Hardy Haberman

Since the mid-70's Hardy has been an active in the leather community and a member of many BDSM/Fetish organizations including Dallas Motorcycle Club, Leather Rose Society, NLA-Dallas, Discipline Corps and a founding member of Inquisition-Dallas. Considering himself a "Pain Technologist" he specializes in CBT and has an unusual fondness for clips clamps and clothespins, as well as more esoteric SM play.

Professionally he is a filmmaker. His documentary on the leather lifestyle "LEATHER" has won numerous awards and appeared in festivals around the world, and his latest film, "Out of the Darkness, The Reality of SM" is currently being used by health care professionals around the world. His non-leather projects include the documentary "The Big Fair" look inside the State Fair of Texas, which is currently in post-production.

Outside his filmmaking, he is a gay activist, author & speaker on aspects of the SM/Leather scene. His book "The Family Jewels, A guide to male genital play and torment" published by Greenery Press is available at bookstores everywhere. He is currently editor of the NLA-Dallas Newsleather and Circle Leader of "Shouts In The Wilderness" leather circle at the Cathedral Of Hope in Dallas.

He was awarded NLAI's Man Of The Year award in 1999.
Since April, 1995, he and his boy Patrick have been living together in Dallas with their Feline Mistresses, Elvira and Samantha and newcomer Jack-The-Cat.


A native to Northern California, Amy has relocated Marvelous Mayhem LLC & Mayhem for Men to Atlanta Ga in 2006 with her business partner Lee Garvin. With a twenty-plus year career as the designer for many well-known lingerie and bra manufacturers, (such as Jezebel, Victoria's Secret, Frederick's of Hollywood, Tosca, Trashy lingerie, Faris Brothers, Lady Marlene, On Gossomer, and Carnaval) Amy has combined comfort, style and fit into all the corsets and lifestyle clothing, created in the Haute Coture house of Marvelous Mayhem LLC & Mayhem for Men.

Amy has been in the Lifestyle sense 1986. Leather & Lace, Sinbeyond, NLA Los Angeles and NLA International, KIIINK, Threshold, Tes, NLA Fort Lauderdale, SPICE, MAsT Atlanta pan and ladies, NLA Atlanta, have all been clubs that she has been very active in. Her leather family, Lone Wolfs is close knit and active with runs. She became Mrs. Daddy Mikey in 2007. Several times a year, you can find her attend events around the country.

Sir Guy

Sir Guy lives a Dominant lifestyle, publicly active in the BDSM scene for over five years. He is on the Board of Directors of The Eulenspiegel Society (TES), and formerly a Director of East Coast Leather Town Hall and New York Leather Weekend. He is a member of MAsT Metro New York, Black BEAT, Long Island Leather and Roses, The Society and Dom Sub Friends.

He has presented at TES, Black Rose, Conversio Virium (Columbia University BDSM group), Dom Sub Friends, GMSMA, Long Island Leather and Roses, Knot for Everyone, The Society and The Floating World I and 2. He is the winner of the TES 2005 Dominant Men/submissive womens' Literary Contest.

In addition to being a uniform enthusiast, he is a former New York City police officer and is a New York State certified Emergency Medical Technician, who has participated in rescue efforts at Ground Zero and at Hurricane Katrina.

International Master/slave 2010

Master Obsidian is the chapter founder and Director of MAsT (Masters And slaves Together) Austin and is also the Junior Regional Representative for the Southwest Region of MAsT International. He has also served on the Board of GWNN (The Group with No Name) in Austin Texas and is the current moderator of Black BEAT Texas. Additionally he and his devoted slave namaste hold the titles of Southwest Master and Southwest slave 2010. They also serve as moderators for the national MAsT Open yahoo group as well as the regional MAsT Austin discussion list. Master Obsidian is a published author with articles in BDSM publications covering the M/s and BDSM lifestyle and philosophy, his educational experience also includes workshop presentations, seminars and classes focusing on M/s relationship dynamics and techniques. A 2009 nominee for the Pantheon of Leather Man of the Year award, he has also been honored to mentor both novice and seasoned Dominants. Master Obsidian has been in the lifestyle for over two decades and is the owner of slave namaste and the Master of House Obsidian in Texas.

