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Lady Elsa/Boi Kris SERVICE TOPPING AS A SPIRITUAL PRACTICE: As tops, we are supposed to be selfish bastards, cruelly inflicting pain on our bottoms, right? Well, it may seem that way, but for many tops, SM is primarily an other-centered activity, a way of expressing their highest ethical and spiritual visions of themselves. In this workshop we'll discuss topping as service, not only to the bottom, but to the greater good, and to one's deity. We’ll also discuss servant-leadership in general, both as a model for giving back to the BDSM community and as spiritual archetype.

Liza/Jody RESPONSIBILITIES OF OWNERSHIP: As a Master/Owner/Dominant, you own a human being. That ownership comes with responsibilities. What are those responsibilities? Through facilitated discussion, we will explore the extent and limits of the responsibilities of ownership. Open to all those interested in ownership or being owned.

Liza/Jody ACHIEVING THE HOLY GRAIL OF ANTICIPATORY SERVICE: Anticipatory service is often talked about, but what is it really and how does a Master guide a slave in achieving this? We will start by discussing what anticipatory service is and is not. We will talk about foundations necessary before a Master and a slave can begin to do this particular dance, and tools available to realize this "holy grail." Open to all. Participation a must (or not). Seriously, group participation encouraged but not required.

Master Obsidian/slave Namaste PRACTICAL PROTOCOLS AND RITUALS: Master Obsidian and slave namaste will lead a discussion about protocol and ritual in the scene and how they can be used to center and ground both Master and slave. What exactly are protocols? How are they used? What is ritual and why is it important to the maintenance and development of the power exchange dynamic? What do you need to do to create and establish your own protocols and rituals? We will discuss the vanishing art of protocol and explore the many ways in which protocols and rituals can be used to strengthen and elevate the bond between Master and slave.

Master Obsidian/slave Namaste POWER EXCHANGE & AUTHENTICITY: For many of us, our initial discovery of the world of BDSM felt like 'coming home.'  Unfortunately for too many in our community this feeling of liberation eventually fades, replaced with a unique sort of prison as we struggle with personal authenticity. As we become aware of individuals in our local scene who exhibit skills and qualities that we lack, many feel the pressure to; *adopt affectations & attitudes inconsistent with who we really are inside *avoid uncomfortable truths about ourselves, and *invent histories and experiences in order to be more comfortable around our peers Master Obsidian and slave namaste explore the six dimensions of truthfulness that form the foundations of authenticity and explain how we can utilize the power of sincerity to unify our inward and outward selves to reclaim and energize our experience of this lifestyle.

Mistress Susan/slave ziggy SERVING AND BEING SERVED WITH DISABILITIES: While keeping a keen eye on the big picture of the dynamic of master and slave how do we learn to navigate around areas of physical and emotional challenges and still experience the fulfillment of the master slave dynamic? How do our physical and emotional challenges shape how we view our mastery and slavery? This guided discussion will create an opportunity to share our experiences with serving and being served with a disability. This space is open to all with the intent of a safe and supportive environment.

slave ziggy SLAVE MENTORSHIP/COACHING & OTHER LEADERSHIP ROLES: Masters have long since had access to peer mentorship as they progress along their journey as Masters. During this presentation slave ziggy will address peer mentorship for the slave. He will address the various forms of mentorship from skills coaching to more formal styles of mentorship. Slave ziggy believes that through peer mentorship we help to create greater service skill sets and more confidence and knowledge in our ability to surrender. Slave ziggy will also address other leadership roles and how to balance community leadership and surrender to Master. He invites his fellow slaves to join him in this presentation.

Master Oakman/slave diamond SLAVE POSITIONS: This is a hands-on workshop where Masters and slaves come together to learn about positions and how to get into them gracefully and with guidance and/or verbal and non verbal signals from O/our Masters. This is a class for all skill levels, injury prevention, all sizes, all ages and positions specific for injury related complications.

