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Utah Rox Positions and Positioning The Art of Power Exchange through Formal Positions: This workshop shares the use of formal positions used for bonding, ritual and connection between himself and his submissive. Positions and positioning promotes mind space and helps to define the rolls with in a M/s and D/s relationship. What is "kneel?" What is it used for? What mind space does the command send a submissive to? Where should the submissive stand in relation to the Dominant? These are some of the topics that will be taught during this class. And lets never forget that positions aren't just useful, they're very erotic and sexy as hell. This one or two hour course guides you along a path of why's and how's of this oh so sexy topic.
Master Obsidian/slave namaste Power Exchange and Authenticity: For many of us, our initial discovery of the world of BDSM felt like 'coming home'.  Unfortunately for too many in our community this feeling of liberation eventually fades, replaced with a unique sort of prison as we struggle with personal authenticity.  As we become aware of individuals in our local scene who exhibit skills and qualities that we lack, many feel the pressure to; adopt affectations & attitudes inconsistent with who we really are inside, avoid uncomfortable truths about ourselves, and invent histories and experiences in order to be more comfortable around our peers. Master Obsidian and slave namaste explore the six dimensions of truthfulness that form the foundations of authenticity and explain how we can utilize the power of sincerity to unify our inward and outward selves to reclaim and energize our experience of this lifestyle.
Master Obsidian/slave namaste Practical Rituals and Protocols: Master Obsidian and slave namaste will lead a discussion about protocol and ritual in the scene and how they can be used to center and ground both Master and slave. What exactly are protocols? How are they used? What is ritual and why is it important to the maintenance and development of the power exchange dynamic? What do you need to do to create and establish your own protocols and rituals? We will discuss the vanishing art of protocol and explore the many ways in which protocols and rituals can be used to strengthen and elevate the bond between Master and slave.
Sybil Consensual Non-Consent: This class focuses on the type of play that strives for a real and deep sense of abandonment of responsibility (on the submissive's part) or of total control (on the dominant's) in order to feed the sexual circuitry.  What often seems to be a catch 22 in our world of BDSM, especially along the D/s lines, is that same feeling many of us crave so badly - to have zero control,  or to have it all, while still feeling safe enough that we have not crossed the line in the sand that of real abuse to oneself or one's lover. The puzzle gets more intricate the longer a BDSM couple stays together. Why is this type of play so valuable to us? And more importantly how do we get it? This class hopes to send you away with some new insights and options.
Griffin and Goodpet Basic Training For Ponies, Trainers, Handlers and Grooms: Who are all these people? Like in any large stable or horse farm there are a variety of jobs and people to do those jobs. We will talk about the different roles and how they are adapted to the play style.  Learn the basics, some new skills or horn your current skills on how to function in your role in this play style. class is for all roles, partnered or single, and we will be mixing it up as we learn together.
Foxy and Sherifox Control of the Unruly Pony: Pony play is sometimes thought of as not real BDSM, thought more of as an exhibition rather than a fetish involving the common denominators of S/M. Come explore the Dark side of pony play. Learn how whips and crops take second place to other methods of discipline and training,some quite severe, others more along the lines of mind games. Lazy pony? Try ginger!! Prancing guaranteed! Figging will be just one of the methods shown in this class. Hobbles , rope, blindfolds, hoods, and gags. How about  heavy weights and chain? Interested? Then attend this class,come learn, Its not just for ponies and their trainers. Any Demo dollies interested?
Finding Ourselves–Traveling the Gender Spectrum: Many people never have to ask themselves if they are in the right body, for others this is a lifelong battle. The Transgender community has a unique perspective in dealing with physical image and mental image and melding the two. But transition is not simply "wanting to be" the other sex. It is much more. It is defining ourselves. Come explore the thoughts, concepts, medical concerns and personal issues that people who travel the gender spectrum face.