slave namaste is honored and privileged to be the 24/7 slave of Master Obsidian. she has counseled, mentored and taught on Surrender, Internalization of slavery, spirituality and submission. Her writings on surrender and absolute slavery have been featured on web sites and in books including the "Art of Slavery" Edition of the Power Exchange Reference Series. She is Founder and co-moderator of various lifestyle groups, including one geared specifically for slaves in TPE relationships as well as running a blog/website with a focus on excellence in service called Service Savoir Faire. She possesses a great passion for aiding her fellow slaves in the lifestyle, Domestic Service, Protocols, Spirituality and The Art of Surrender.

Big Red and Super Dillon

Big Red is an equal opportunity sadistic Femme Daddy, who is a performance and Spoken Word Artist celebrated for her ability to wear many different shoes. In one pair of those shoes she is dedicated to facilitating personal and communal connection and healing, and in another equally empowering and self-embracing pair of red stilettos she works on various ways to encourage, support, and evoke opportunities to accept and create verbiage, experiences, language, and culture that is raw, creative, authentic, sensual, deeply intense, just, and intent on empowering, healing, and transforming self, relationships, and communities.

superdillon is a masochist switch who likes tube socks with stripes. she is a writer and comedic performer who has appeared on stage at the Punchline in Atlanta. superdillon holds a 2nd degree black belt in napping. Together they are an all-purpose queer poly couple who live in a secret lair outside Atlanta.

Master Bob and slave jan

Master Bob Blount and slave jan call the Portland and Willamette Valley kink communities home. They began the shift from a floundering, ho-hum equal partnership twelve-year marriage to a negotiated power dynamic relationship at the turn of the millennium and slowly over a year and a half time found themselves spirit led to living a consensual Master/slave lifestyle.

In his professional life, Master Bob runs his own personal motivation business, and is a certified life coach specializing in relationship and personal growth issues. In and out of the leather community Master Bob and slave jan are passionate about helping others to live more joyful and fully authentic lives. Through her writing and sharing other expressive arts slave jan helps others to explore and celebrate their own unique paths to self discovery.

While understanding that being out is a luxury not everyone can afford Master Bob feels fortunate to be able to choose this path for himself and his slave because he feels that living ones truth from a place of integrity and authenticity is the surest path he knows of to creating a fulfilling life. The disapproval and frowns of others and being misunderstood and held at a distance for choosing a life too out of step with the standard choices, pales in the light of living our life honestly and in alignment with our deepest core truths. Creating our bonds from this place of authenticity forges a deeply rewarding and meaningful relationship.

Artemis Hunter

Artemis Hunter (, the Atlanta based Erotic Rope Artist and Photographer, BDSM lifestyler, Public and Private Rope Bondage Instructor and Kinky Educator, joins us at Beyond Leather this year for an exciting round of energy swapping. Her energies pool and rush between soft sensuality and animalistic (and sometimes sadistic) flashes of raw passion, she embodies knowing intensity.

Artemis is a founding member of Knot Guilty (, a Metropolitan Atlanta Community of unique people who enjoy incorporating Rope Bondage into their personal adult play. She spends much of her time gathering knowledge with some of the world�s finest rope artists so that she may help bring those ideas (and sometimes the artist themselves) back to the South to foster interest in shibari and rope bondage art.

Described as sexually liberated, Artemis uses rope as a tool to share with open minded and inquisitive people erotic ideas about unexpected excitements that await them in the BDSM world. You may have caught her presenting at demonstrations, seminars, or private erotic weekend get-a-ways for Augusta Iron Rose Society (AIRS), Central Alabama Power Exchange (CAPE), Atlanta Regional Munch (ARM) events, The Red Chair Society, DomCon 2007, Master Dave�s Naughty Nights, T3WD, LOCK, or other places/events where kinky people gather to toss about energy.


