark/domenique COCK SUCKING AND FACE FUCKING- GETTING THE MOST OUT OF YOUR DILDO: A dyke cock is as real as any other cock – just real in a different way. And getting your cock sucked, or fucking someone’s face, is enough to make many women come. And for those who love to suck cock, or who crave submitting to their mouth being fucked, the pleasure can be just as intense. This workshop covers ways to suck cock in order to maximize the tops pleasure while minimizing your discomfort, as well as how to survive getting your face fucked. We will also go over techniques and toys that the top can use that will maximize a bottoms ability to take their tops cock as well as techniques for deep throating. Bring a cock and/or a sucker, (and a towel) for the hands...er...mouth on component! Or just bring your cock for show and tell, and some classroom pointers and practice. Bio cocks welcome.






Dr Evil/Julie Spanks THE DOC IS IN: MEDICAL PLAY isn’t just for folks who just love the costumes and the instruments, or for the faint of heart who might be afraid of blood. Take the next step of medical fantasy with Dr. Evil and learn the practical ways of using humor and mind games to get you further in your scenes. In this class, we will discuss the endless avenues of medical-type role play beginning with intake, the diagnosis process, and discharge and after care. You will find that this type of fantasy play is limited only by your imagination. This class is for all skill levels. Please come with an open and creative mind.

Caro PLAYING WITH PAIN: Call it an intense stimulation, unpleasant sensations, or a cathartic catalyst. Whatever you call it the reality is pain. It can be a motivating force or a consequence but in the world of BDSM it is a key to unlocking some of the most amazing experiences imaginable. Though many people who enjoy BDSM will tell you that they are not “into pain”, they forget that in almost any kind of activity in the dungeon or bedroom, pain plays a significant role. From a playful swat of an erotic spanking to an out-of-body experience brought on through an intense temporary piercing, pain can produce amazing effects. Playing with Pain explores the often overlooked secrets of how people process pain in an erotic setting and the dynamic power exchange involved. It also explains how intense stimulation can be applied in precise and measured ways.

Lady D TABOOS-EXPLORING THE POLITICALLY INCORRECT: We have a saying in this lifestyle, “Never say NEVER!” and if you remain in this lifestyle long enough, you may try many things that you thought that you never would. For many, one of the things that we enjoy is pushing the boundaries and exploring places that we would never want to go in the ‘real world’. We reach into ourselves, many times accessing our darker side and when we let that untamed side out; we find out much about who we are and those around us. Playing with “forbidden fruit” as my dear friend calls it, can be enlightening, enticing, entertaining and surprisingly enjoyable. It can also be daring, debilitating, deadly and dangerously detrimental if you’re not careful and understand what you are doing. Tapping into some of those taboos depends a lot on your upbringing and your life experiences. This is very much a ‘stay in the moment’ type play and may be quite difficult for some to watch as well as quite surprising to those that think they will be repulsed and instead are excited and fascinated. Come and delve into the realm of the things that make some squeamish and explore this type of play with me.

Leonora Ma'am PASSION PLAY -PLAYING WITH ABANDON:Whipping, Slapping, Biting, Punching Passion Play. In order to fully throw yourself into a raw SM scene you need to release the demented lustful abandon that lies within you. Whips, Hands, Nails, Teeth, Leonora Ma’am will use it all in her no holds barred odyssey to passion play.

Marius DeSade ABDUCTION AND RAPE PLAY: Learn from my experience of over 30 successful abduction and/or rape play scenes. This class is a discussion based class on a taboo role-play and how to do it as safely as possible. Learn how to thoroughly negotiate this type of play, how to begin to develop the scene, and learn the ins and outs of making it work safely.

Mark Frazier BREATH PLAY: Obviously breath play is one of the most potentially dangerous and edgiest of SM activities, requiring responsibility, trust and scrupulous safety practice. This workshop will focus on different methods used to restrict a persons breathing. It will also focus on safety concerns and how to minimize the occurrence of any potential problems. The workshop will conclude with hands on demo's.

Master Todd and slave elizabeth NEEDLE PLAY FOR THE FLUID BONDED: Needle play with a fluid bonded partner can be deeply intimate and meaningful. This workshop provides demonstration and discussion of needle play that moves beyond the casual scene and into depraved lusty blood swapping. Nary a ‘bevel up’ will be offered but instead this will offer a window into the joys of wanton sexual tastiness that needles can be when the gloves are off.  If you have never really ‘gotten’ what's so fascinating for needle players, come experience a walk on the wicked side.

Miss Chris (Capercae) BLOOD LUST PLAY! SPLATTER, SMEAR AND SUCK YOURSELVES SILLY: For many edge players, blood is a side effect or byproduct of medical scenes or heavy impact play. But what if bloodletting wasn't an opening or closing act in a scene, but the main event? What if the whole purpose of a scene was to play with blood? This class will discuss blood fetishes and fetishists, tips and techniques to safely extract blood from your fluid bonded partner (this is not a blood safety class, you should have a basic understanding of blood borne pathogen control), and all the lovely things you can do with the blood once you have some. This class will not be for the squeamish so bring strong stomachs as the class will end with a hot and bloody demonstration of this sexy carnal play.

