WOW...the International Power Exchange contest and the International Pony Play Championships were outstanding!

Congratulations to everyone who participated in both contests!




2013 International Power Exchange Title Holders


Sir Guy and Karida

Sir Guy and his girl, Karida, are the New York Metro area representatives to the International Power Exchange Contest 2013.


Sir Guy lives a Dominant lifestyle, publicly active in the BDSM scene for almost ten years. He is a Daddy Dominant to his girl, Karida. He is an Emeritus Member of the Board of Directors of The Eulenspiegel Society (TES), its media representative and formerly a Director of East Coast Leather Town Hall and New York Leather Weekend. Sir Guy is the winner of the TES 2005 Dominant Men/submissive women’s Literary Contest. In addition to being a uniform enthusiast, he is a former New York City police officer and New York State certified Emergency Medical Technician, who has participated in rescue efforts at Ground Zero and at Hurricane Katrina as well as being an ordained minister.

Karida began her leather journey in the South Florida BDSM community 17 years ago. Seeking like-minded people she discovered and became a member of an pan-sexual educational social group known as S.P.I.C.E. and a women’s only educational organization, Dyke’s n’ Dolls.  She has been a private rope enthusiast and learned safety and technique as an original member of Sensual Individuals in Loving Kink (S.I.L.K) and Shibari South Florida. Recently relocating to New York she is a now an active member of The Eulenspiegel Society (TES) and MAsT Metro New York.  She is a volunteer at TES Operations and Vice Chair TES Volunteer Committee.



April 16 at TES: presentation HOT: Hands Only Torture
April 23 at TES: panel discussion: Living La Vida 24/7, a discussion on relationship dynamics
May 9 at LIFE in Nassau: •WHEN THE BAD BOYS COME FOR YOU: Dealing with Law Enforcement
May 17 at DSF (Dom Sub Friends): presentation: BDSM ER: Medical emergencies in the scene
May 19 at MAst Jersey City: D/s Relationships: The Military Model
Sept 10: Long Island Leather and Roses (LILNR): When the Bad Boys Come for You: Dealing with Law Enforcement
Sept. 26 The Eulenspiegel Society (TES), New York, NY, BDSM and Spirituality panel Sir Guy
Oct 11  Soft Smiles Submissive Women's Retreat,  The Hamptons, NY,
      Boot blacking 101
      Personalizing your Power Exchange Relationship Karida
Oct. 26 Feel Me Breathe, Kingston NY, Outside the Box: Non-Traditional Power Exchange Relationships

Nov 16 The Dark Lair @ Purple Passion, New York, NY The first part of the meeting will be devoted to The Leather Lifestyle and features Leather titleholders Mr. Eagle NYC 2014 Cee Jay. Leatherman of Color 2007 Doc Hoskins, International Ms. Leather 2011 Sara Vibes and International Power Exchange 2013 titlists Sir Guy and karida. They will discuss Leather titles, what it means to be "Leather", their journeys in the greater BDSM community and what Leather titles mean to them.

Nov. 28 - Dec.2 Brimestone Ashbury Park, NJ,
      Daddy/girl Non-Age Play Relationships
      When the Bad Boys Come for You: Dealing with Law Enforcement
      Impact Play and Weapons of Ass Destruction
Dec 11, 2013 TES Novice SIG, new York, NY Outside the Box: Exploring Non-Traditional D/s Relationships
Dec. 21: The Dark Lair, New York, NY
Jan. 24, 2014: New York Metro Power Exchange contest 2014, New York, NY
Feb. 21 - 23, 2014: BOLD, Los Angeles, CA
March 29, 2014: NY Metro Power Exchange fundraiser: Interrogation Workshop/Uniform Play Party, New York, NY
April 4 - 6, 2014: Transcending Boundaries Conference, Harford CT





2013 International Pony Play Championship Grand Champions


Dee and Pony Sweetcheeks


Pony Sweetcheeks has been around the BDSM lifestyle for many years and 30 of those years as a pony. Sweetcheeks is normally a draft pony but loves to show and has won awards for his dressage and for his heavy pulling. Sweetcheeks also loves to teach other ponies and trainers in this wonderful adventure called ponyplay.


possessedone, aka dee, is a full time slave to her Master and his house.  She has been active in the lifestyle for several years but only became interested in pony play after meeting Sweecheeks. They have been working together for about a year now and are very excited to be part of the IPPC.