2013 Presenters



Andrew Love

International Mr. Olympus Leather 2008

Born and raised in conservative Salt Lake City, Andrew Love never quite fit the mold his conservative Mormon family had envisioned for him. While he did become an Eagle Scout at the age of 16, Andrew ended up re-purposing those leather working and knot tying skills for more erotic purposes. Finding his entrance into the leather community in the somewhat secretive Salt Lake City Leather community, Andrew immersed himself and quickly took on roles managing community websites, mailing lists, and helping schedule educational classes. He's a graduate of the Journeyman 3 Academy in Salt Lake City, UT- an 18 Month series of intensives surrounding leather and spirituality. 

In Early 2007 he was asked to take over and run "The Path," a 101 intensive series of classes focused on BDSM & Leather. He ran The Path until mid-2008 when he took a leading role with Leather Quest (reorganized name of the Journeyman 3 Academy).


May of 2008, Andrew won the title of Mr. West Coast Olympus Leather. He then went on to win the international title Mr. Olympus Leather 2008. Andrew founded the Rocky Mountain Olympus Leather Competition in Salt Lake City. August of 2011 Andrew received the Pantheon of Leather’s Presidents Award citing his community service and commitment to his Leather Traditions. Andrews topics include: Punishment & Discipline, Play Piercing, BDSM Play Dynamics, Medical play, Blood Play, Building a Better Flogger, and many more.



Big Red

 Big Red is an equal opportunity sadistic Femme Daddy, who is a performance and Spoken Word Artist celebrated for her ability to “wear many different shoes”. In one pair of those shoes she is dedicated to facilitating personal and communal connection and healing, and in another equally empowering and self-embracing pair of red stilettos she works on various ways to encourage, support, and evoke opportunities to accept and create verbiage, experiences, and culture that is raw, creative, authentic, sensual, deeply intense, and intent on empowering, healing, and transforming self, relationships, and communities.  
With a proven and long standing commitment to education and training, one of her current passions is creating new community connections while presenting and educating at various Lifestyle events.


boy nick

boy nick, coming to you from Naples, Fl. He brings a new light to education in the Leather & BDSM communities.  His experiences over the years have lead him down a path of being able to present various topics from Leather traditions, managing relationships and safety.


All the way to bringing a new sadistic edge to play, whether it is with your bare hands, toys, or a few ingredients found in the kitchen. 


A titleholder of Mr. Beyond Leather 2011, boy nick is co-founder of the Southwest Florida The Next Generation (SWFL TNG), has organized educational events for the community, held charity events, and even had the pleasure of being contestant wrangler and judge's assistant for the inaugural year of the International Power Exchange (IPE) contest.



Capercae/Miss Chris

A genetically predispositioned, hard-coded pervert (the Catholic school system in NY did wonders for her development in this regard) Cap didn’t actually connect with the lifestyle in the flesh until she walked in the door of the AZ Power Exchange in 2006. Instantly, she felt at home, realized the lifestyle was her missing link and began her 24/7/365 love affair with kink. 

Cap is a bi-poly switch edge player, professional disciplinarian, fetish video model, kinky party group owner and sex positive educator. She founded the Sun Valley Spankos in Feb ’09 and has been holding regular spanking parties since. Cap has given tons of presentations and dozens of demos all over the country on spanking, corporal punishment, caning, historic scenes and role playing. This year Cap adds international presenter to her lifestyle resume when she presented in Ireland Sept 2011. A graduate of the Butchmann’s Academy and an active member of both APEX (Phoenix) and Desert Dominion (Tucson), Cap is very proud to call the Arizona lifestyle community her home.




Caro is an international presenter, title holder, contest judge, emcee, keynote speaker, and recipient of a Pantheon of Leather award 2007, and the 2009 Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Leather Association. She has been actively involved in the Leather community for decades and presented at events in the United States and Canada including: Beyond Leather, Beyond Vanilla, CLAW, DSF, Floating World, GLLA, IMsL, KCLU, Heart of America, LLC, Ottawa Leather Pride, Mr. Leather Toronto, smOdyssey, Spring Iniquity, TES, Tribal Fire and Twisted in Tulsa, as well as for smaller groups such as House of Differences, Sanctuary of the Dark Angel, and WOLF.