Sir Raul LIFESTYLE RELATIONSHIP DYNAMICS: What's this all about? We will discuss the different types of M/s relationships (Master/slave, Mistress/slave, Daddy/boy, etc.). We will also discuss how the dynamics can vary between the different types of relationships and accompanying mindset. This class is about bringing forth clarity to possible misconceptions based on what living the lifestyle has taught me over the years while actively participating within the BDSM community and juggling the many emotions that surface while having a polyamorous relationship between myself, my lover and my boy.

Divinity and Lady Michelle JUST DESSERTS; WICKED WOMEN AND COFFEE TALK: A seriously light-hearted discussion on Dominant Women in (or searching for) loving Female Led Relationships, the male submissives/slaves who worship us, the peril that they find themselves in and our amusement in dishing out their “just desserts.” The workshop will include examples of dishing out their just desserts as well as answer the question of “he broke the rules, not what do I do?”


Miss Amy CARE & CHOOSING A CORSET: Learn how to choose a corset to fit your figure. Learn how to choose a corset for the end purpose of your out fit. Learn how to spot quality in a corset. Also pro's and con's of tight lacing and what it does to you. Open discussion at the end.

Miss Amy LACING & CLEANING A CORSET: This class will be discussing the how to of cleaning and proper storage of all types of corsets. How to lace a corset will be discussed and shown. A demo of lacing on yourself will be shown, along with lacing on another person. Participants are encouraged to bring their corsets and lacers as there will be time for hands on lacing and relacing corsets to fit your body.

MyLady Kim (and more) KINKY LEATHER AFTERNOON TEA: Come join the afternoon tea of delicious finger foods and entertainment for the Ladies, Dominants, Tops, Mistresses and Masters, as you are all invited. If you would like your slave/sub/boy/boi(etc.) to take part in the tea in a special way to be a server, please get in touch with MyLady Kim at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . A limited number of servers will be accepted as volunteer servers.

Barak/Brat Sheba KNIFEPLAY 201,Further Adventures with Shiny, Sharp and Pointy things: This class is not for the squeamish! This class gives a more in-depth look at Needle & Knifeplay – including needle design, care and use; also a look at knife selection, care and more “edgy” usage within the BDSM scene.We will share a brief understanding of needle & knife safety, along with more in depth examples of play. Knifeplay includes the diverse usages of temperature, including non-sharp edges and other sharp objects, to Bladeplay with shaving to welting and cutting. We also will include some aspects of spiritual & interpersonal connection, fear play and mind tricking techniques.

Miss Chris (Capercae) SPANKING: MILD TO WILD: The most intimate of touches, the most searing of sensations, it can be fiery hot or icy cold, humiliating at the same time nurturing, inducing of guilt while forgiving it. Spanking is the most versatile, the most culturally ingrained, the most socially acceptable form of kink under the BDSM umbrella. Often thought of as a “gateway kink” or even as entry-level, nothing could be further from the truth. This class will blow the socks off of anyone who still thinks of spanking as just “a childhood punishment”. Professional spanker Cap (aka Miss Chris) will introduce and demonstrate a whole range of possibilities all having to do with the multifaceted spank. From mild, a dreamy percussive whole body spanking, to WILD, a bloodletting vampire glove spanking, and all the delicious variations that fall in between.

Dr Evil/Julie Spanks THE DOC IS IN: MEDICAL PLAY isn’t just for folks who just love the costumes and the instruments, or for the faint of heart afraid of blood. Take the next step of medical fantasy with Dr. Evil and learn the practical way of using sutures and staples as a form of micro-shibari, and how to work more creatively with needles in your play. You’ve seen people show off great embroidery on skin, now learn how to do it right and inexpensively with a discovery of the wonders of ‘Michaels’ craft store inventory. We’ll learn about the skin suit and the do’s and don’ts when poking it with sharp objects.

Mark Frazier FACE SLAPPING AND HUMILIATION: Face-slapping can be used psychological tool in a scene. For most people this practice is a hot button that can induce varied responses especially when used with verbal humiliation. This workshop will be hands on and will concentrate on how to properly employ face slapping and humiliation into your scene to receive you desired effect.

