Care & Feeding of your corset part 1
This class will review how to choose a corset to fit your figure, end purpose of wearing, and how to look for quality in a corset. The pros and cons of tight lacing and what it does to your insides will be discussed.

Care & Feeding of your corset part 2
This class will discuss the cleaning and storage of fabric and leather corsets. The presenter will demonstrate how to lace a corset on your self along with the different types of lacing. Participants are encouraged to bring their own corsets and lacer's as there will be time for hands on lacing.
Big Red and dillon
Full Contact SM: Grappling, Erotic Wrestling, and Power Play
Grappling and erotic wrestling can be playful, sensuous, transformative, cathartic and empowering. We’ll explore the energy exchange of full body contact using grappling, erotic wrestling, and power play techniques. This is not lube wrestling, or rough body play like kicking, punching, or slapping. We'll cover how erotic wrestling can be a beneficial tool to the BDSM relationship, setting a scene, techniques, equipment, safety, and a demo

Female Orgasm Tease, Denial, and Control
Orgasm tease, denial and control can be a hot stand-alone scene of several hours or an ongoing component of a dominant-submissive dynamic. Male orgasm control seems fairly simple: lock up his goodies. But how does one control the female orgasm short of a medieval (and impractical) chastity belt? Join Big Red and superdillon for this interactive conversation on female orgasm tease, denial, and control. We will discuss the differences between tease, denial, and control as well as the psychological and physiological impacts of each. We will share ideas for devious tease & denial games and techniques and pointers for maximizing the fun for both the teaser and the teased. Orgasm tease, denial, and control is not hot or even appropriate for all people and we'll cover the characteristics of a good candidate for this deliciously torturous form of play.
Leather Generations
This is a class originally developed for LLC 8, and explores the concept that there are distinct “leather generations,” (defined as a group of persons (who may or may not be contemporaneous in chronological age) but who share(d) common experiences, and often it is the “generational experience” that influences what we think about leather and how we “experience” leather. The class explores the generational and intergenerational dynamics with the leather lifestyle and discusses the common and divergent experiences for each “generation.” Attendees will gain an appreciation of the common and diverse factors that influence each generation, in order to better understand that generation with an eye toward growing the leather community transgenerationally.”
Energy Exchange
Have you ever met played with someone and there simply did not seem to be a connection? Does play seem often dead, meaningless, or just going through the motions? What is wrong? Are you loosing the spark, the interests that attracted you to the lifestyle in the first place? Join Dex and Mypet in energy exchange techniques and share in this interactive workshop. Learn how position, touch, breathing, focusing, sharing, techniques, and yes even toys can be used to exchange energy. Everyone wants to connect on a deeper level their passions for the spirit and soul of leather.

Breaking the Sound Barrier – Female Sounds

This presentation breaks through the mysticism of sounds on a female. Sound play on males is many a Domme’s bread and butter. It is visually interesting for the voyeur as well as intensely stimulating for the male, whether it is simply urethral stretching with sounds, through vibration play, or more advanced electric play. The mysticism which surrounds playing with sounds on a female is a barrier few break through. How do you do a workshop illustrating technique on a female urethra which remains largely veiled within and covered by the labia? Come find out and watch how the sound barrier is broken. Females are wired differently than males, and sound play, to be effective, must be uniquely suited to the female. Few females are playing with females using sounds, and even fewer male Doms are playing with females using sounds. This can prove to be very erotic play that goes beyond the simple medical table to heightened senses of arousal. The presenter will use a laptop, webcam, and LCD projector to bring the audience into the presentation by showing close-ups of the female urethra, sound insertion, and play techniques. Several audience volunteers will be needed to operate the camera and assist the presenter as a second gloved pair of hands. Multimedia equipment will be provided by presenter.
Catharsis: Body and Mind
Cathartic release can sometimes happen spontaneously in a scene, surprising and perhaps even scaring a bottom or a Top. This program offers an understanding of what catharsis is and purposefully pursues it through mindfuck and pain play. Mindfuck--making someone think something's happening that's not really happening--can range from the mild (blindfolding someone and pretending to leave the room) to the extreme (having someone dig their own grave as part of a scene). But while the fear involved in this play has a definite erotic charge, it can also be used to help a person heal, grow, transform, and release. Similarly, pain play produces more than just endorphins. It can be the vehicle for personal transformation. We will explore these possibilities.