An international titleholder (Ms. Olympus 2005) she judged local and regional titles in the US and Canada and international titles in the US: South Central Leather Woman (Head Judge, 2010), Florida Leather Sir/boy (2008, 2009, 2010), Mr./Ms. Beyond Leather (2010), International Mr./Ms. Olympus (2006), Head Judge International Mr./Ms. Olympus 2007. Florida Olympus 2006, and Head Judge in 2007, and Judge for Great Lakes. She also judged Olympus Contests for the Great Planes and Great Lakes region, Florida, Ottawa Olympus (2006, 2007) and Mr. Leather Ottawa 2007. In 2008 she was honored to be a judge for the 30th anniversary of International Mr. Leather, 2009 she judged the North American Pony/Trainer, which, in addition to judging the International Pony/Trainer, making her the only person to have judged both national/international pony contests. 2009, she judged Mid Atlantic Leather Sir/boy and the first Mid Atlantic Leather Woman Contest, as well as ILS/b and ICCB for the Southeast region. 




Cross is a technical support specialist from Denver, Colorado who spends his free time getting into people’s heads as a research psychologist, a political organizer, and a BDSM enthusiast. Cross often combines and intertwines these roles with active participation in civil rights organizations, performing studies of kink, and directing elaborate mind fuck experiences. Cross is an advocate of personal responsibility and strives to teach from a place of giving as much information as possible and leaving it to individuals to choose the risk profile that is comfortable for them.


Cross is a Co-Producer for the Rocky Mountain Power Exchange contest, Co-Organizer of Colorado TNG, a founding charter member for the Colorado chapter of the National Leather Association, for which he also serves on the Executive Committee, and has been a major pain in the ass, both literally and figuratively, to those closest to him for years.



Daddy Michael and Amaia

Daddy Michael and his lil girl amaia are located right outside the Tampa area.  As Daddy Michael began to search to understand his Daddy side he found that there was very limited information and knowledge, so he began to educate himself and help others that were interested in finding their inner big/little. The group, "A Little Kinky in Florida," was born. As well as giving classes, Daddy Michael enjoys the fine art of fire play and fire cupping. He has given demos on fire play and cupping at the Phoenix Club and numerous private events. Daddy Michael is very active in Florida as a participant in F.L.U.I.D (Florida Leaders United in Diversity), and a member of MAsT-Tampa.


Amaia. is co-founder of “A ‘Little’ Kinky in Florida”, Amaia is dedicated to understanding what it is to be a lil and educating others about it. She is an official Fet Life Greeter, an active member of F.L.U.I.D (Florida Leaders United in Diversity) and a member of MAsT-Tampa. This couple is devoted to learning, living and educating the D/lg modality.



Dr. Evil and Ms. Julie Spanks


The Doc is a sexologist of sorts and an instructor in all things kinky and sex positive. He travels with his grrl, Ms Julie Spanks a great deal to teach and to have intense experiences, plus create and enjoy positive energy with like-minded individuals. He’s not perfect, just perfectly evil. Dr. Evil has taught for many years at numerous events and venues including Thunder in the Mountains, DESIRE, The Floating World, the SF Citadel, Wicked Womyn, KinkFest, SWLC and Beyond Leather. Dr Evil and Ms Julie are honored to return to Beyond Leather for another dose of positive energy!



Artist, performer, passionate pervert, dynamic Daddys grrl, blossoming presenter of kink, established professional Domina, and Community-minded human being. Ms Julie has been fascinated with Dominance, submission, service and sadomasochism for quite some time. Once a dungeon owner heavily involved in the Portland Community and Leather Leadership, Julie is now grateful to take a seat at her Daddy's side to explore the finer nuances of submission and surrender from behind the Zion curtain in the great City of Salt.




Lady Elsa and boi kris

International Power Exchange 2012

Lady Elsa and boi kris, International Power Exchange 2012, are leatherdykes with a passion for kink education.  Nicknamed “the teacher and the preacher,” they have a fun-loving, passionate, and non-traditional power exchange dynamic in which each contributes from their own unique skill set, defying stereotypes at every turn.  They enjoy travelling all over the United States presenting workshops and seminars that help individuals and couples create the power exchange relationships and kink lifestyles they have always dreamed of. 


Lady Elsa, “the teacher,” is a tech geek, a wordsmith, an educator, and a prolific and popular blogger on topics including BDSM spirituality, service topping, and non-traditional power exchange.  She is the co-founder of Andromeda, a BDSM organization for kinky women and transfolk, and has held various offices in NLA Indianapolis.  Favorite things include clothespin play, butches in business attire, and endorphins.