Master Konraad/slave jazz CONQUEST & RESISTANCE PLAY as a Enhancement Tool in a Power Exchange Relationship: The term "resistance play" is often confused with unstructured rough body play. Resistance play can actually cover a very broad range of activities utilizing an assortment of tools and techniques and with structural parameters ranging from minimal ones based upon safety (and legality) to a highly rigid set of limits. This class is intended to challenge several common misconceptions regarding resistance play, including that resistance play scenes are always "hard"; that a resistance play scene requires a large and strong top and small bottom; or that resistance play scenes require a high degree of fitness. Perhaps the most common misconception about resistance play is that it teaches a slave or submissive in a long term relationship disobedience and how to resist their dominant/owner in their daily lives. In fact, used correctly, resistance and conquest play can be an extremely effective tool to strengthen and enhance the authority transfer in a long term D/s relationship. Join Master Konraad and his slave Jazz as they share with the class tricks, mindset and techniques they use to craft a safer and enjoyable resistance play scene and ways in which such scenes can be used to deepen authority transfer, enhance service and strengthen obedience within a long term D/s relationship dynamic.

Miss Constance CANES & CROPS, BURN AND STING: Crops are one of those toys that people buy early and then seem to dismiss as for beginners, while canes scare even experienced players. Crops are one of the most versatile – an inexpensive – toys available, able to deliver sensations from light and rhythmic to sharp and stingy. We’ll discuss different kinds of crops and the many ways they can be used. Mention canes and bottoms will either have a look of fear in their eyes, or a dreamy, far-away smile. Find out how to use canes to ensure that they leave you with that smile. Canes are also inexpensive and far more versatile than many people realize. The initial blow, followed by the long slow burn is what most people who love canes love. We’ll talk about safety concerns and different techniques for both crops and canes.

Master Oakman/slave diamond FLORENTINE FLOGGING: This is a hands on workshop requiring two similar in weight and length floggers. (W/we have extras) Florentine Flogging involves two floggers used simultaneously and in unison to produce a rhythm of strikes. The over and underhanded wrist motion used in this technique requires accuracy, skill and control of the tails of the floggers. Other factors include the length and material of the tails that the floggers are made of producing unique sensations either stingy or thuddy depending on the desired effect.

Master Tallen/slave george MUMMIFICATION: THE HOLIDAY SEASON IS OVER. The leftovers have all been consumed. Now what does one do with all the remaining cellophane? Master Tallen has the perfect solution …wrap up your submissives! Join him in this hands on session where he will show tops some of the most efficient tips on getting your subs into a confined position of submission for both to enjoy. Bottoms will experience the freeing feeling of being totally controlled. Fun will be had by all!

Master Tallen/slave george ELECTRICITY–VIOLET WAND 101 FOR ALL: A hands on class for all who dare to let Master Tallen take them on a journey via a short one on one session allowing tops and bottoms alike to experience the feel and excitement of one of the most misunderstood and feared bdsm activities. He will use a firm touch, a comforting demeanor, and an established trust rapport to break down the barriers that keep most from enjoying this very rewarding activity.

Master Z ROUGH BODY PLAY: "Rough Body Play" is an interactive workshop that has been presented by Master Z at numerous events and venues around the country. A thorough explanation and demonstration on the art of rough body play is presented and hands-on experience will also be available to the participants of this energizing and sexy workshop. How to body punch, kick and face slap safely will be covered in detail. **Arrive early as this workshop invariably fills to capacity**

Rapacious BULLWHIPS AND SINGLETAILS 101: Basic Introduction to Bullwhips and Single Tails Rapacious will cover BDSM application, sport cracking and target cutting with bullwhips and the shorter signal whip (single tail). The participant will learn the basics on what makes the cracking sound, how to use the whip safely, and how to choose which technique and style of whip that will work best for you. Participants will learn to practice, and how to play with bullwhips and single tails in a safe and exciting manner. Bring your whips as this will be an interactive class and practical application will be at the end of the presentation. Even if you have never cracked a whip, this will be your opportunity to do so. Come and enjoy.Rap will be available after the presentation to help anyone that would like assistance.