Mama Jaye Sensual Healing Dance An expression of Self and the Inner Spirit: This presentation and workshop is focused on each person present finding their reason to dance, to sensuality, a love, honoring and respect for self, that spark within that gives rise to movement.  We can only love others truly and deeply, when we learn to love ourselves.  You can only be a strong dominant or submissive (yes subs must have strength also to serve from the heart) when you know and love yourself. The ability to give great pleasure to the inner being, as well as to those watching a very personal experience is what this workshop is all about. This workshop is for anyone interested, whether you can dance, are disabled (chair dancing and  upper body movements will be part of the workshop), never done any more than tap your toe to good music, or just have a desire to see what movement can add to your life.  This is a call to the dance!
Lady D When the Teacher Becomes the Student: What do you do when you acquire a submissive that has much more experience in the lifestyle than you do? Is there a way to learn from them and still keep them from topping from the bottom? We will discuss all of the dynamics when the teacher becomes the student and how that translates in the relationship. We will discuss the steps and precautions to take from the Dominant as well as the submissive side. We will discuss some of the pitfalls that many new Dominants fall into. If you are presently in a relationship like this one or have ever been in one, you will want to attend this class.
Liza and Jody Responsibilities of Ownership: As a Master/Owner/Dominant, you own a human being.  That ownership comes with responsibilities.  What are those responsibilities?  Through facilitated discussion, we will explore the extent and limits of the responsibilities of ownership.  Open to Masters, Owners, Dominants, and anyone who is in the position of ownership or considering taking on this mantle.
Liza and Jody Achieving the Holy Grail of Anticipatory Service: Anticipatory service is often talked about, but what is it really and how does a Master guide a slave in achieving this?  We will start by discussing what anticipatory service is and is not.  We will talk about foundations necessary before a Master and a slave can begin to do this particular dance, and tools available to realize this "holy grail." Open to all. Participation a must (or not). Seriously, group participation encouraged but not required.
Arthur and Nina Self Discovery of Labels: What are you? Who are you? Top, Master, switch, girl, gurl, boi, boy, submissive, slave, masochist, TG, CD, sissy, Dominant, sensualist, swinger, hedonist, furry, butch, dyke, Sir, Princess that's fine and dandy, but what does it mean really? Is your definition of "Sir" the same as mine? Of course not…we all know it, we all complain about it; but what do we do about it? How do we maintain our individuality in a lifestyle that depends so heavily on terminology and protocol that is so ambiguous? Join us for an intimate discussion of discovering one's self and maintaining a sense of individuality in our rather structured alternative community. This interactive class explores self evaluation techniques, communication skills, and practical tips for applying what we learn about ourselves to our kink relationships.
Olga and Blu Celebrating Surrender - A Submissive Workshop: Submission has almost as many meanings in our lifestyle as it does people who use it to define themselves. For some it is a few hours of play as a bottom. For others it is 24/7 slavery. Submission is not for the faint of spirit no matter where you fall on the submissive scale. The sweetness of giving it up for a hot Top, the sensual safety of turning it all over to a powerful Master, the thrill of pleasing your Dominant are only some aspects of the vast satisfaction that submission can bring, Come join us as we explore and celebrate what it is that we do as submissives, slaves, bottoms, or switches. If you are not sure where you fit in the continuum or are exploring what "fits" for you please join us!  If you are a switch please join us in bottom space.
Dan and dawn Foundation - Creating a powerful Ms Relationship: Dan and dawn, Great Lakes region Master & slave (2010) and leaders of the House Metta power exchange tribe, lead a workshop on four key ingredients that can create a powerful long term Ms relationship. Via specific steps to follow, they will share a number of strategies that will keep your Ms relationship ready to grow through a variety of difficulties that Ms (and all) relationships encounter.
Dan and dawn Living M/s: Dan and dawn, a lifestyle couple of many years and Great Lakes region Master & slave (2010), will discuss what you can expect from a real time Master/slave relationship. They will rely on their decade of experience both as a full time M/s couple as well as leaders of the House Metta group. They will cover different types of M/s (from Loving Ms to objectification models) and share how they and others have dealt with the challenges of moving from fantasy to a working, real-time, long-term Master/slave household.