Edge is an author, artist, mentor, teacher, and hard core player from Florida with nearly 20 years of experience in the scene. His erotic stories have appeared in print in International Leatherman and Prometheus, online at Roped Web and All American Kink, and have been anthologized in the collections Tough Guys, Roughed Up, and Rough Stuff; he's also written columns for GMSMA's Newslink and All American Kink. He has previously given presentations for GMSMA, Leatherfest, TES, TNG3, Black Rose, TES's Queer SIG, TES Fest, Leather Retreat, Thunder in the Mountains, South Plains Leatherfest, International Ms. Leather, Beyond Leather, and the Southeast Erotic Cultural Conference, but he is perhaps best known for his former website,, a collection of links, essays, and kinky resources. He also spearheaded 100 Bloggers, an effort to get more kinky folk writing blogs. As his name and online moniker would suggest, he enjoys a wide range of edge play activities, from breath control to weaponsex to anesthesia and knockout play, though he also has a passion for stogie scenes, clean classic Japanese hemp rope bondage, and prolonged, intimate inner thigh beatings.

Mark Frazier

Mark is the co-owner of International Leather Sir/boy & Community Bootblack Contests. In 2007, he retired after 13 years of owning the Dallas Eagle and Dallas Woody’s Sports and Video Bar and has gone back to college to earn a degree in nursing.

Mark has held various local, regional and International leather titles as well as numerous board positions on local, regional, national and international boards. He has been awarded many awards including: Pantheon of Leather's Man of the Year 1996, Pantheon's Reader's Choice Man of the Year 1995, 2002 Lifetime Achievement Award – NLA International, Pantheon’s South Central Award for 2004, Pantheon’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2006.

Mark is a proud long-term member of NCSF, NLA-International, NLA- Dallas, Discipline Corps and an Associate Member of the Chicago Hellfire Club.

Master Chrysty

Master Chrysty is a lifestyle Female Dominant with eight years of tormenting boys and girls in a wide variety of delectable and sinful ways. Master Chrysty is active with several lifestyle organizations in Houston, Texas, including the National Leather Association-Houston, Masters And slaves Together (MAsT), ClubFEM, and EROS Houston. She has been a panelist on a radio talk show, a co-Emcee/auctioneer at leather events, and a guiding resource for newbies. Master Chrysty is known for applying creativity and energy in a style that rarely falls below the realm of “edge play.” Her most-recent and favorite activities include waterboarding and breath control. She has also been “evaluating” the United Nations’ banned tortures list – too bad there are so few months to try each one!

slave vaughn

Slave vaughn has been a lifestyle submissive and rubber fetishist since 1995. He is also the author of the Erskan Chronicles, novels that blend life-long passions for science fiction and adventure with pulse pounding erotic dominance & submission. His memberships and affiliations have included NLA-Houston, NLA-Dallas, Different Strokes, ClubFEM, EROS Houston, TES, Other World Kingdom, and several others. When not traveling to kink events throughout the world, he collects original fetish art to complement a growing latex and leatherwear wardrobe. He lives in Houston, Texas, with pet racing motorcycles.