Rapacious BULLWHIPS & SINGLETAILS 201: Taking The Next Step This class will take the participant to the next level in bullwhip and single tail play. Rapacious will cover different contact techniques from mild to wild, and how to use long whips in a confined space. The class will actively participate in making the popper/cracker and how to attach to different types of whips. Additionally, Rap will cover the dynamics and details of sport cracking and target cutting. Bring your whips; this will be a “hands on” class as much as possible.


Lqqkout TUGGING AT THE HEARTSTRINGS: Picture the scene: sexy partner, piles of rope, and fresh new skills from your latest kink event... What more do you need? Even the most technically brilliant scenes fall flat without emotional connection! During this *very* hands-on workshop, we'll explore ways to communicate emotion and intent in rope bondage. Whether you call it energy, soul, woo, or eroticism, you and your partner will have an opportunity to add intimacy to your play style! Partnered attendees are highly encouraged, please bring two 30' lengths of rope and a blanket or sheet to designate your space.

Arthur OPPOSITION BONDAGE: The art of tying the bottom in such a manner as to put the bottom in control of his pain by binding one or more parts of the body in oppositions with other parts. Watch as your bottom trades discomfort here for pain there and seeks relief from pain there for discomfort there….spice things up by adding an antagonist. Tie two bottoms together to see if they will work together or in opposition.

Cherries Jubalie DANCING IN THE ROPES, ADDING DYNAMICS TO YOUR SCENE: How to help take your rope experience to diverse levels. Whether you share in the spiritual energy of the rope or are trying to run away from that really bad stingy thing-adding movement and creativity to make your scene more interesting for you and your partner.

Arthur BY THE ROOTS; LET'S GET TO THE ROOT OF THINGS: Hair is an often overlooked tool in negotiation, pleasure and, of course, pain. Take an intimate and fun look at the art of hair play and hair bondage, including anatomy, safety and practical tips.

Bucky “A.D.D.” ROPE BONDAGE: How many times have you heard that rope bondage takes too long? Probably many times. And, much of the time, it can. So if you don’t have a lot of time, are not doing a scene within a "traditional" play space, would like to learn a few tips and tricks to make rope play faster, or you can’t be bothered to pay attention to what "The Book" says (or you just can’t pay attention), come see how you can tie someone up using rope in a way that doesn’t take long, is easy to do, and—most important—is FUN. Basic rope knowledge is helpful; a good sense of humor and a propensity for having fun are required. This is a hands-on class so please bring two or three shorter (15’ to 20’) lengths of rope and a willing partner with you.

Bucky ROPE & ROUGH BODY PLAY: Not everyone likes sweet and sensual play, sometimes things just need to get rough. But let’s forget about the toys and implements for a while because there’s just so much fun you can have with just your bare hands (or teeth or knees or elbows…) We’ll talk about the basics of rough body play, how to negotiate a rough body play scene, safety concerns for playing it rough, and how to merge rope and rough play together. This will be a hands-on class so please bring some rope with you.

Mistress Saskia ROPE TRICKS: This workshop covers more challenging ties including an arm sleeve, genital ties for keeping toys in place, rope corsets and several ways to use one or two simple ties to put a bottom into numerous difficult, vulnerable positions. Safety issues will be addressed as well. Bring 2 to 3 lengths of rope and a demo person if possible.

Lqqkout TORTURE FRIENDS & INFLUENCE PEOPLE: We’ve heard a lot about the nice way to tie: comfortable cuffs, nothing around the neck, don’t block circulation, and so on… A lot of good that will do when you’ve got a feisty bottom! So for this class, we’re going to talk about the hard stuff. We’ll cover ties for takedowns and stressful positions while evaluating the dangers they introduce into the scene. Bring one or two lengths of rope and get ready to play rough!