Arthur and Nina Spanking from Zero to Erotic: There is perhaps no other form of play that is as versatile as spanking. Yet, is often overlooked and over simplified. But nothing demonstrates, Victorian Pornography, age play, humiliation, punishment, and D/s like spanking. This class starts on the bottom and explores other parts of the body to spank; how our goals impact our approach to spanking; tools of the trade and styles and positions.
Master Oakman/diamond Flogging Interactive: All levels come join us and bring your favorite floggers!
Master Konrad Conquest and Resistance Play as a Enhancement Tool in a Power Exchange Relationship: The term "resistance play" is often confused with unstructured rough body play. Resistance play can actually cover a very broad range of activities utilizing an assortment of tools and techniques and with structural parameters ranging from minimal ones based upon safety (and legality) to a highly rigid set of limits. This class is intended to challenge several common misconceptions regarding resistance play, including that resistance play scenes are always "hard"; that a resistance play scene requires a large and strong top and small bottom; or that resistance play scenes require a high degree of fitness. Perhaps the most common misconception about resistance play is that it teaches a slave or submissive in a long term relationship disobedience and how to resist their dominant/owner in their daily lives. In fact, used correctly, resistance and conquest play can be an extremely effective tool to strengthen and enhance the power exchange in a long term D/s relationship.
Mitch and Sybil Electrical Play: The use of electricity in play can bring about a broad range of emotions and sensations.  This workshop is open to anyone interested in the two basic types of electrical play, the violet wand (very short part of presentation) and Tens/EMS. Violet Wands can produce sensations from soft and prickly to feeling very sharp and stingy. They can play unique rolls in cuttings scenes, situation bondage and fire play, to name a few. Tens/EMS allows us to take control of other people's muscles, and the effects can be relaxing, fatiguing and, if desired, painful. People can be brought to some very overwhelming places, in the way that only long, intense and deeply layered scenes can. It is great for everything from forced submission, interrogations, bondage, impact play, mind fucks, and training. This presentation will give the opportunity for some hands on experiences, as well as covering safety, technical information, suggestions and neat tricks.
Caro Sacred Pain: The Agony and the Ecstasy: From Physical Sensations to Spiritual Transcendence . While many involved are all about the sensations of pleasure and pain, few understand the nature, dynamism, and dynamics of both. Many speak of or experience "subspace" or "sacred pain" without quite understanding its genesis or its scope. This class was developed to afford an understanding of both. From an introduction to the neurobiology and the physiology of pain and pleasure, to the appreciation of the historical significance of pain, to the exploration of various techniques of inflicting it, to incorporating aspects of meditation to gain an appreciation of spiritual aspects, this is a comprehensive workshop of how pain and or pleasure can transmute and transcend to spiritual ecstasy. Attendees will gain, not only a greater understanding of just what we do, but a broader appreciation of why we do it, and where it can ultimately transport us.
Mama Jaye The Art of Sensual Massage and Healing: This hand’s on workshop will give basic instruction on how to give a relaxing or the intimate sensual massage experience.  Basic Swedish techniques, warming, cooling and sensual hand action give great pleasure to the receiver and the giver. Whether you are a submissive, giving tender touch to your Dominant or a Dominant rewarding your submissive, massage is a way to create a deeper bond between you. A time when no words need to be spoken, touch says it all. Elements of this workshop include the use of oils, lotions, scents, warm and cold touch that have the ability to calm, simulate or nurture the spirit or turn up the senses. I just present. The possibilities, the rest is up to you!
Boss Bondage Play Piercing for All Levels: From beginning play piercing, to more extreme advanced play piercing. Covers all the basics of play piercing, equipment and technique as well as a dose of sterilization.
Leonora Ma'am Passion Play/Playing With Abandon: In order to fully throw yourself into a scene you need to let go into the full out demented lustful abandon that lies waiting for you in an SM exchange. Flogging, whipping, slapping, biting, Leonora Ma'am will use whatever implements grabs her fancy as she shares the sensual adventure of her Passion Play.