Boi kris, “the preacher,” is a cheerful, outgoing boi who loves to network and socialize. He has been a part of the BDSM community since the early 1990s, and has been in service to Lady Elsa since 2009. He is a certified Laughter Yoga leader, and a member of Andromeda, Indiana Younger Kink, and NLA Indianapolis. An enthusiastic switch, he loves challenging people’s expectations, topping for heavy impact play, and sitting at his Lady’s feet.



Leanora Ma'am

Leonora Ma'am identifies as a Lifestyle Dominant Edge Player celebrating life to the max. She adores sharing Her very intense, twisted SM love with people who identify themselves as men, women and transgendered. No one is safe.


Leonora Ma'am is a member of the Lair de Sade and RAWW, 2010 People's Choice Award Woman of the Year TSRnetwork, 2010 Southland Honors Nominee, and has presented at the Lair de Sade, the Venus Society, RAWW, numerous BDSM Human Sexuality College Panels, Long Beach Leather Pride, Los Angeles Leather X'Posed, the Desire Leatherwomen’s Conference, Threshold Academy ,the Arizona Power Exchange, Folsom Fringe 2010 and the 2010 Southwest Leather Conference as both Emcee and Presenter.  She is often seen wielding her tools of pleasure alongside lifestyle and performance BDSM artists alike at various private and public venues such as Sanctuary, The Bondage Ball and Club Hell.



Leon MonkeyFetish - Rope Track

Leon moved to Chicago in 1998 and became a part of the pansexual BDSM community shortly thereafter. He has participated in the operation of several organizations including presidency of The Next Generation of Chicago (TNGC), participation in the Chicago Leather Leadership Council, and volunteer work for both the LRA and Galleria Domain II of Chicago. He is currently the Secretary of the Leather Archives and Museum.


He helped popularize rope bondage in Chicago with participation in the Chicago Rope and Mummification group and from there has taught a variety of topics from rope bondage to D/s theory at lifestyle events and organizations around the Country. His fetish and BDSM photography has appeared in Eros-Zine, the Dirty Show, Baltimore Erotic Arts Festival, SEAF, Bondage Magazine and other venues.




Lady D

My name is Reverend Deborah Harrison but I'm better known as Lady D. I am the owner of D&S Lifestyle Enterprises Inc, a company for holistic healing of mind, body and spirit. I facilitated People Exchanging Power Atlanta, a pansexual support group for almost 14 years and created PEP4POC to enlighten and dispel misconceptions concerning BDSM and ethnic people.


I am a founder of Onyx Pearls Southeast, a women's organization focused on female camaraderie and community service.


I am a minister, hypnotherapist, counselor and educator. I strive to promote acceptance and love in this lifestyle.




Liza and Jody

International Master/slave 2011


Liza came to power at Woodstock and has been kinky ever since. She was raised in a household with servants and weekly formal dinners, and feels that she learned much of her mastery at the knee of her Grandmother. Liza took Jody as her full-time slave and Jody gratefully accepted Liza’s collar in July of 2002.  She has a passion for Jody, their adult children, her horse, their Labradors, leather, teaching, mentoring, and having fun.


Liza is active with the San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance, is a member of the San Francisco MAsT chapter, the Greater San Francisco Bay Area MAsT chapter, the Exiles (women’s BDSM group), the Bears of San Francisco (she is their Treasurer), and is Mama’s Horsewoman. She is also on the steering committee of Leather Levi Weekend, the organizing committee for Leather Alley at San Francisco Pride and is the executive producer of the Ms. San Francisco Leather contest. Otherwise, Liza works at an adoption agency and co-owns "The Complete Bear.com," "Twisted Bear.com" and "Bear at Home.com."

Jody came out as a leather dyke and slave in 1980, founding Leather and Lace, Los Angeles’ first women’s BDSM support and social group. Before coming into leather, Jody served in the Air Force and credits her slave-bearing, such as it is, to her background in the military.


In 2002, Jody pledged herself to Liza as her slave for life. Jody has a passion for Liza, their two adult children, their Labradors, leather, teaching, mentoring and having fun. Jody is active with San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance, is a member of the San Francisco MAsT chapter, the Greater San Francisco Bay Area MAsT chapter, the Exiles (women’s BDSM group), the Bears of San Francisco and is Mama’s Space Cadet. She is on the steering committee of Leather Levi Weekend, is Chair of Leather Alley at San Francisco Pride and is the producer and contest director of the Ms. San Francisco Leather contest. In her day job Jody is an attorney and mediator.