Inner Thigh Beating; Or, Intense Ritualistic Pain for Dummies
I first got into beating inner thighs because, simply, I didn't have any skills with whips or floggers, didn't have the time to acquire them, but sure as hell knew how to make a fist and sink it into flesh. Since then, though, I've come to appreciate the unique advantages of this sort of pain scene in terms of intimacy, intensity, rhythm, and ritual. In this program, we'll cover the appeal of an inner thigh beating, discuss a variety of implements that can be used (besided good ol' fists), walk through the pacing of such a scene, and consider the wonderful possibilities and after effects.
Mark Frazier
Breath Play
Obviously breath play is one of the most potentially dangerous and edgiest of SM activities, requiring responsibility, trust and scrupulous safety practice. This workshop will focus on different methods used to restrict a persons breathing. It will also focus on safety concerns and how to minimize the occurrence of any potential problems. The workshop will conclude with hands on demo's.

Body Punching
The workshop will explore how to set up body punches during a scene, how to position yourself so you actually have a chance of punching a person. Additionally the workshop will teach people about strike zones, method of punching and aftercare
Master Chrysty and Vaughn
Waterboarding "I love it when they gasp!"

Master Chrysty will start off providing brief descriptions, followed by her some of her favorite ways to make Vaughn beg for air... or beg to not have air. Take a step into what they consider good nasty fun! Several "hand-on" techniques will be interspersed with multiple safety warnings (his warning... her hands)! In conclusion... "Is It Still ‘Interrogation’ When You Don't Care What They Have To Say?" Master Chrysty and Vaughn will present the oft-discussed and highly-politicized technique of waterboarding. If it’s good enough for the CIA to use, and bad enough for the United Nations to ban, then it is suitable for us Edge Players. Master Chrysty will provide a brief background on waterboarding followed by demonstrations of various techniques.

Caning Interactive from beginning to extreme
Foxy and Sherifox
Strap-on Sex for all Genders
Join in this fun workshop designed just for Beyond Leather 2010. The class will start with a discussion of the types of lubes, toys, techniques and harnesses along with a question answer session. Then a demo by the instructors of the female harness, the harness for the male and then the unisex thigh harness.
Demo is with a Female and Male volunteers (giving and receiving) and penetration so no late entries please!! The meeting room doors will be shut!! Intermediate type class for the somewhat experienced Strap-on user without being to advanced for the newbie. Males leave your egos at the door and learn how to give more by wearing and using a strap-on! Any volunteers to be the demo dollies?

Figging, Playing with Ginger is hot!!!
Figging, Playing with Ginger is hot!!! In this class designed just for Beyond Leather 2010 learn about this foundational method of play. Figging is fun and simple to do with great results, from Humiliation to the intense burn
for CBT. Pony players-Got a Lazy pony? Try Ginger!! Ginger makes a spanking all the much better!! The class will start with a discussion of the preparation of the hand of ginger along with the dos and don’ts, Then proceeds to the actual use. Class attendees are encouraged to practice hands on during the class. Female and Male demo bottoms are needed for this class, ANY VOLUNTEERS?
Hardy Haberman
Cerebral Copulation (Mind Fucks)
The greatest sex organ in the human body lies between the ears. The class includes lots of Top tricks and scene illusions that can spice up the experience for a bottom. Part psychology, part magicians’ trick, the mind fuck is still one of the most enjoyable and sometimes profound tool in the Sadists tool bag.