Hardy Haberman
CBT – More Family Jewels: Building on material presented in my first book, "The Family Jewels," this workshop expands on techniques and explores new ground in CBT.  Primarily a demonstration workshop, attendees will be invited to participate in some aspects of the play.  There will be information for the newcomer, such as safety and anatomy, but the demonstrations will also include advanced activities like "Ball-Punching" and temporary genital piercing.
Mitch Herman
Single Tails 201 - Developing Whip Skills: This workshop will further explore the functionality of single tails with a heavy emphasis on developing physical skills. This workshop will set a sound foundation for beginners while presenting experienced whip handlers with sufficient challenges. Novices can benefit greatly by this workshop, but should expect some of the whip throwing skills to be beyond their present ability. I always have extra whips, but participants would do well to bring their own, this workshop is mostly hands on.

The workshop includes: Safety Recap, Detailed Whip Basics – Fine tuning your whip,  Moderate Whip Throws - Double strokes with short whips, Continuous strokes with short whips and single strokes with long whips, Detailed Body Contact - Varying sensations and wraps, In Depth Scene Construction – Exploring the possibilities.

chris, redwarrior, Sir Evan
Beyond Bootblacking Skillshare: Everyone is welcome to be a part of our skillshare on bootblacking and leather care.  Join chris (SouthEast Community Bootblack 2009), RedWarrior (SECBb 2010 and International Community Bootblack 2010), Evan (ICBb 2009) and our newest Florida Regional Bootblack 2011 (winner to be decided at contest in March) for an hour and a half of nothing but leather care. We encourage you to bring one pair of leather boots or one item of leather apparel and use our products to clean, condition and polish it up or feel free to be an observer. This team of accomplished bootblacks will be at your disposal to answer your questions, sit with you while you work on your leather, offer suggestions and advice, allow you to use the different products in their kits and help you to understand the mind set of a bootblack. Sit with us and join in on the comraderie while learning and honing your skills. We will tell stories (some will be true) and dispel the myths but most of all, we will have fun. All levels of knowledge and experience are welcome. You won't regret it!
Edge Catharsis - Body and Mind: Cathartic release can sometimes happen spontaneously in a scene, surprising and perhaps even scaring a bottom or a Top. This program offers an understanding of what catharsis is and purposefully pursues it through mindfuck and pain play.  Mindfuck--making someone think something's happening that's not really happening--can range from the mild (blindfolding someone and pretending to leave the room) to the extreme (having someone dig their own grave as part of a scene).  But while the fear involved in this play has a definite erotic charge, it can also be used to help a person heal, grow, transform, and release.  Similarly, pain play produces more than just endorphins.  It can be the vehicle for personal transformation.  We will explore these possibilities.
Mark Frazier Caning: Caning is most thought of as a form of corporal punishment. Also used in schools, by the Judiciary and Sadomasochistic "Scenes," canings can vary from light to extreme pain.The workshop will touch upon the used of different types of canes to achieve the desired visual results during scene play.Attendees are encouraged to bring their personal canes for class discussion and interaction.
JLubeJack Sharp ‘n Shiny-Knife Play...on the Edge: Nothing seems to be so universally feared as knives; who among us has not cut themselves on a sharp blade? This course will talk about the voyage of knife play from sensuous to sadist, marking, cutting… and steel mind-fucking deluxxxe.


Leon and cherrie All tied up - Knowing how to communicate in a scene as a rope bottom: Whether you play with a regular partner or fresh meat each time being able to recognize what is happening with your brain and body and communicate that to your partner will enhance the enjoyment of the scene. Know when “ow” really means “oh f...” and how to tell the difference before you get there. Learn how to process the stimulus before, during and after to avoid the pitfalls of being in rope.