Lqqkout  SUSPENSION: Disclaimer: Like rock climbing and skydiving, rope suspension can be very dangerous and is best learned and practiced under the supervision of a competent instructor.  One of the most popular topics in rope bondage, suspension adds an entirely new dimesion to your play. This class is an introduction to the basics of suspension. Starting with a discussion of safety, hardware, and a few ties, each attendee will have an opportunity to attempt their first suspension. Previous knowledge of ropework required (at minimum, students are responsible for the information in the [Rope 101 Handout] prior to attending. Six 30-Foot lengths of rope recommended.

Spike ROPE PONIES: Bit, bridle, hooves, tails, carts, sulkies, stables, pastures... jeez, this ponyplay thing sounds expensive! Fear not, fellow kinkster! You too can be a pony player with nothing more than a couple hundred feet of rope.

Spike ROPE..ROAD MAPS vs COMPASS HEADINGS: A class that explores rope in a way that doesn't teach in a step-by-step fashion. But instead teaches in a philosophical self-exploration manner (it's not THAT "woo woo", relax)

Cherries Jubalie WEARABLE SHIBARI: Use decorative ties to make “clothing” or to wear under your clothing for that subtle fetishist who wants rope at work. Be able to show off your shibari and have the public consent. Or be demure and let them wonder at your simple beauty secret.


Cherries Jubalie TEASE ME, TORMENT ME, BURLESQUE ME PLEASE: Learn how to take the art of Tease, Denial, and Seduction to a new level. Outline your sex play and turn it into a performance for you and your partner[s]. Even without an audience this class will spice up your sexy fun time!

Dr Evil/Julie Spanks ANAL & VAGINAL FISTING: A “Hand’s-IN Workshop” The miracle of the art of fisting, taught to all levels of expertise by the one and only Dr. Evil. He has consistently been rated a top instructor for lessons learned, comedic patter, and the ‘wow’ factor. The class will include everyone’s favorite basic power point of what and how, followed by a live demo, followed by an all class ‘fistathon’ of a demo hole (vaginal). Are you a virgin top and wanna try? A sly bottom that’s wanted to top? This is the class where all your dreams can come true, and your fisting problems solved in one easy lesson. Splash zone protectors will not be provided!

Lady Elsa/Boi Kris INSERTABLES AND THE FEMALE ANATOMY: Join leatherdykes Lady Elsa and Boi Kris for a fascinating and informative look at female genitals and what you can insert into them. Using handouts, show-and-tell, stories, and props, we'll educate you about your buying options for insertable objects, including materials, sizes, special features, prices, recommended lube types, harness compatibility, and more. Then we'll take an in-depth look at female anatomy and talk techniques—for both strap-on and hand-held insertables—that will keep your partners coming back for more.

Foxy and Sherifox STRAP ON SEX FOR ALL GENDERS: A discussion of the types and different lubes,toys, harnesses etc then a demo by the instructors of the female harness, the harness for the male and then the unisex thigh harness. Demo is with a real person and penetration so no late entries please. Intermediate type class. This is a very popular one for us to present.

Redwarrior SMELL OF LEATHER, SCENT OF SEX: Come along for a romp through the raunchy and the ethereal world of erotic bootblacking. In this class, we will touch on both the lofty spiritual aspects of a good boot scene as well as the titilating details of using bootblacking as a form of play and seduction. A live demonstration will be given to illustrate how bootblacking can be taken beyond service and restoration into the realm of energy exchange, power exchange, and play.

Big Red and Dillon FEMALE ORGASM TEASE, DENIAL & CONTROL: Orgasm tease, denial and control can be a hot stand-alone scene of several hours or an ongoing component of a dominant-submissive dynamic. Male orgasm control seems fairly simple: lock up his goodies. But how does one control the female orgasm short of a medieval (and impractical) chastity belt? Join Big Red and superdillon for this interactive conversation on female orgasm tease, denial, and control. We will discuss the differences between tease, denial, and control as well as the psychological and physiological impacts of each. We will share ideas for devious tease & denial games and techniques and pointers for maximizing the fun for both the teaser and the teased. Orgasm tease, denial, and control is not hot or even appropriate for all people and we'll cover the characteristics of a good candidate for this deliciously torturous form of play.