Interrogation and Abduction
Ever fantasized about being abducted, or held for interrogation by brutal guards? This workshop will explore the various fantasies as well as techniques for creating a successful interrogation and abduction scene. Stress positions, interrogation techniques, mild to wild torture that would never pass the Geneva Convention will all be included in this workshop well as the logistics and special considerations for abduction. This workshop will include group participation and hands on skill demonstrations.

CBT – More Family Jewels
Building on material presented in my first book, “The Family Jewels: this workshop expands on techniques and explores new ground in CBT. Primarily a demonstration workshop, attendees will be invited to participate in some aspects of the play. There will be information for the newcomer, such as safety and anatomy, but the demonstrations will also include advanced activities like “Ball-Punching” and temporary genital piercing.
Insatiable Amazon
The hand is inserted and once enter the connection starts a flow of Sensual and fulfillment. Insatiable will be discussing the objective of vaginal and anal fisting. Tips on safety and preparation. Yes there will be a live Demo. Come out and let your fingers do the walking.

What does it mean to humiliate someone in a scene?" We will cover the Top/bottom mind space. There are a variety of styles & levels. Humiliation Involvement of others, facing slapping, verbal, crawling, etc... And what it is not. Incorporating humiliation in your scene can be quite arousing, fun and intense
Master Archer and Elegant
Protocols: Making The Connection (Elegant)
The word protocols has always sparked some controversial discussion on its meaning and correct execution. This interactive session is not a forum for debate but rather a chance to share a variety of protocols experienced with those attendees who choose to join. We will be exploring various definitions and why we find protocols so important to our D/s dynamics. We will also examine the role of rituals, routines, etiquette and traditions in relationship to our daily protocols.

Are You Being Served (Master Archer & Elegant)
Many people say that it is better to give than to receive. It is equally as important to know how to receive especially when receiving service from a submissive or slave. Using role-play, humor, discussion and historical references this workshop focuses on the importance of service, on aspects of receiving service without falling on your face in embarrassment….and how to show appreciation for service received. Note: This class subject is targeted for Tops and is not a service technique workshop.
Master Bob and slave jan
Spirituality and Sexuality in a Master / slave relationship
The erotic is about feeling deeply with all of our being--it's about living from our creative center and acting from the source of life itself; spirituality is the path we choose, the way we live day-to-day, to fulfill our desire for wholeness and connection. A healthy eroticism and a strong spiritual path will lead us to deeper and richer levels of wholeness within ourselves, and to life-giving connections on many levels with other people and the rest of nature. Come and join us in this workshop on Spirituality and Sexuality and discover ways to develop this richness.

Transformation: Power Struggle to Power Dynamic
After celebrating twenty plus years together, Master Bob and slave jan discuss their personal journey, which transformed a difficult marriage fraught with power struggle to the dynamic M/s relationship they enjoy today. A few of the questions they will address are: How was the struggle in their relationship a reflection of an inner struggle? Where did they start the process of dramatic dynamic change? How did they pace and manage the changes? What were the challenges? In this conversational workshop we will be sharing our own personal experiences on this journey and will be inviting discussion and questions from the audience. It is never the same from one journey to the next.
Taboo Play, and Working Through Extremes
If you have ever had a scene that lured you with the promise of edgy intensity, but wondered if you could handle the situation before, during or afterwards, this discussion is for you. We will explore the reasons some people enjoy play that is edgy psychologically, emotionally and physically, and how you can go about making that fantasy a reality. Inherent in this discussion is the level of responsibility of partners, how to manage risk, and how you can support your partner in the aftermath. Edgy play can be hot, and we will look at ways to avoid some common pitfalls, as well as how to recover with grace and honor when things go off of the planned path. Please be advised: Some highly controversial scenes (i.e. racial or incest play, weaponry, etc.) will be discussed. Please do not attend if these are outside of your comfort zone. Thank you.