Lew Rubens Predicament Bondage: Bondage all by itself can be quite a predicament if left on long enough. Learn to make your bottom struggle exquisitely from one discomfort to another, never being able to rest completely. Join Lew for a few creative and imaginative ideas for making these predicaments even more interesting. As usual, bring rope if you have it or it will be provided for you for this fun filled "hands on" workshop.
Tatu Japanese Kinbaku Aesthetics: We have all been there, looking in awe of those images of Japanese beauties bound with expressions on their faces that draw us into the scene like nothing else. What is it about what we are seeing or experiencing that touches our soul in such a profound way? Over the past few years westerners have been enamored; trying to recreate those artistic Japanese bondage forms. While copying them with some success; something is still missing; some fundamental things that make Japanese rope, Japanese rope. Come to this class and learn some fundamental differences between the western and Japanese culture, mind and soul, that just might enrich or even change your entire outlook on your rope art if not your entire SM life.
Tatu Beauty in Suffering -- The Way of Torturous Rope: This class deals with the Japanese culture of shame, humiliation and beauty in suffering. Several classic forms that are torturous in nature will be covered. Historic forms such as the “Ishidaki” (Hugging Stones), “Ebi” (The Lobster) and “Japanese Horse” torture will be discussed and demonstrated. Additionally the class will learn the "Gyaku Ebi" (Japanese Hogtie). Finally, materials and techniquest for Nose and Face Torture, uses of bamboo and other natural elements to inflict shame and humiliation to torturous pain, will be explored.
Artemis From the Inside Out -- What Bottoms Should Know About Rope Bondage: This class, in which bottoms and tops are asked to physically separate, is specifically geared toward having a much needed discussion with new and tenured rope bottoms. Speaking directly to the person on the inside of bondage, this class focuses on helping the bottom identify what they need to know to be an informed participant in a safe rope experience. Tops, who get to sit in on this private conversation, revel in a chance to peer inside a rope bottom’s mind and use that information to enhance rope expression.
Leon 2% Bondage: (do on Sunday) Many of us have sat through classes to learn that one little tidbit (the 2%) of information that we wind up incorporating into our own rope style. This class will focus on the Aha moments where you discover that little trick that makes your bondage better.
Artemis Erotic Rope Bondage Construction: There is just nothing like the feel of being slowly wrapped. More and more rope goes on, holding in tender places, restraining the body and releasing the soul to sore. In this dynamic class, Artemis shares how to layer rope bondage, building on a firm foundation a dynamic human playground. The three main rope techniques covered that build a firm foundation for dynamic human interaction will be: Single Column Tie, Double Column Tie and Arm/Chest Harness (Takate Kote). Sticking just with these three basic ideas, Artemis will share fun ways to build all sorts of interesting situation good for pleasure and for pain.
Lamalani Bondage for the Bedroom: Don't have a sturdy four-post bed?  Special bondage equipment is not required to turn a bedroom into a playground, just bring rope and an imagination!  Learn some simple knots, ties and positions for great bondage sex.
Professor Oni Bondage for Decoration, Restraint and Sex: How do you dress up your submissive for a night on the town and be absolutely sure no one else will wear the same dress? How do you keep that hyper-active pain slut from slipping off the spanking bench? How do you spice up a sex life that left vanilla in the dust years ago? The answer to all three of these questions is rope. This workshop will discuss the history and safety of using rope for decoration,  restraint and sex in a lecture-demonstration format.
Professor Oni Suspension Bondage: "When I am suspended, I become lighter... I float. The rope is like a hug from my master over my whole body at the same time." - Peter Puffer The ritual, connection and fun of being off the ground elicits many reactions from rope suspension bottoms. Some giggle, some moan, many find a place of infinite serenity. Rope suspension is not inherently difficult, but it does require great care and experience. This workshop will review the mechanics and safety of several basic suspensions as well as ways to modify them for different body types and levels of fitness for both bottoms and tops.
Boss Bondage Crotch, chest and body harnesses: This class is hands on and covers a few types of chest, body and crotch harnesses, and some of the ways you can combine and mix.