Mark Frazier CROSS GENDER PLAY: Cross gender play includes play outside of your desired sexual preference. For instance, gay men playing with lesbians or straight women. The workshop discusses some of the mental blocks some individuals may have with playing outside their comfort zones. After discussing how to reconcile mental conflicts, the workshop becomes a hands on demo to discuss basic and advance play techniques that can be used to utilized when playing outside your sexual comfort zone.

Mistress Saskia CBT:PWNING THE FAMILY JEWELS: Bondage, torture and generalized gleeful mayhem directed at penises and testicles. Will include urethral play, electricity, fire, impact, bindings and all sorts of twisted fiendishness.


Miss Chris (Capercae) BLOOD LUST PLAY! SPLATTER, SMEAR AND SUCK YOURSELVES SILLY: For many edge players, blood is a side effect or byproduct of medical scenes or heavy impact play. But what if bloodletting wasn't an opening or closing act in a scene, but the main event? What if the whole purpose of a scene was to play with blood? This class will discuss blood fetishes and fetishists, tips and techniques to safely extract blood from your fluid bonded partner (this is not a blood safety class, you should have a basic understanding of blood borne pathogen control), and all the lovely things you can do with the blood once you have some. This class will not be for the squeamish so bring strong stomachs as the class will end with a hot and bloody demonstration of this sexy carnal play.

Cross BRAIN PLAY - THE JOY AND DANGERS OF THE MIND FUCK: There are a myriad of emotions that go through our mind when we are faced with a situation that is beyond our control. When you are tied up on the floor and feel a spider inch up your spine. When you are blindfolded in a precarious position and here you’re dominant say, “oops”. This class will cover techniques, methodology, and motivations for psychological manipulation of a bottom. The class will begin with a demo, followed by a brief and Q&A with the bottom. This class may be intense at times and those who are sensitive to extreme material may want to sit this one out.

Hardy Haberman RHYTHMIC BEATING: Rhythm and Ritual in rough body play. First presented at Texas Leather Pride in 2002 this workshop approaches the practice of bare hand body contact as a rhythmic and ritualistic practice. It explores traditional rhythmic patterns of various cultures and includes participatory activities including the “Human Drum Circle”. It is intended as a new way to explore SM and rough body play using music and cadence.

Master Z THE MAGIC OF THE BALL DANCE: This workshop demonstrates a long-time S&M Practice, sometimes known as “The Ball Dance”. It has been practiced and seen as a temporary piercing ritual however the non-piercing technique demonstrated in this workshop shows a way of inducing extreme endorphin rush with minimal prep and application time.

Sir Top THERE WILL BE BLOOD...CUTTINGS: This class will deal with the safety issues of all types of blood sports and then advance into some decorative cuttings, needle play and delve even further into fixing those little oops with suturing or cauterization. After 25 years of nursing and also working on the transfusion teams at various hospitals, Sir Top loves to dabble in all phases of blood sports. Bring your toys and plenty of ideas and questions to class with you and learn with some hands on techniques. A few demo people would be appreciated for this class as they tend to hit the floor relatively quick.

Master Konraad/slave jazz INTERROGATION & CROSS EXAMINATION as a Stand Alone Scene or Pre-Scene Negotiation Tool:  Ever finish a scene and realize that some of the hottest parts of the scene were the negotiations before the play began? Some take this as a sign of a failed scene, one that did not live up to its expectations, which ignores the value—in and of itself—of the subtle yet prevailing power exchange that can often take place during such a negotiation. In fact, pre-scene negotiations can constitute a satisfying and strongly sexual stand alone scene in addition to serving as the foundation and fuel for any following scene. Join Master Konraad and Jazz, as we teach some of the basic techniques of cross examination and interrogation and how to craft a safe and satisfying scene using those skills. We will offer a methodology wherein a powerful and stimulating interrogation acts as the basis of a scene negotiation while still ensuring adequate safeguards to ensure all parties involved properly establish limits, goals and play parameters for any following activities. This methodology is developed from modern mediation and negotiation theory, cross-examination techniques, courtroom litigation and from the Reid Technique for police interview and interrogation proceedings.