Playing with Strangers: How to get it on at a Con!
Whether it is your first of fiftieth time at a BDSM event, it can be intimidating to meet folks. People from Internationally known BDSM Educators to first-time neophytes can run into obstacles of self-esteem, fear of rejection, hell, fear of acceptance! How do you cope with your shyness or awkwardness or just figure out a positive approach to that tasty top of succulent submissive? This fun and interactive workshop will offer some solutions, hints, tips and tricks for all of those who have ever seen that stranger across a crowded dungeon and longed to connect! We’ll have some exercises, some discussion, and the chance for you to explore what your strengths are, and where you could use a little help making your fantasies a reality!
Master Obsidian and slave namaste SW Master/slave 2010

The Winter of O/our discontent
The pain of serious relationship conflict can motivate us to seek relief in ways that are inadequate or even harmful to the fundamental needs of the M/s dynamic. When faced with discord many M/s relationships implode under the weight of discussion, or suffer in silence through chronic conflict avoidance. Frequently, explosive confrontations are the damaging result of frustration on both sides. We believe that there are alternative ways for both Master and slave to communicate serious concerns through a process that is designed to respect, strengthen and perpetuate the M/s relationship, instead of temporarily abandoning the M/s structure to use and by the use of an ‘egalitarian’ problem solving model. Join Master Obsidian and slave namaste on an exploration of practical conflict resolution methods based upon ancient principles. Both Master and slave will be equipped with tools to assist in tackling tough relationship issues without sacrificing the M/s relationship in the process.

Sacred Service (spirituality and service) What is the "spirit" of Service? How can you combine spirituality and service to elevate your power exchange dynamic . How can service be a spiritual tool? What is the role of the Dominant/Master in this dance of service? Master Obsidian and slave namaste explore the concepts of spirituality and of service and will teach how combining the two can create a synergy that is both compelling and intense, serving to deepen the dynamic and strengthen the bonds between Master and slave. You'll learn practical tools and ideas for engaging the spiritual heart of service, how to ritualize any action or directive, the definition and importance of Presence, and much more. Come with an open mind!

Master Gallad and slave Kelly
The Power of Journaling and Effective Communication: The unspoken path in the D/s M/s dynamic
Both Master Gallad and slave kelly used Journaling from the start of their D/s M/s relationship. This unspoken offering had open the doors to each other, which provided the unspoken acceptance of the M/s dynamic. From a day in a life to provoking deep awareness, Journaling became part of the strong foundation we built. We will explore how Journaling can be used as discipline, consistency, ritual, trust, facing fears, healing, and that divine path to each other.

Beyond The Word Love: Unconditional Acceptance in M/s
We practice love all our lives, yet much of what we practice is selfish, possessive, petty, and needful. An M/s dynamic opens the possibility of the purity of love. Accepting and loving the authenticity of who we are enable us to love others unconditionally. The M/s dynamic and the embracing of unselfishness enable not only growth in the self, but growth in the other. Explore the possibilities of exploring love that is expansive and generous.
Master John
Saline Infusion
Learn the art of power exchange by infusion of Saline into the male scrotum This is a powerful exchange due to this last for 24 hours on general and requires high technique. It will cause liquid weight to the scrotum area which can be both humiliating and exhilarating to the male bottom. It may cause him not to fit in to some of his leathers or require special attention. It is also an added bonus to electrical play as saline conducts electricity.

Sounds - Learn the technique of Male sounding.
The insertion of stainless steel rods into the penis eventually reaching the bladder. This cause incredible sensations for the male bottom. We will learn how to do vibrating, ribbed, electrical sounds as well. Sounds are medical instruments originally used to clear blockages in the urethra. In BDSM we have found it gives great sensations to your bottom as well as the power exchange factor of inserting into the penis.
Mitch and Sybil
Needle Bondage
Needle Bondage encompasses the skills of needle play, stapling and suturing and takes them in the direction of bondage. Limbs can be laced to each other, mouths, pussies and cocks can be “sewn” shut or open. Needles can force nipples away from the body or keep them “caged”. This demonstration is intended to show some of the possibilities and will explain only basic safety concerns and techniques, people not already skilled at needle play should seek further training before attempting these on their own.