Master Oakman and slave diamond

Master Oakman a Leatherman and Educator, has been in the Lifestyle for 16 years. He collared (2001) and branded His adoring slave diamond in December of 2002 and they have been together for 9 years living a 24/7, M/s, BDSM Lifestyle . Master Oakman was President of Spice in 2004. Past Presenter at Community Link, YNot, Bash 2006 and Bash in June of 2007, where He re-branded slave diamond. He has educated many with classes on Branding, Florentine Flogging, Whip Cracking and Knife Play. He Presented at Beyond Leather in it's inaugural year for Interactive Florentine Flogging 2008 and again in 2009. He continues to serve the community as a BDSM group organizer, MasT South Florida chapter member/presenter and collaborator of the local Pansexual Community where He is well respected.

slave diamond has been in the lifestyle for 9 years. she has been a 24/7, collared and branded slave to Master Oakman for the past 8 years living and loving in the M/s, BDSM Lifestyle. she was President of Spice 2007. she was co-Presenter and has taught many the Florentine Flogging skills she learned from Master Oakman at Bash in 2006 and 2007 and Beyond Leather in 2008 and 2009. she is a member of MasT South Florida Chapter. she continues to serve the community as a co-BDSM group organizer and volunteer of most Local Fetish/Bdsm fund-raising events. O/our House, The House of Oakman, believes in Integrity, Respect, Honor, Friendship and Love.

Mitch Herman

Mitch is a self described “Leather Man” who is preferential to latex, more or less straight and mostly sadistic. While he is not always serious about himself, he is very serious about the magic element of what we do, something he simply calls “It”. A fixture of the BDSM public scene for well over a decade, Mitch has been involved with, supported and directed numerous straight and gay lifestyle organizations and presented workshops locally and across North America. To know him is to share his passion for play, for engaging the mind and pushing his own limits and those of his play partners. An admitted obsessive-compulsive, Mitch loves a challenge, and is recognized as a “Jack of all trades and master of many” within the community. But, he doesn't consider himself as a “technical” player, “The skills are just tools in the tool box”, he says, “The art is in being the architect with a plan, not just being good with a hammer.” Mitch lives in Florida with his beautiful wife and submissive Sybil, whom he refers to as vice president of the universe.

Sybil Herman

Sybil is a lifelong devotee to the dynamics and passion of bdsm, and also honored to be the 24/7 submissive to her Sir, Mitch Herman. While happy to beat the living daylights out of a good friend or play partner (male or female), on occasion, she is largely wired as a devoted submissive to the one and only man that inspired her to inform her friends she had finally “met her match”. Dragged forcibly from the private lifestyle to into the public scene by her Sir’s preferences, she has found that some amazing experiences, kindred, and even dear family were to be found in the adventure.

Her contributions in a presentation forum usually focus on the psychological, rather than technical, aspects of what makes a good (or bad) scene. (This, of course, means aside from the contribution of blood, sweat, and/or tears that often accompany any co-presenting with her Sir). With a penchant for analyzing the internal wiring of what we do, she offers an insight based on years of experience and reflection - not just on the reasons for the adrenaline soaked highs of an extreme version of our lifestyle, but also the very unique emotional complexities of it. She lives a charmed and happy life with her Sir and their small menagerie of quadrupeds, in Florida.


"Tatu is a male dominant from Florida. His central love has been Japanese Rope Bondage, or otherwise known as Kinbaku or Nawa Shibari." He has been teaching Shibari as a spiritual component to D/s for many years and is on a very short list of well-respected Rope Masters in the US.

His first introduction to Japanese Styled Rope was in the late 1970's while living in New Orleans as a graduate student. Through the early years his love of bondage grew at first with a "damsel in distress" western style approach until the early 1990's when he began gravitating more and more to the Japanese style (Kinbaku / Shibari).

Tatu is the creator of the website which offers a wide variety of rope and BDSM information from an "Eastern School" approach; as well as the website which explores rope art from a Japanese cultural perspective.

He is also the owner / founder of the Adult Rope Art Yahoo Discussion Group with some 14,000 participants. It is the largest support & educational rope group on the Internet, helping people with: techniques, safety, resources, and artistic exploration of the art of rope.


I am proud to have been awarded the title of Ms. SF Leather 2009! I look forward to serving the San Francisco Leather Community to the best of my ability, and to serve as a representative and ambassador for our amazing lifestyle.