Sea DEMYSTIFYING PSYCHOLOGY OF HUMILIATION: Does hearing the word humiliation make you uncomfortable? Are you puzzled why someone would find humiliation erotic? Do you enjoy humiliation but are conflicted about it? Do you want to know how you can expand your humiliation play? We begin by briefly discussing the psychology behind humiliation: what are the differences between D/s humiliation and SM humiliation, why someone might like to engage in these practices, and what risks are. Then we focus on identifying themes for humiliation play, and how identifying themes allows one to use their creativity. We then have an example interview of a sub to discuss what types of questions to ask, and how to interpret the answers. Then we collectively brainstorm to create a humiliation scene based on the answers from the interview. Helpful to:* Those who do not understand why someone would enjoy humiliation.* Those who wish to do humiliation play but must overcome personal conflict.

Andrew Love RESTRICTED AIR SUPPLY, THE JOYS OF BREATH PLAY & GAS MASKS:  Erotic and sensual, there are not many other forms of BDSM edge play that will lead to the release of endorphins as quickly as breath play. Scientifically proven that a body in an aerobic state will retain endorphins longer, breath play is touted by many to be one of the best "spaces" or "highs" to be found. Just as emphatically touted as a great high, it is scorned by others as dangerous and off limits due to the numerous potential life threatening hazards. RACK players will appreciate this course which provides the information and skills they need to safely continue on their journey's of discovery.

Andrew Love TERROR PLAY 201 – THE ANTICIPATION OF THINGS TO COME: Intimidation, anxiety, shock, agitation, dread, trepidation, terror, fight or flight .When instigated a partners pupils dilate, awareness intensifies, sight sharpens, impulses quicken, and perception of pain diminishes. In Terror Play 201 Andrew Love sets the stage for you to conduct an oscar worthy horror flick inside your partners mind.

Barak/Brat Sheba ROLE PLAY; BE SOMEBODY (Else that is...): Learn how to Create and Enact Role-play fantasies to enhance and revitalize your play. Always wanted to be that restrained maiden rescued by the knight in shining armor?Perhaps the mad scientist experimenting on semi-willing naked victims? Let's trip back in time to our virginity, as we are fumbling in the back seat of our car. We've all seen TV shows, movies, or read books, or been in situations and fantasized about being there. No matter who, what, where, or when our role play fantasies are, many of us have some that make us hot! How can we enact and explore these characters to make the scenes hotter? How can we use and train our imaginations to develop enough "substance" to stay in role? Can we learn to suspend disbelief and delight in the freedom of being someone else in the bedroom and beyond? What do we do when things go south? Join us for a class on Roleplay, as we discuss ideas on how to develop and act out your serious, fun, dangerous and sexy fantasies for the enjoyment and satisfaction for everyone involved.

Hardy Haberman PLAYING W/TABOO: Sacred Cows often make the best leather. Playing with the symbols and images that freighten s gives us power over them. Going into socially forbidden territory lets us explore our fears and prejudices and sometimes makes for a very hot scene. This workshop will explore role-play and scenes that might make some people uncomfortable. We will explore scenes that are politically incorrect and potentially offensive. We will learn how to navigate the minefield of psychologically difficult scenes with relative safety. Not for the easily offended or faint of heart.


Mistress Joanne Gaddy NEW TO THE SCENE PERVERTING THE PRISINE MIND AND BODY: The world of leather/BDSM is, without a doubt, magical, mystical, and potentially life-changing. It can also be intimidating to the newcomer. The lifestyle has its own language, behaviour, taboos and etiquette. How do you figure out where you belong, what to call yourself, how to fit in, and—most importantly—how to safely find partners? Learn some tips and become acquainted with resources that might help you as you explore the wonderful world of BDSM. Bring your curiosity, and an open mind!