Non-Consensual Consent
This class focuses on the type of play that strives for a real and deep sense of abandonment of responsibility (on the submissive’s part) or of total control (on the dominant’s) in order to feed the sexual circuitry. What often seems to be a catch 22 in our world of bdsm, especially along the D/s lines, is that same feeling many of us crave so badly - to have zero control, or to have it all, while still feeling safe enough that we have not crossed the line in the sand that of real abuse to oneself or one’s lover. The puzzle gets more intricate the longer a bdsm couple stays together. Why is this type of play so valuable to us? And more importantly how do we get it? This class hopes to send you away with some new insights and options.
Phoenix B
Play Piercing for the Beginner
Been afraid of needles at the doctors office, but intrigued at the same time? Or have you watched folks play with them at parties and wondered what it’s all about. This class will teach you safety, needle types, insertion technique, safe locations on the body, and ideas about the many ways to play with needles. This is a hands on workshop so after the discussion there will be opportunity to try receiving or inserting play piercing needles.

Advanced Decorative Cutting
Cuttings can range from the back alley slasher scene, to artful decorations, to a deeply spiritual right of passage. This workshop will cover these as well as discuss the technical aspects of intricate decorative cutting. You will learn where to find designs, what issues to be aware of with designs, materials/equipment needed and how to make detailed designs, placement concerns. There will be basic 101 safety requirements and cutting info for those looking to get a running starting into cuttings. Participants are encouraged to share their knowledge, experience, and questions around cutting techniques and other design ideas.
Class Level: Intermediate-Advanced, but all are welcome
Class Format: Lecture. Depending on the availability of a cutting bottom, this class can be a hands-on class.
Class Requirements: If you are squeamish around blood, then this class is not for you.
Class Objective: Knowledge about selecting designs and ability to apply cutting transfers. With a demo bottom, there will be hands-on practice
Erotic Knife Play
Basic Introduction to erotic knife play, safety and sharpening techniques. This class will be interactive, so bring your best blades. Show me yours and I will show you mine. Rapacious will discuss the use of knives in a session , precautions one needs to take to prevent injury, knife selection and sharpening.. The class will cover the long and the short of it, swords to penknives. Learn how to get into the mind by using sharp, cold steel. Learn how to tease the body with a razor’s edge , yet maintaining a safe play environment.

Bullwhips & Singletails Advanced 201 Taking The Next Step
This class will take the participant to the next level in bullwhip and single tail play. Rapacious will cover different contact techniques from mild to wild, and how to use long whips in a confined space. The class will actively participate in making the popper/cracker and how to attach to different types of whips. Additionally, Rap will cover the dynamics and details of sport cracking and target cutting. Bring your whips, this will be a “hands on” class as much as possible.
Sir Guy
The Dominant/Submissive Relationship:The Military Model
The Leather community is wide and diverse. As a result, the variety of ideas on how to express D/s relationships is wide and diverse. One such idea for the D/s household is the military model. Sir Guy will explore and dissect the military model’s hierarchal system for keys for use in the Master/slave, Dominant/submissive, relationship. He will show how the military model can be especially helpful in a poly family.

Discovering Dominance:A Guide to the Dominant Beginner
Many and varied are the guides and resources for those who are new to the submissive lifestyle, but those who are new to the Dominant side appear to have limited avenues to explore. Are the expectations for the Dominant in relationships higher? Should they be? What types of skills are essential? Are they physical skills, like flogging, using the single tail whip, or rope bondage? Is there something deeper, more complicated than that? Sir Guy will discuss the physical, spiritual and psychological dimensions of Dominance as well as sharing his personal journey, mistakes and all.
Utah Rox
Positions and Positioning The Art of Power Exchange through Formal Positions
This workshop shares the use of formal positions used for bonding, ritual and connection between himself and his submissive. Positions and positioning promotes mindspace and helps to define the rolls with in a M/s and D/s relationship. What is “kneel”? What is it used for? What mindspace does the command send a submissive to? Where should the submissive stand in relation to the Dominant? These are some of the topics that will be taught during this class. And lets never forget that positions aren't just useful, they're very erotic and sexy as hell. This one or two hour course guides you along a path of why's and how's of this oh so sexy topic.