Foxy and Sherifox Strap-on Sex for all genders: Discussion of the types and different lubes,toys, harnesses etc then a demo by the instructors of the female harness, the harness for the male and then the unisex thigh harness. Demo is with real people and penetration happens so no late entries please. This is a very popular workshop!
Arthur By The Roots: Hair Pulling: By the Roots is an exciting exploration of playing with hair. The physical mechanism that causes hair to feel the way it does. It will include why pulling hair is fun, how to pull so it feels great, how to pull so it hurts. How to use hair in negotiation., The use of hair in bondage, How to tie safely, methods and tools to bind hair. The class will include a guided hands on segment. Everybody who would like to participate try bring some thin rope, Arthur will supply ample mason line. A good time guaranteed for all
Cherrie Talk to me baby: In this class learn how to enhance your play with your mouth and ears. Lure your prey in with the promise of fucking with their imagination. Talk your toy into arousal and maybe even let them come without touching them. Learn how to use the power of your voice for intimate play in person and for LDR's.
Lamalani Fisting and G-spotting: Vaginal fisting and G-spot instruction covers anatomy, technique, and gives tips to maximize pleasure.
Olga and Blu The Joy of Genitorture – How to Make a Woman Scream: This exciting presentation can help you to discover new ways to stimulate and torture female genitals. Cunt play, also known as genitorture can involve a wide variety of sensations ranging from sheer pleasure to the most exquisite pain. The female genitals can be a playground of endless possibilities for the kinky player regardless of skill level or experience. Genitorture is play everyone can participate in - from novices to advanced players. Come hear Olga discuss and demonstrate on Her boi blu some of the wide variety of options that this form of play presents. Audiences everywhere have enjoyed their dynamic exchange.
JLubeJack Anal Play & Anal Sex - The No-Nos That are YES!-YES: Yet another taboo in the seemingly end-less lineup of "Thou shalt nots." This seminar will take a playful look at the Hole-We-All-Share, delve into its anatomy and touch on its delights.. In appropriate venues, there can be finger-finessing demos and audience participation.


Utah Rox Terror Play 201: Intimidation, anxiety, shock, agitation, dread, trepidation, terror, fight or flight. When instigated a partners pupils dilate, awareness intensifies, sight sharpens, impulses quicken, and perception of pain diminishes. In Terror Play 201 Utah sets the stage for you to conduct an Oscar worthy horror flick inside your partners mind.
Master Konrad Interrogation and Cross Examination as a Stand Alone Scene or Pre-Scene Negotiation Tool: Often the hottest part of a scene is the "pre" scene negotiations. In fact, pre-scene negotiations can constitute a satisfying and strongly sexual stand alone scene and can also serve as the foundation and fuel for any following scene. The first half of the class focuses on teaching some of the basic techniques of cross examination and interrogation and how to craft a safe and satisfying scene wherein those techniques are used. A methodology is presented wherein a powerful and stimulating interrogation can be used as the basis of a scene negotiation while still ensuring adequate safeguards to ensure all parties involved properly establish limits, goals and play parameters for any following activities. This methodology is developed from modern mediation and negotiation theory, cross-examination techniques from courtroom litigation and the Reid Technique for police interview and interrogation proceedings. 
Sir Top Blood Sports with Needle Play: As a nurse for 25 years, Sir Top will be sharing her easy sterilization needle techniques. Over the years Sir Top has mastered her creativity and never does the same design twice. Waving flags on a back, beautiful spirals on breasts and even had fun transforming a man into a lit Christmas tree with all the decorations. What will she create next?
Griffin and Goodpet Abduction and Kidnapping: Fantasy Kidnapping or how to bring about the fantasy without jail time. Discussion on just what are fantasy kidnappings. Topics include negotiations, forms, pre-planning, set-up, involving others, RACK, safety, limits. Fantasies that work and some that don't (or at least are harder to do). Abductions and role play will be explored along with both private and event kidnappings.