Miss Chris (Capercae) AGE PLAY! LITTLE'S & MIDDLES to GRANDMAS & GRANDPAS: While you wouldn’t think a 26 year old girl coloring in a child’s coloring book while dressed as an eight year old to be particularly provocative, it’s amazing the different misconceptions that people even right here in the BDSM community have about Age Play. The overly simple definition of Age Play is that it is a type of role playing that involves either age REgression or age PROgression – assuming a persona younger or older than oneself. There are a few different categories within Age Play, including Littles Play, Elder Play and AB/DL Play (Adult Baby & Diaper Lover) but fundamentally we are talking about the simple act of not acting ones age. Miss Chris/Capercae presents from both a little’s perspective (9 yr old cappy) as well as a Mommy/Dommy perspective (Big Momma) on the wonderful, empowering and nurturing aspects of Age Play.

Caro RESPECT, HONOR, INTEGRITY & ETHICS - What's it Really All About: This presentation will discuss and examine the personal ethics (or lack thereof) within the community. The class will examine our ethical choices in relation to the community at large and address some challenging situations such as: What are the factors that come into play with "whistle blowing"? Are we protecting the community, "policing our own", or merely engaging in pissing matches that are destroying the community? When should you, (or do you) "go public" with problems and why or why not? This workshop will be an "all class" discussion that presents various situations and asks specific questions and relies on the class discussion to determine "the answers."

Full Panel To Be Announced FINDING OURSELVES - Traveling the Gender Spectrum: Many people never have to ask themselves if they are in the right body, for others this is a lifelong battle. The Transgender community has a unique perspective in dealing with physical image and mental image and melding the two. But transition is not simply “wanting t o be“ the other sex…it is much more…it is defining ourselves. Come explore the thoughts, concepts, medical concerns and personal issues that people who travel the gender spectrum face. Ian SHADES OF GRAY: Gender is no longer black or white: A panel discussion and Q&A of issues facing the rest of the GLBTQI alphabet soup. We will be focusing on the “T” and “I”. This is your opportunity to hear a panel discussion and interact on all the gray areas of gender. Human sexuality and gender exists on a continuum, but sexuality is not necessarily gender. Panel is composed of individuals that fall between the typically assigned “male” and “female” on the gender spectrum, such as Transgender, intersex and those on the path to discovery. Simply put, this discussion will deal with almost anything that you wanted to know about gender but were afraid to ask. Bring your questions and an open mind.

Miss Constance EARNING LEATHERS: Earning one’s leathers is an old tradition in the community, one that has for many either fallen by the wayside or which they’ve never been exposed to. This presentation will discuss the tradition, ways to earn one’s leathers and suggestions for projects and methods to use in order to feel as though the leathers you wear mean more than a trip to the local leather shop.

SubMissAnn PONY PLAY OVERVIEW: This presentation is an overview of human Pony Play. In this presentation I will cover (in a general, trotting over way): Pony Play from the Pony view: “Creating Yourself as a Pony”, “Tack and Gear Options” Pony Play from the Trainer view: “Tips to maximize your Pony Play experience and how to interact with your Pony”, “Dressing for your Practice and Events”, “Tools and Equipment” Types of Pony Play: Breaking In, Training, GAITS, Lunge Line, Cart Play, Fox Hunts, Long Lining, Dressage, Hunter/Jumper, Circus Pony, Show Pony, Work Pony, Carousel Pony, Veterinarian Play.

SubMissAnn PONY PLAY IN BDSM: How does Pony Play relate to BDSM? Bondage, the D/s dynamic, and Discipline are found in Pony Play. In the biological equine world there naturally exists abundant opportunities for creative role play in BDSM. For a Human Pony it is no less, if not more so. This class is an exploration of Human Pony Play Dominance and submission, bondage, objectification, service, exhibitionism, fetishism, medical play and sissification as potential areas of enjoyment.

Sea HOW TO DISCUSS BDSM w/VANILLA PEOPLE: Have you been thinking of coming out to a friend or a romantic partner? Do you worry about what you will say if someone unexpectedly finds out about your BDSM interests? In this class we talk about effective ways to discuss BDSM with vanilla persons. How can we explain BDSM to them in terms with which they might empathize? What can we do to minimize background noise? How do we determine whether or not to have such a conversation?