2012 Title Holders

WOW.....both the International Power Exchange contest and the International Pony Play Championships were outstanding! Please enjoy the videos below of your new title holders presentations and interviews plus their journey going forward!





Lady Elsa

boi kris

Master Oakman

pony diamond


Pony Gypsy Brown




 International Power Exchange 2012 Title Holders Journey



Lady Elsa and boi kris


                      Photo by Steven Johnson


Our schedule:


May 3: Andromeda Indy

May 4: Indy Slosh

May 11: Bloomington Kink

May 12: Lafayette Alternative Lifestyles


June 1-3: Power Exchange Summit, Columbus Ohio

Keynote address (Lady Elsa)

Presenting “Going Off-Road: Creating a Power Exchange Relationship that Works for YOU”

Presenting “Finding—and Moving Past—The Labels”


June 9: Indianapolis Pride

NLA Indy Pride Committee Chair (boi kris)

Staffing NLA booth (Lady Elsa)


June 15: MAST Indianapolis

Presenting “Going Off-Road: Creating a Power Exchange Relationship that Works for YOU”


June 30: NLA Indianapolis seminar: How to be a Kink Presenter

Producer (Lady Elsa)

Presenting “Making Training Memorable and Fun” (boi kris)

Presenting “Creating Effective Handouts,”  “Learning About Learning Styles,”  and “Writing Outlines and Class Descriptions” (Lady Elsa)


July 11-14: TransCampOUT, West Virginia

Presenting 3 workshops – Topics To Be Announced


July 20: Indiana Younger Kink, Indianapolis

Presenting “Insertables and the Female Anatomy”


August 23-26: Great Lakes Leather Alliance, Indianapolis

Presenting “Service Topping as a Spiritual Practice”


September 14: SINergy, MI

Presenting Workshop TBA and Keynote Address


October 5-7: American Brotherhood Weekend, IL



Nov 12: It's Just Play, MD

Presenting Workshop TBA



December, Evansville Munch. Evansville is a town about 3 hours from Indianapolis. We'll be traveling to their munch to present "Going Off-Road."




January, Terre Haute Munch. Terre Haute is a town about 90 minutes from Indianapolis. We'll be traveling to their munch to present a workshop to-be-determined.




January, Southwest Leather Conference, Phoenix AZ.   We are very excited to have been invited to both judge (Elsa) and present at SWLC!  Flights have already been booked (got a great discount!).




February, Great Lakes Power Exchange, 501 Eagle, Indianapolis. Hurray, a feeder contest for IPE! We will be judging this contest.



March, Bluegrass Leather Pride. Elsa will be judging the Bluegrass Leather Pride contests, and Kris will be giving the keynote speech.


Plus standing meetings for groups we participate in:

Andromeda: 1st Thursday of each month

Indy Slosh: 1st Friday of each month

NLA Indianapolis dinner/demo education nights: 3rd Tuesday of odd-numbered months

NLA Indianapolis member parties: 3rd Saturday of even-numbered months

NLA Indianapolis business meeting: 4th Wednesday of each month




International Pony Play Championships 2012 Title Holders Journey



Master Oakman and pony diamond


pony diamond is an Arabian Mare working on advanced dressage with her Trainer/Handler/Master Oakman who has owned her since her birth in 2002. Master Oakman and pony diamond enjoy pony play as they can incorporate Power Exchange/ BDSM, Spirituality and control which T/they love, into their play.

For Trainer/Handler/Master Oakman, “Pony play is another avenue to express the Intense Power Exchange, Sensuality, Control, Love and Trust that we have for one another.” ‘To have someone totally trust you is intense and amazing.”

For pony diamond, “pony play allows me to escape the bondage of words and verbal interactions, allowing my inner animal to experience the connection, control, sensuality, bondage and intense headspace of pony play. In addition, pony diamond has 4 alter ego ponies---onyx pony, Madonna pony, Leather Pegasus and a new pony to be revealed at the Freestyle competition at Beyond Leather/IPPC 2012!  Last year, they competed in the IPPC 2011 and took home Reserve Grand Champion and Sexiest Ponygirl!


IPPC Grand Champion Reserve

Handler Scott and Pony Gypsy Brown


Pony "Gypsy Brown" and Handler Scott are looking forward to their first competition. They've made a handful of appearances together as a cart pony and handler and are looking forward to their first experience with formal gaits at the IPPC.


Gypsy was born in the summer of 2009 among Kinky friends at a retreat in California. The first time she took the bit and pulled two fabulous Mistresses in a cart, there was no turning back. Since then, she has had the pleasure of working with a number of kind and supportive mistresses, handlers and patrons and has now been working with Scott for over a year.

Scott and Paula met as young folks back in 1985 and were not quite ready for the passion their relationship would create. They are ecstatic to have come back together recently for a second chance at love, older and wiser. As a couple, they enjoy the non verbal communication that pony play requires as well as the balance of power that exists between a pony and her handler.







The Ribbons Awarded at IPPC2

Sexiest Pony Girl - Pony Beauty
Sexiest Pony Boy - Pony Sweet Cheeks
Sexiest Whinny - Pony Sweet Cheeks
Best Confirmation -Pony Gypsy Brown
Best Horsemanship - pony diamond
Best Tack - pony diamond

Congratulations to everyone who participated in both contests. You were all fantastic contestants. Both judges panels and all assistants were amazing and we thank you all.