Wayne Brawner
Taboo Play and Mind Fucks What Are They and How Do They Relate? Remember when you saw a scene going on in a play space that made your skin crawl…And now all you can do is fantasize about experiencing that scene firsthand but yet have fear of it? This class is about tools and ways to do both Taboo and Mind Fucks. See how they intertwine based on individual experience.  In this class you will witness the breaking down of both mental and physical barriers, and hear the different stages the mind goes through and the effect afterwards.  This can involve blood, edge and fear.There will be a demo to allow you to witness this first hand, being thus, this class is not for those that are prone to fainting or weak stomachs.
Hardy Haberman Rhythmic Beating - Human Drum Circle: First presented at Texas Leather Pride in 2002 this workshop approaches the practice of bare hand body contact as a rhythmic and ritualistic practice. It explores traditional rhythmic patterns of various cultures and includes participatory activities including the "Human Drum Circle." It is intended as a new way to explore SM and rough body play using music and cadence
Mark Frazier Breath Play: Obviously breath play is one of the most potentially dangerous and edgiest of SM activities, requiring responsibility, trust and scrupulous safety practice. This workshop will focus on different methods used to restrict a persons breathing. It will also focus on safety concerns and how to minimize the occurrence of any potential problems. The workshop will conclude with hands on demo's.
Lady D Race Play - Perceptions and Misconceptions: Even the mention of Race Play is opening up a proverbial can of worms. Race is a touchy subject at best and using it in a form of BDSM play is unimaginable for some. I have to admit that I too, used to feel that way until I met a submissive who helped me to better understand and changed my point of view. This was not an easy task since being a therapist I am an advocate for healing through self-exploration and at the time I could not understand that this could be a positive experience by any means. I was wrong and once again (as has happened before) I was amazed in what I learned through the experience. This class will discuss why this type of play is so difficult for many and why it is such a turn on for some. We will discuss the perceptions and misconceptions concerning this very controversial type of play.


Cherrie Switches Round Table: Discussion group designed for those who identify as a Switch in the community and for those who play with Switch personalities in order to better understand the unique perspective of being dual-roled.
slave bonnie Follow your Identity and your Heart: Come share your thoughts, ideas, successes, failures and questions. slave bonnie will share it all. This discussion is only for those who identify as slaves/subs.
Sir Top and slave bonnie
Beyond Leather Inside and Out: Known as a very fast paced high energy event, Sir Top and slave bonnie share how to navigate the ins and outs of BL4 so you do not miss any thing while still getting to focus on what you want to learn, what you want to see and so much more, while attending Beyond Leather.
Caro Respect, Honor, Integrity, and Ethics--What's it Really All About: This presentation will discuss and examine the personal ethics (or lack thereof) that can be brought to bear in BDSM play or relationships. On a personal level, consider this: Are coercion, humiliation, induction of guilt, threats of withholding affection/attention, physical punishment, reenactment of trauma, isolation, denial of food and or sleep brainwashing or training techniques -- or both? How does understanding one's past history, in terms of psychosexual and social factors such as self-esteem, past relationships, and childhood/adolescent experiences influence the choices made in a BDSM-relationships? And lastly, is it devotion, training, brainwashing, Stockholm syndrome, or any/all of the above? Using part of the workshop as a discussion forum, this presentation will examine various choices that can be made and the examination of those choices.
Ian Transgender Round Table: Gender is no longer black/white: A panel discussion and Q&A of issues facing the rest of the GLBTQI alphabet soup. We will be focusing on the "T" and "I". This is your opportunity to hear a panel discussion and interact on all the gray areas of gender. Human sexuality and gender exists on a continuum, but sexuality is not necessarily gender. The panel is composed of individuals that fall between the typically assigned "male" and "female" on the gender spectrum, such as Transgender, intersex and those on the path to discovery. Simply put, this discussion will deal with almost anything that you wanted to know about gender but were afraid to ask. Bring your questions and an open mind.
Elders History Panel
Panel includes: Bear Man, Caro, John Warren, Hardy Haberman, Wayne Brawner and Jody!