Role Play Naughty school boys, Lavicious Librarians, Nasty Nurses and Perverted Police
A former police officer, fire fighter and emergency rescue technician Rox uses real life experiences as a training officer to capture the attention of his audience as he delves into the why's and how's of fantasy role play utilizing uniforms of every kind. During this course he describes to participants how with a little imagination a few props and key pieces of clothing one can transport themselves and their partners into any scenario.
Formal Tea Service (Hosted by Club Fem Southeast Florida)
Remember the old Victorian Style tea service, where the Ladies would gather in the afternoon, wearing beautiful dresses and big fancy hats? Well, this is 2010 and we are a kinky group, so let's just say it's a Victorian Tea with a twist; a BDSM twist that is and it's not limited to just the Ladies. Dominants, Tops, Mistresses and Masters are all invited to join and, if you would like your slave/sub/boy/boi(etc.) to take part in the lessons of etiquette and be a server, please get in touch with Head Mistress Divinity of Club FEM Southeast Florida. A limited number of servers will be accepted as volunteer servers.

In the first part of our presentation, the servers will be taught the proper etiquette of setting a table, the ritual of tea preparation and the respectful white gloved way to serve it. The second part of our presentation will include a brief history of the Art of Tea Service and a short musical tribute as our guests are being served, then it's on to enjoy our tea and decadent finger foods!
Predicament Bondage
Artemis Hunter Shares some playful Predicament Bondage techniques that include a little bit to a lot of rope.
Fun situations to be shared:
* Classic Stretched one foot Standing Tie
* Scrotum Hop
* Incorporating Ice with a partial suspension
* What to do with Two Naughty Knotty Girls
* Fun with Candles
Bring with you your play spirit and your toy bags. Odds are high that Artemis will offer to tie up folks and encourage you to play in the ropes.

From The Inside Out: What Bottoms Should Know
Class Level: Beginner through Advanced
What do first time bottoms need to know about rope bondage? What conversations and negotiations should you be having with your rope top regarding pending experiences? What do experienced rope bottoms need to know about other kinds of rope play to expand their rope universe?
"I have such little experience right now that I am a danger to myself let alone someone else practicing with me... I know accidents can happen to anybody." – Concerned bottom new to rope play
TIE ‘EM UP & FUCK ‘EM: Rope Bondage for the Impatiently Kinky
“I don’t do rope; it takes too long!” It’s a common refrain heard from people all over. This class aims to dispel that myth, with practical, speedy, and above all erotic techniques to bring rope into your kink. Fast body harnesses to improve your fucklife, methods of handling rope in a sensually effective way, and ideas for to keeping a scene hot from the first wrap to the last tangled ropegasm on the floor. Graydancer, host of the long-running Ropecast on the internet will share all the Great Secrets of Rope in his irreverent and engaging style. Whether you’re an experienced rigger, just took Basic Bondage, or are just curious about this whole “rope” thing, this class will have something in it to help you tie or be tied.

Military Style Bondage
Military Style Bondage Military-style bondage draws from the traditions of the samurai, the cavalry, the native Americans, special forces, and even various fictional sources to explore the fun of role-play in a Military style. Explore not only the physical forms of restraint and the reasoning behind them (including how to modify them for the safety and comfort of your “prisoner”) but also the psychological aspects of military discipline, interrogation techniques, and especially the methods of securing and manipulating the male body.
Evil, Mean, & Nasty Rope Bondage
We've heard a lot about the nice way to tie: comfortable cuffs, nothing around the neck, don't block circulation, and so on... A lot of good that will do when you've got a feisty bottom! So for this class, we're going to talk about the hard stuff. We'll cover ties for takedowns and stressful positions while evaluating the dangers they introduce into the scene. Bring one or two lengths of rope and get ready to play rough!

