International Power Exchange Judges Panel


Director: chris

Miss Rae's pet and SouthEast Community Bootblack 2009


Having been active in the public lifestyle since 2005, chris has found a passion for working with several different contests including Florida Leather Sir/boy/Community Bootblack, Mr & Ms Beyond Leather, International Power Exchange (IPE) and International Pony Play Championships (IPPC).  She has helped contestants running for titles, regional titleholders running for international titles, judged contests, helped as a handler and currently is the Director for both the IPE and IPPC.  chris has spent countless hours helping to make these two contests the best possible for everyone involved.  Understanding the importance of keeping titles alive with the hopes of finding great role models within the leather and fetish communities is very important to her.  
chris holds the Southeast Community Bootblack 2009 title, is a very proud member of Women Of Leather Florida (WOLF) and is one of the committee members for the Ft. Lauderdale Leather Pride Weekend.  She enjoys working with the numerous charity drives and fundraisers that the different local groups hold.  Although her first goal will always be to provide the best service possible to her beautiful owner, Miss Rae, she also stays focused on giving back to the community that has given her so much.  And more importantly than anything else, she looks forward to the day she is legally allowed to marry her owner, partner and fiance', Miss Rae.  Until that time, they will remain engaged and focused on doing anything they can to help change minds so that people of the same gender will be allowed to marry.




Master of Ceremonies: Sir Top

altSouthEast Master 2007

Sir Top, SE Master 2007, is a leather dyke that has been active in the lifestyle since 1999 as a Dominant and Master.  She was presented the “Leather Archives & Museum President’s Award 210”, Pantheon “Couple of the Year Award 2010” with her slave bonnie and the "Jack Stice Community Award 2009”.  Sir Top is in a very successful 24/7 M/s relationship with his collared slave bonnie, since 2002. Sir Top loves educating and feels that his title year provided him with much needed growth that now allows him to pay it forward in his teachings. Sir Top resides in Central FL and was a nurse on the heart team. He is now retired from he\is field although still has a strong precision for needles, creative needle play, and decorative cuttings.

Sir Top is co-owner of Beyond Leather, Top’s Boot Camp, the International Pony Play Championship and the International Power Exchange contest. He is also the director for F.L.U.I.D. Sir Top and his slave bonnie raised $6k for the renvation of the women’s restroom at the Leather Archives and Museum, is a member of the LA&M, NLA-I, NCSF and NLA-CFL. Sir Top has presented at TESfest, Kinky Kollege, Black Rose, SPLF, SELF, GD2, Floating World, GLLA, IMsL, Beyond Leather, Sinsations in Leather, DomCon, APEX Summer Bash, Master/slave Conference, COPE, Beyond the Edge and Thunder in the Mountains. Sir Top also judges International contests and has been an emcee since 2008.


Head Judge: slave ziggy International slave 2006

Born in California raised in Arizona, slave ziggy found the wonderful world of SM through the fetish clubs in Japan. He became active in the leather community in the southeast and was honored with the title of Southeast slave and later International slave in 2006. He has co-founded a number of SM groups and the Submissive’s Journey Weekend. He and Mistress Susan have traveled throughout the US sharing their perspectives on the master slave dynamic. He believes that a strong community is the key to a healthy Master slave. Slave ziggy has a lifelong passion for assisting others in the discovery and actualization of one’s slave heart. His other passions include Leather history, traditions, the art of formal service and the practice of ethical slavery. "If you can dream it believe it, it can be done, so begin it now."






Judge: Douglas Mr Mid-Atlantic Leather 2011 & 1st Runner Up International Mr. Leather 2011



Douglas (D) is a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He received his BS degree in Business Management and MBA in International Business from Saint Peter’s College in Jersey City, New Jersey. He travels as an international businessman and has lived in places such as New York, New Jersey, Ireland and India. He now resides back in Pittsburgh with his partner of 14 years and their dog Chase.


He marked the beginning of his Leather Journey in 2004, with the purchase of a leather jock strap from The Leather Man in NYC. As if it wasn’t difficult enough being gay, his kinky thoughts and feelings led him to think that something must be really wrong with him. That frustrated feeling lasted until April 2008 when "D" attended his first true leather event, Beyond Leather in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It was there that he received the answers to his questions through seminars and much more.




Judge: Mama Reinhardt


Sandy "Mama" Reinhardt is a leader in the leather, BDSM and LGBT communities. She has been a leader for many years and very active in the fundraising arena for most of those, including her annual Breast Cancer Dinners, LeatherWalk (for the AIDS Emergency Fund & the Breast Cancer Emergency Fund) which kicks off Leather Pride Week leading up to the Folsom Street Fair and Toy Drive for Camp Sunburst, a program for children and families affected living with HIV/AIDS. Based in the San Francisco / Bay Area she has devoted her life to helping others by networking and organizing community activists for short-term and ongoing campaigns.

Mama Reinhardt has judged countless local, regional and international contests from every walk of the LGBT community and her accolades include San Francisco Pride Grand Marshal, and Proclamations from city, county and state. "Mama" as she is known is respected and revered most for her ability to consistently galvanize and motivate her international family, with her best known philosophies of, "We Are Family" with "Manners and Respect." Mama's Family has over 1500 members in 42 U.S. states and internationally in four countries who together raise over $2,000,000 a year for a wide variety of Leather/LGBT and charitable organizations. In 2006 Reinhardt was  Woman of the Year, Pantheon of Leather, in 2004 she won the Northern California Regional Award; in 2002 she won the Presidents Award and Mama's Family won large club of the year in 2004.