Marius de Sade

My adventures in this lifestyle started as a self exploration. I was looking for something new, something more meaningful and satisfying than the everyday. I always knew I had particular tastes and I started exploring them. However, it wasn’t till I found an event called BMSL that I truly understood what I was looking for and that it was ok to want it. During that event I stepped on to a rollercoaster and I have yet to step off. Over the years I have learned and self explored many things like the pressure point control training (PPCT) that I was taught young in life as a police explorer. I trained for awhile to do mixed martial arts. I have devised my own methods and ways I have incorporated all the training and experience from my life into the play I do and love. About a year ago I decided that I needed to give back to the community that welcomed me and allowed me to develop within their folds.

Now with my submissive selene who has been with me thru thick and thin for nearly 20 years, so yes she is a saint, and the family I have recently Co-founded - Croi-an-Fhaolchon (English translation: Heart of the Wolf). A leather family devoted to helping, preserving and educating within the BDSM lifestyle. I am a former member of Stl3 and served on the events committee for Spanksgiving and Beat me in St Louis.



Mark Frazier


Mark has been involved in the Leather and Kink Lifestyle for over 27 years. Having presented well over a thousand workshops, he has not lost this passion for education, learning and sharing of information.


Mark has had the privilege of owning nightclubs, producing events, being a titleholder and holding leadership and membership positions in numerous local to International Organizations.


He has been the recipient of many awards and accolades.







Master Oakman and slave diamond

International Pony Play Grand Champions 2012

Master Oakman, a leatherman and educator, has been in the lifestyle since 1992. He collared (2001) and branded His adoring slave diamond in December of 2002 and they have been together for 10 years living a 24/7, M/s, BDSM Lifestyle.


Master Oakman was President of SPICE in 2004. Past presenter at Community Link, YNot, Bash 2006 & “2007” (where He re-branded slave diamond) and recently presented at Leathermans Academy 2010 & 2011 and Bash 2011. He also presented at Beyond Leather in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. He has educated many with His classes on Branding, Florentine Flogging, Whip play/Cracking and Knife Play as well as a Communication class for relationships in the Lifestyle. He competed at the 2011 Intl Pony Play Championships at Beyond Leather with His pony diamond and they won Reserve Grand Champion.     

slave diamond has been in the Lifestyle for 10 years. she’s been a 24/7, collared and branded slave to Master Oakman for the past 9 years, living and loving in the M/s, BDSM Lifestyle. she was president of SPICE in 2007.  she’s presented at Bash 2006, 2007 & 2011 and Beyond Leather in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. she also presented at Black Rose in 2008. she competed with her Owner/Handler Master Oakman in the IPPC at Beyond Leather 2011 and won sexiest ponygirl as well as Reserve Grand Champion! In 2012, she and her Owner/Handler won International Grand Champion and are the current title holders.



Master Obsidian and slave namaste

International Master/slave 2010

Master Obsidian is the chapter founder and Director of MAsT (Masters And slaves Together) Austin and is also the Regional Representative for the Southwest Region of MAsT International. He served on the Board of GWNN (The Group with No Name) Austin Texas and  moderator of Black BEAT Texas for 7 years. He and his devoted slave namaste are International Master and slave 2010, Southwest Master and Southwest slave 2010. They serve as moderators for the national MAsT Open yahoo group and the regional MAsT Austin discussion list. Master Obsidian is a published author with articles in BDSM publications covering the M/s and BDSM lifestyle and philosophy, his educational experience also includes workshop presentations, seminars and classes focusing on M/s relationship dynamics and techniques. A 2009 nominee for the Pantheon of Leather Man of the Year award, he has also been honored to mentor both novice and seasoned Dominants. Master Obsidian has been in the lifestyle for over two decades,  is the owner of slave namaste and the Master of House Obsidian in Texas. 


slave namaste is honored and privileged to be the 24/7 slave of Master Obsidian. she has counseled, mentored and taught on Surrender, Internalization of slavery, spirituality and submission. Her writings on surrender and absolute slavery have been featured on web sites and in books including the "Art of Slavery" Edition of the Power Exchange Reference Series. She is Founder and co-moderator of various lifestyle groups, including one geared specifically for slaves in TPE relationships as well as running a blog/website with a focus on excellence in service called Service Savoir Faire. she possesses a great passion for aiding her fellow slaves in the lifestyle, Domestic Service, Protocols, Spirituality and The Art of Surrender.