Paul Rulof TEARS, FEARS AND JEERS; AN INTRODUCTION TO EMOTIONAL PLAY: Many scenes evoke effects on the head or heart in addition to physical responses. Emotional, mental, and psychological play can be the foundation for many scenes. Mastering these elements will allow you to explore and create hot, edgy and intense scenes. This class will cover the basics of how to incorporate these elements in your scenes. It will also examine how they differ from and are similar to "typical" scenes. This includes discussion on: choosing the right partner, elements of negotiation, responses to common problems, and aftercare. All experience levels, but suggested for beginners.

Redwarrior POWER BOTTOMING: Have you ever wanted to be more active in a scene or to have a bottom that was more responsive, but were afraid of the dreaded "topping from the bottom?"  Have you wished that you could express yourself more in your play or have a better idea of what was going on with your bottom?  Join us for a presentation of techniques to help you become an empowered bottom or learn how to play with one. This class focuses on ways that bottoms can be active in a scene and promote an energy exchange, rather than an energy drain on their tops as well as provide feedback before, during, and after a scene in a way that helps the Top achieve their own goals for scenes better, rather than giving up control to the bottom. Take your play to the next level and achieve a greater connection with your play partners.

River Dark/domenique MAKING PAIN LAST, HOW TO GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR BOTTOM: Are you interested in how pain works? Are you interested in how to better help your bottom process and cope with pain? Have you and your playmate ever wanted to go deeper physically, but instead reached a wall that you can’t seem to get past? Have you ever wanted to push a bottom past what they think they can take? This workshop is for sadists who want to learn how to extend and deepen the amount of pain their bottom can/will take. Physical techniques, psychological techniques, pain management skills and the physiology of pain will be covered. Come explore the other side of the wall.

Sir Top THERE WILL BE BLOOD...CUTTINGS: This class will deal with some of the safety issues of cuttings and then advance into some decorative cuttings. After 25 years of nursing and also working on the transfusion teams at various hospitals, Sir Top loves to dabble in all phases of blood sports. Bring your toys, ideas and questions to class with you and learn hands on techniques. A few demo people would be appreciated for this class as they tend to hit the floor relatively quick.





Caro  FIFTY SHADES OF INFLUENCE: The phenomenal appeal of Fifty Shades of Grey is likely to have lasting changes on the Leather/BDSM/Kink/Fetish community. This class will cover the history of the phenomenon, from it's first appearance as fan fiction to a worldwide publishing phenomenon. It will also compare and contrast it with other works and seek to answer the questions, "Why this success and why now?" What influences are in play here that were or were not in play for similar works such as "The Story of O", The Gor Series, Exit to Eden, The Beauty Series, the Secretary and the Marketplace Series. Part of the class will be a discussion as to what those changes might be and how likely we as a community will or won't accommodate them. This class is suitable to any level of experience.

Caro  LEAVING A LEGACY: For decades, the Leather/BDSM/Kink/Fetish community was focused on living in the moment. AIDS changed all that and suddenly history, tradition, and leaving a legacy became important. This class will focus on how those things we do today, while seemingly insignificant, become part and parcel of the legacy we can leave behind, and what we can do, as individuals, groups, and as a community to honor those that have gone before and encourage those that come after.

Big Red GENDER BLENDING, FUCKING, BENDING AND PLAY IN BDSM: :This workshop is for those of you who are seasoned and comfortable with your Gender Blending, as well as for those of you who are newer at it.Let’s push envelopes and go beyond our comfort zones and create new ways of taping into your inner (and sometimes outer) tomboy, boi, gurl, sissy, Sir, Mistress, Daddy,  masculine, feminine, girl, boy, pink, baby blue, green, blue, lion, kitten.  Expect a hands on, and very interactive time!

GENDER PANEL DISCUSSION FULL PANEL Hear their stories, bring your questions! 


Master Oakman/slave diamond PONY PLAY, GETTING STARTED: This is a demo/discussion about Pony play, where to start, how to get involved and the different types of ponies and play. W/we will discuss Groomers, trainers and handlers and the roles they play. Feel free to come as a pony.

Mistress Susan WOMEN, POWER AND MASTERY: Like it or not, gender does play a role in all aspects of our lives. It’s inevitable, unavoidable, and it can be a good thing! So does our gender affect our Mastery? If so, how? Do women have different relationships with power than men? How does being raised in a patriarchal society affect our behavior? Do we handle authority, leadership, training, discipline, or trust differently?  We all have our own style of Mastery, and this presentation will explore the unique strengths, challenges and gifts of female Masters. This class always inspires a dynamic, inspiring, and interesting discussion period!  All are welcome.