Judge: Master Bob Executive Director, MAsT International Northwest Master 2006

Master Bob Blount calls the Portland and Willamette Valley kink communities home and is an active member of Butchmann’s Experience Staff, Portland Leather Alliance, MAsT: PNW, Portland Dom’s Group, Dungeon Monitors Association, and the South Valley BDSM Group. He currently serves as the Executive Director of MAsT International and is the Butchmann’s Board of Directors liaison to MAsT International. In his professional life he runs his own personal motivation business, as a certified life coach specializing in relationship and personal growth issues.

In and out of the leather community he is passionate about helping others to live more joyful and fully authentic lives, and has established and organized fun and supportive environments for his community, moderated and facilitated discussion groups, mediated conflicts, participated on panels, and presented interactive workshops on various topics ranging from M/s dynamics to S/M technique and “Conversations on Spirituality and Sexuality” for both the kink and vanilla communities. While he understands that being out is a luxury not everyone can afford he feels fortunate to be able to choose this path for himself and his slave because he feels modeling wholeness by telling the truth about who and what we are, despite the perceived risks, is an act of authentic leadership to which he aspires. It is his hope to honor both our unique differences and our shared common experience, building bridges of understanding both within the local leather communities and his larger circles of influence.



Judge: Big Red



Big Red is an equal opportunity sadistic Femme Daddy, who is a performance and Spoken Word Artist celebrated for her ability to wear many different shoes.


In one pair of those shoes she is dedicated to facilitating personal and communal connection and healing, and in another equally empowering and self-embracing pair of red stilettos she works on various ways to encourage, support, and evoke opportunities to accept and create verbiage, experiences, language, and culture that is raw, creative, authentic, sensual, deeply intense, just, and intent on empowering, healing, and transforming self, relationships, and communities. 






 Judge: bad boy dan 1st Runner up SouthEast Regional Leatherboy 2011

Dan has been involved in Florida’s Leather and Fetish community since 1984.  He holds the title of Tampa Bay Leather boy 2010 and was first runner up for the Florida State Leather boy contest 2011. He was nominated for the 2011 Pantheon Awards' Community Choice Man of the Year.  Dan currently produces the Mr. CODE Florida contest (held in March at the Flamingo Resort/CODE Bar as a feeder to International Mr. Leather) and hosts "Leather It Up," a live weekly talk show heard on 


He has been an active member of the both the Tampa Bay Bears Club and the Tampa Leather Club (TLC) for several years. During his term as Treasurer for TLC, he helped the club secure their not for profit status. For the past three years, he has served as a board member for the Tampa Bay Leather and Fetish Pride weekend, produced by Matt Wolf and the Tampa Bay Tribe. Dan's other interests include performing with the St. Petersburg Twirling Project color guard organization, as well as involvement in various fund raisers such as the Tampa Bay International Gay Lesbian Film Festival, AIDS Services Association of Pinellas (ASAP), AIDS Walk and St. Petersburg Pride.





Triskelan’s (“Mama’s Triskelan”) primary focus within the GLBTQ, Leather, BDSM, Fetish, and Kink communities over the past decade has been to advocate for sexual freedoms, diversity, education, equality, and human rights on many levels. She is an active supporter of organizations such as Equality Florida, the Human Rights Committee, Florida regional HIV/AIDS groups, The Gaybor District Coalition in Tampa, Tampa Bay Leather Tribe, and statewide Pride events. Self-identifying as a Pagan, Poly, Gender Fluid, Pansexual, Leather Dominant with an edgy ritualistic Sadomasochistic aspect, her love of community leads her to passionately volunteer her time without pause. Past Co-Host of the Tampa Munch, she also served as the National Leather Association Central Florida chapter’s Educational Officer 2006-2011, Director Ms. /Mr. Beyond Leather 2009-2011, Co-Director Florida LeatherSir/Leatherboy/Community Bootblack 2009-2011, Educational Chair Tampa Bay Leather and Fetish Pride 2011/2012, and has remained a core council member of Florida Leaders United in Diversity (F.L.U.I.D.) 2009-2012.

Honored to have been named Pantheon of Leather Community Choice “Woman of the Year” 2012, Triskelan continues to volunteer for countless roles and lifestyle events both regionally and nationwide, including judging Leather contests, facilitating educational workshops, and presenting on a wide variety of topics such as: Massage Therapy, Cupping, Food Play, Creative Impact Play, Energy Exchange, Piercings/Needles, and Sharp and Pointy/Blood play. 




Talon has spent more than a decade in the Lifestyle starting as a boi, then a switch, then decided to be a Sir.  Talon has been covered by he peers as a Master and now identifies as a Daddy. What a journey!  
Talon feels that her journey has led her to a deeper understanding of what being a dominant means. Talon feels that submission is a gift that is given and cherished, just as her dominance is a gift of education, direction, security and comfort.  Talon has spent numerous hours volunteering for many different events, fundraisers and groups and looks forward to working with the International Power Exchange contest.



ameenah is a Gorean trained slave and has been the collared/property/slave of Master J for 7 years in an amazing LDR/TPE.  she is a very faithful, loyal and trusted servant to her Master/Daddy and honors Him with the utmost respect He deserves.  


The South Florida community has been lucky to have ameenah volunteer for several events and is a group leader of the Little Letter Brunch.  she is also a proud pack member of WOLF (Women Of Leather Florida) and looks forward to her volunteer work with Beyond Leather and the International Power Exchange contest.