Master Raul

International Sir 2008

Master Raul and his partner, George, have been in the leather lifestyle for 12 of the 18 years they have been united. Master Raul’s passion is to learn and share with others his life’s Leather journey. He shares with others technical skills as well as life-changing events someone may experience ranging from health issues to relationships. 
Master Raul bases his ideology on past experience, fetish play and relationships which comprise three very important pillars forming his foundation and direction in life. The three pillars constitute: maturity, honesty and trust.


Master Raul held the title of Florida Leather Sir of 2008 and went on to win the International title in San Francisco as International Leather Sir of 2008. The main interest in Raul’s life is the guidance and nurturing of his Leather family.  He faces the facts that a relationship between two is not easy, and a family is all the more consuming as it requires a lot of work and commitment. In the end, the special emotional gift derived from having a family far exceeds any challenges that may arise. On a less serious note, Raul enjoys making the majority of his own fetish toys, loves to ride his motorcycle and enjoys the sport of hunting. 



Master Todd and slave elizabeth

Southwest Master/slave 2013


Todd has been in active in the BDSM community since 2004, and a pervert for as long as he can remember. He is currently honored to serve as the Southwest Master 2013. He collared his slave, elizabeth, in December of 2007 and they live in a 24/7 Master/slave relationship. Together they present in both their local Austin, TX area community and around the country including at Southwest Leather Conference 2012, Tribal Fire 2012, Great Lakes Leather Alliance 2012, and Northern Exposure 3. Master Todd is the creator of pervertslibrary.com, an online kinky literary review site. He co-founded the Society for North Austin and Round Rock Kink (SNARRK), is an active member of MAsT Austin, has served as a board member and volunteer in his local BDSM community, and serves as a Leatherati correspondent. More information about his household is available at housekramobone.com.


Since 2007 elizabeth has been first and foremost Master Todd’s slave and in his service functions as his co-presenter, sidekick, and SNARRK co-founder. She is currently honored to serve as the Southwest slave 2013. She began participating in the BDSM community in 2005 and has served as both a board member and volunteer in her local Austin, TX area. In 2012 she founded the Austin girls of Leather (AgoL) and serves as the club leader. She is a Master’s level counselor and specializes in end of life and grief work. With Master Todd, she serves the larger leather community through educational presentations locally and around the country and as a Leatherati correspondent. She is an active member of MAsT Austin, Women In Leather International, and a participant in many other Austin, TX area groups. More information about her Master’s household is available at housekramobone.com.


Master Z


Master Z of Texas is a well-known Dominant, Presenter and Leader in the Leather and BDSm scene. He is the International Master 2004 and travels all over the United States and Canada making presentations on the Master/slave-Leather lifestyle and BDSm technique. He has also served as a popular Keynote Speaker and Emcee for a number of events. He is the Owner of slave bill and slave kiki. Master Z is Chairman and President of the Board of Directors for Butchmanns, Inc. and currently is the Director and Instructor for the Butchmanns Weekend Experience. He is the Producer and HeadMaster for boys Training Camps and Co-Producer of Masters Retreat.

In 2010, Master Z was the recipient of the Leather SINS, Inc., President’s Award. He was the recipient of the “Masters Heart Award” in 2006 and the “Leatherman’s Heart Award” in 2004. He is one of the Head of Household for the Texas Leather Tribe; a Leather family he shares responsibility for with his wonderful Leather Brothers, Master Roy and Master Glen. Master Z is eternally grateful to his mentors, the late Master Dean Walradt and the late boy Patrick Chees, who taught him much of the Leather protocols and rituals that he cherishes today. Master Z is certain that his Leather Journey and BDSm experiences are directly related to his Spiritual Path.