Disclaimer: Like climbing and skydiving, rope suspension can be very dangerous and is best learned and practiced under the supervision of a competent instructor.One of the most popular topics in rope bondage, suspension adds an entirely new dimesion to your play. This class is an introduction to the basics of suspension. Starting with a discussion of safety, hardware, and a few ties, each attendee will have an opportunity to attempt their first suspension. Previous knowledge of ropework required (at minimum, students are responsible for the information in the Rope Basics handout prior to attending. Six 30-Foot lengths of rope recommended
Leon Grossman
Harnesses for Suspension
Suspension is an exhilarating pursuit. It can also be frustrating, confusing and downright dangerous. Unless you are fortunate enough to have experienced riggers in your area, you must rely on analyzing photographs which may not provide adequate information. This class will cover the basics of creating several common harnesses and will showcase the key elements to making a good harness.

Bondage 101, 201
Rope bondage is easy. Really, really easy. That is, it is easy if you have someone to come and show you how to do it. Otherwise, it can be quite frustratingly difficult.
We're going to cover the basics of rope bondage. How do you keep the rope from tightening around your partner's hands? How do you keep them from wiggling out with surprising ease from the bondage you thought was inescapable? What rope do you use and where do you get it? Most importantly, why on earth would I use rope bondage when leather cuffs exist and are easily available? Bring rope.
Rustic Furniture: Objectification
The art of creating and becoming human furniture. Techniques for objectifying your bottom/slave through use of immobilization with bondage and other accessories to turn them into human furniture. Trays, chairs, ashtrays, tables, etc. Learn how to become human furniture and appreciate the objectification as a bottom.

Fancy Feet-utilizing foot bondage for nefarious and decorative purposes
An overview of variety of types of foot bondage and hands-on techniques with emphasis on enhancing your scenes. Primarily consisting of form vs. function [utilizing foot bondage to create beauty as well as provide a platform for sadism.
Nawa-aikido: The Way of Harmonious Energy with Rope
In this class Master Tatu will explore in depth the spiritual dynamic to rope bondage. "Nawa-aikido", a term coined by Tatu, literally meaning "the way of loving and harmonious energy through rope." Once you have your bottom beautifully tied, posed and exposed, what now? Learning how mutually connect in your rope scene, accessing the energies that activate the inner pleasure centers that are naturally within the body will be our objective. Tatu will discuss Dominance, submission and spirituality in terms of an "energy" and not simply roles played. Understanding the body and the flow of energies, and other approaches used in creating a spiritual connection between the Rope Top and bottom is fundamental to the goal of mutual pleasure. Techniques and concepts such as: scene setting, ceremony, tradition, ritual activities, simultaneous breathing, and meditation will be explored and practiced in this class.

Sex, Shibari Style: Japanese Ties for Sex
In this course, participants will learn what Tatu calls S.U.S.H.I. Seductive Uninhibited Shibari Hot Intimacy The Japanese have some very interesting ties that are accommodating for sexual pleasuring. This is a class on how to beautifully, tie, pose and expose your rope victim using classic shibari ties such as the Kotobu Ryo-tekubi, Komon Sarashi, mata-nawa and a number of other ties to position your delicacy. Tatu will teach these forms to enhance your personal experience. Sushi anyone? Suggested rope lengths for this workshop are: 3 24-30' & 2 12-15' lengths, either 5/16" or 3/8" in diameter. What to Bring: 3 24-30' & 2-12-15' lengths, either 5/16" or 3/8" in diameter
Elders Panel
John Warren
Master Ces
Tom Stice
Sub/slave Round Table

slave bonnie
Flogging Interactive
Master Oakman
slave diamond
Caning Interactive
Master Chrysty
Surprise Guest!