International Pony Play Championship Judges Panel


Director: chris

Miss Rae's get and SouthEast Community Bootblack 2009


Having been active in the public lifestyle since 2005, chris has found a passion for working with several different contests including Florida Leather Sir/boy/Community Bootblack, Mr & Ms Beyond Leather, International Power Exchange (IPE) and International Pony Play Championships (IPPC).  She has helped contestants running for titles, regional titleholders running for international titles, judged contests, helped as a handler and currently is the Director for both the IPE and IPPC.  chris has spent countless hours helping to make these two contests the best possible for everyone involved.  Understanding the importance of keeping titles alive with the hopes of finding great role models within the leather and fetish communities is very important to her.  
chris holds the Southeast Community Bootblack 2009 title, is a very proud member of Women Of Leather Florida (WOLF) and is one of the committee members for the Ft. Lauderdale Leather Pride Weekend.  She enjoys working with the numerous charity drives and fundraisers that the different local groups hold.  Although her first goal will always be to provide the best service possible to her beautiful owner, Miss Rae, she also stays focused on giving back to the community that has given her so much.  And more importantly than anything else, she looks forward to the day she is legally allowed to marry her owner, partner and fiance', Miss Rae.  Until that time, they will remain engaged and focused on doing anything they can to help change minds so that people of the same gender will be allowed to marry.




lavender aka Pony lavy started Pony Play as a fun little scene with her then Master, Logan that moved into full blown Pony Play in a few short weeks.  After seeing friends in their pony space it took hold like nothing ever had.  They do their pony play from the perspective of Master/slave, handler with full control the Pony submitting with complete trust.  The Power Exchange.  

The journey grew from not knowing anything to still not knowing anything except what comes out of it. Logan and Pony lavy competed in the very first IPPC at Beyond Leather and won the ribbon for Best Whinny. Pony lavy also ran “The Menagerie” located at the Phoenix Club in Largo Florida which is now Florida Critters.



Judge: Sir Charles

Sir Charles has been doing what he does for many years. He is a ponygirl trainer and has presented at local and National events like SPICE, LAC, Camp Crucible and UKS. He has been active in the South Florida scene since 1995, a board member of SPICE for 4 years and a mentor of many in the scene. He regularly attends National events and loves to travel the world.


He directed the International Pony Play Competition hosted by Beyond Leather, April 2011. He was a judge for the 2008 Camp Crucible Pony Show. In 2007 he and his ponygirl k were awarded "Grand Champion" of the event. He also Co-hosts the Miami Munch and a monthly local play party.





Judge: Liza International Master 2011                           


In addition to looking really hot in her tall boots and leather breeches, Liza is an accomplished horsewoman in several disciplines – dressage, eventing, hunter/jumper, and foxhunting.  She has also flirted with polo.  Her earliest memories are on horseback.  Two of her high school teachers were on the staff of the local foxhunt, so instead of being in a classroom on Wednesday mornings, she was schooled on the hunt, riding out with the hounds.  As a teenager, Liza received an A rating from the United States Pony Clubs.  She also spent time as a young woman living her own Brokeback Mountain fantasy with her lesbian lover riding the range in Colorado tending cattle.


Liza is grateful to have had the opportunity to ride with some of the greats, including Bertalan de Nemethy, George Morris, Denny Emerson and Charles de Kunffy, all of whom improved her character as well as her riding.  She has served as a National Examiner for the US Pony Clubs, judging ratings and competitions from Hawaii to Oklahoma.  Liza continues to compete for her own pleasure in eventing, hunter/jumper, and dressage, and has taken horses off the track and converted them to saddle horses.  One of her two primary relationships is with her off-the-track thoroughbred, Utah Beach.  (Her other primary relationship is with her slave, Jody, also a horsewoman.) Liza is excited to be returning to Beyond Leather for the 5th anniversary.


Judge: Little John



Little John has worked in the Standard bred industry for over thirty years, training and driving his own horses.  He also managed horse farms in both Florida and Kentucky during that period of his life. Little John has been in the life style since 1980 and has enjoyed pony play experiences. 


Little John looks forward to a very spirited pony play competition at this years' Beyond Leather event and is excited to be returning.






Tally: Jenny


Jenny, also known as MstrDezrs collared slave , has been involved in the lifestyle since her early twenties. She is married to her Master and proudly serves him 24/7. She enjoys being masochistic and being involved in her local community.



Jenny lived in Ct until 2007 and was very active with The society and local events in the north east. Pony play is a passion as well and she is looking to get more involved locally with pony play.






Tally: Miss Sassy


I began my journey in this wonderful, crazy lifestyle in 1999. I spent 10 of the best and worst years of my life as a submissive until I figured out that I was really a dominant and a sadistic one at that.

I have been blessed to know some of the most wonderful people. I learned about Pony as well as Furries from a couple that I hold very dear to me. I never knew that it would touch me like it has until one day when I went to an event to support a friend and ended up caring for the ponies in the pen. Boom, a groomer is born. Now I am a groomer for Lavender a.k.a. Lavy which I truly enjoy.