Mistress Susan and slave ziggy

International Master 2006

Mistress Susan returned to her hometown in Western NY, after 30 years away. She spent time in the Caribbean and on the road, before making her way to the NC mountains. This is where she found her slave ziggy. Mistress Susan believes in being a realistic and positive resource for those interested in Leather and in the Master/slave dynamic. Over the years, Mistress Susan has served on the boards of several nonprofit organizations, co-founded "MDG" and a Leather women’s group in Asheville, NC., as well as others.  
She has taught and presented on all facets of the Master/slave dynamic throughout the US to countless groups, and at numerous events.Mistress Susan was honored with the title of Southeast Master and then International Master 2006. Her focus is on providing support and education within the Master/slave community and the practice of ethical mastery, while honouring, respecting, and preserving our Leather traditions.  She holds true to the ideals of trust, honor, respect, loyalty and duty. 



International slave 2006

Born in California raised in Arizona, slave ziggy found the wonderful world of SM through the fetish clubs in Japan. He became active in the leather community in the southeast and was honored with the title of Southeast slave and later International slave in 2006.  He has cofounded a number of SM groups and Submissive’s Journey Weekend. He and Mistress Susan have traveled throughout the US sharing their perspectives on the master slave dynamic. He believes that a strong community is the key to a healthy Master slave.


Slave ziggy has a lifelong passion for assisting others in the discovery and actualization of one’s slave heart. His other passions include Leather history, traditions, the art of formal service, and the practice of ethical slavery. "If you can dream it believe it, it can be done, so begin it now."



Paul Rulof 

RuleOfThree (aka Paul Rulof) is an educator and author. Since he moved to Chicago six years ago, he has been active in their alternative sexuality community. RuleOfThree's has degrees in psychology and sociology that he perverts for use in the alternative sexuality community. He identifies as a dominant, as well as a Dom Daddy. 


His classes mainly focus on different aspects of mental play, emotional play, and emotional masochism. Always, RuleOfThree’s workshops are interactive, participatory, and explore the topic from different viewpoints. 


He is honored to have presented at DomCon- LA, Madtown Kink Fest, Kinky Karnival, as well as many other venues both nationally and in Midwest.







International Community Bootblack 2010

A contented slave, RedWarrior is owned by ShibariPyro and lives with him in Jacksonville, Florida. She is the 2010 International Community Bootblack and the 2010 SouthEast Community Bootblack. She is passionate about all aspects of bootblacking, particularly bootblacking as a form of play, energy exchange in bootblacking, and the spiritual aspects of bootblacking. Many have been known to fight over her in charity auctions.

Beyond bootblacking, she is a heavy and primal bottom who adores fire, rope, whips, and anything that allows her to bare her fangs, growl, and snarl.






River Dark

River Dark was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. She is a poly dyke Top/switch, a writer and an educator. She loves to think about and talk about Leather & kink – and to share her ideas and skills with others. She is trained as an actor, but currently expresses herself artistically by writing and reading porn, teaching workshops and by creating a scene.


Her SM erotica can be found in a variety of anthologies and she is currently working on a book of her essays and short stories. River has been out as a pervert for over 20 years (but thinking about it all of her life). For the past 7 she has presented her workshops to great reviews in Vancouver, Chilliwack, Victoria, Edmonton, Bellingham, Seattle, Portland, Palm Springs, and Phoenix. While some of her workshops teach physical skills, she is most interested in the mind as the seat of power, so many of her workshops explore the psychological aspects of play.


As a presenter she gathers her information from her experiences both bottoming and Topping, as well as from the people in her life, the scene she has been exposed to, and the many workshops she has attended over the years.  River is committed to creating engaging, fact-filled and thought-provoking experiences. It is her intention that every workshop bring something new to each participant, no matter what their level of experience is – whether it be a new way of looking at play or simply a creative idea that they have never heard before. It is her goal for every workshop to be dense with information, supportive of the participants and fun to attend.





domenique has been the property of River Dark for almost 2 years, and was in training with her for the year and a half prior to that.


She came out into kink when she was 19 and immediately embraced it with mind, body and soul.



She spends a great deal of her time running around in her own head, and has recently decided to start sharing those thoughts with a wider audience.







Sir Guy

Sir Guy is a lifestyle Dominant, being public in the scene for almost ten years. He is the producer for the New York Metro Power Exchange Contest 2012. He is also an Emeritus Board member of The Eulenspiegel Society (TES) as well as it’s Media Representative, and a former Director of East Coast Leather Town Hall and New York Leather Weekend.

He has presented at Baltimore Education and Social Society (BESS), Beyond Leather, Black B.E.A.T. 2009 Survivor Saturday and 2011, Black Rose 2006, Conversio Virium (Columbia University’s BDSM group), Dom Sub Friends, GMSMA, L.I.F.E. on Long Island, Long Island Leather and Roses, Knot for Everyone (KFE), Niagara Fetish Friends (NFF), TES, TES Fest, The Floating World 1 & 2 and The Society. He is the winner of the TES 2005 Dominant Men/submissive women’s Literary Contest.  He has participated in an educational forum at Rutgers University as a panelist discussing Human Sexuality. He is the author of the uniform theme BDSM collection of short stories “Sharp Interrogation-Erotic Tales of Uniform Discipline”.

In addition to being a uniform enthusiast, he is a former New York City police officer and New York State certified Emergency Medical Technician, who has participated in rescue efforts at Ground Zero and at Hurricane Katrina.



Suzanne SxySadist - Rope Track

Suzanne SxySadist is a lifestyle switch, professional dominant, and BDSM Educator with over a decade of experience in the public scene. She has been asked to present for many NY and New England groups as well as several national conferences on a variety of topics and loves sharing her knowledge & skill with others in the community. 


She is passionate about her personal thirst for knowledge and growth in the lifestyle and she has been especially drawn to rope bondage in its many forms including shibari, suspension and predicament styles for many years now. Some of her other scene specialties and passions include percussion / impact play especially single tails and canes, sensual sadism in all its glory and kinky medical role play, just to name a few.


Her favorite scenes are always ones that include a spiritual connection and deep sense of shared erotic energy between partners. Some of her other fields of expertise include sexual healing & energy work, Taoist erotic massage for men & women and she is a Body Electric trained Sacred Intimate. More info on her can be found on her web site at www.SxySadist.com 




North American Pony 2009

subMissAnn has been a member of the bdsm community for 23 years.


She is an erotic art, bdsm and fetish model. She is a professional submissive. subMissAnn was trained by PonyMistress Rebecca, and was given her pony name, Beauty, by her. They share the North American Pony/Trainer 2009 leather title. 

subMissAnn has been the leading force in the formation of the Los Angeles Pony and Critter Club, an active animal role play group in Los Angeles.


Currently on their schedule is The Southern California Fox Hunts, The Los Angeles Pony and Critter Jamboree, Derby Day and six Pride Parades. subMissAnn is a published contributor to Equus Eroticus Magazine. she was a presenter at Thunder in the Mountains, Dom Con LA, Mr & Ms International Olympus, GLLA, Threshold, Lair de Sade, LADs, Club X and Black Rose.



Tatu - Rope Track

Tatu is a male dominant from Florida. His central love has been Japanese Rope Bondage, or otherwise known as Kinbaku or Nawa Shibari. He has been teaching Shibari as a spiritual component to D/s for many years and is on a very short list of well-respected Rope Masters in the US.


His first introduction to Japanese Styled Rope was in the late 1970's while living in New Orleans as a graduate student. Through the early years his love of bondage grew at first with a "damsel in distress" western style approach until the early 1990's when he began gravitating more and more to the Japanese style (Kinbaku / Shibari).

Tatu is the creator of the Ds-Arts.com website which offers a wide variety of rope and BDSM information from an "Eastern School" approach; as well as the JapaneseRopeArt.com website which explores rope art from a Japanese cultural perspective. He is also the owner / founder of the Adult Rope Art Yahoo Discussion Group with some 14,000 participants. It is the largest support & educational rope group on the Internet, helping people with: techniques, safety, resources, and artistic exploration of the art of rope.




Valerie - Rope Track

Valerie has been active in the scene for more than 12 years.  During her years as partner and rope bottom to Lochai, who was the first to tie her with rope, she also learned how to tie. She was the Shibaricon Event Photographer from 03-07.  She educated locally in South Florida and assisted Lochai as educator for many years.  She herself became an educator at Shibaricon07. Her Photography has been published in Secret Magazine and SkinTwo as well as numerous Fetish-Factory party flyers and was Event Photographer for Secretís Anthology Release party sponsored by Fetish-Factory.  When she relocated to the Philadelphia area her work was exhibited at The Big Art Show, The Dirty Show 7.5, and a private gallery show at Aphrodite Gallery. She currently lives in Jacksonville, FL is actively teaching rope to local enthusiasts and newbie’s alike. She is active in the local TNG munch, Jacksonville Kinksters, Jacksonville BDSM friends, Jacksonville Rope Network and the Alternative Lifestyle Enthusiasts.