Mollena "Mo" Williams has taught classes on Leather Lifestyle issues for many years including "Diplomacy and Tact in BDSM Relationships," "AFTERCARE: Building block or Icing on the Cake," "The Emotionality And Aftermath of Edgeplay," and the highly controversial "Taboo Play." She has taught classes to private Leather Groups in Washington, DC, Michigan, Arizona, California, Portland, and Illinois. She has over 12 years of experience in the BDSM and Alternative communities. Mo travels nationally, teaching Leather Lifestyle Classes, and also have had her work published by the Society of Janus Newsletter and The Eulenspiegel Society's magazine, Prometheus (Issue 41). She was interviewed for The Bottoming Book, ColorLines Magazine, and the award winning documentary Vice and Consent. She's also featured in "Jay Wiseman Teaches Basic Rope Bondage"

Mollena has appeared on or moderated panel discussions on various topics including "Issues of People of Color in the Leather Community," "Negotiation," and "Submissive Women's Issues." Mo proudly bears the scars from being featured as "Stunt Sub" for countless BDSM workshops and demonstrations. She has studied the fields of interpersonal communications and conflict moderation extensively. She must clean up pretty well because she was also a Stormy Leather "Extra Lusty Bordello Line" model!

Mollena identifies as a slave, masochist, and "Delicate, Trembling Flower of Submission," however she has been spotted gleefully wielding a cane now and again. She is nothing if not accommodating! Mollena is delighted to have the amazing opportunity to make pleasure her business as the new Senior Editor for, and the interim Magazine Editor for


Phoenix’s official entrance into the Seattle BDSM community was by joining the local SM Dyke club, Outer Limits in 1986. From there Phoenix quickly went on to become a coordinator in that organization until it closed in the mid-90's. Phoenix is the co-founder/producer of the well-known and highly-regarded Wicked Womyn SM conference in Seattle. Phoenix also served as a coordinator for the several PowerSurge Conferences in the 1990’s as well. Phoenix has taught many workshops across the USA, Europe, and Canada for over 20 years on play piercing, cutting, suturing, fire play, blood drawing, flogging, and Japanese rope harness. Phoenix also loves “hooks” and has facilitated many energy pulls and suspensions.

Some of the events Phoenix has served include Women at Leather Pride - Amsterdam, Schmacht! - Berlin, SM Dykes - Manchester England, Dark Odyssey - Baltimore, Lesbian Sex Mafia - New York, Thunder In The Mountains - Denver, Southwest Leather Conference – Phoenix, Pacific Friction – Portland WA, Mayhem – Vancouver Canada, Southern Bash – Atlanta, and in Seattle: Wicked Womyn, PowerSurge, Seattle Women of Leather, Center for Sex Positive Culture (the Wetspot), C-Space, Kinky Carnival, and the Blood Faire.

Phoenix believes it is important to share knowledge about SM techniques but also to listen and learn from others as well. Phoenix has many interests, but motorcycle riding and service bois are some favorites. Phoenix identifies as Two-Spirit Native (Cree First Nations/Scots), Gender Queer, Top, Sir, and Daddy, and has a particular fondness for having boots shined.


Divinity is Head Mistress of ClubFem Southeast Florida and has been a Lifestyle Domme for over 10 years. She is committed to advancing the FemDOM lifestyle, is an active member of MAst and the South Florida Munch.

Divinity is skilled at rituals and protocols, slave training and has a never ending desire for spanking, CBT and using her long and sharp fingernails to cause welts on bare skin. Her sadistic streak instills a sense of fear and awe in those who encounter it, especially her slave husband, who is utterly devoted to serving Her every need. She is also an accomplished photographer and a writer on a wide variety of subjects, including D/s.


Graydancer, Ninja Sex Poodle and Ronin of Love, comes from the venerable rope bondage tradition of Madison, WI, where he honed his craft to become the world premiere podcaster of rope bondage with "the Ropecast."

He teaches, performs, and does other pretty outrageous things with rope and human bodies at events such as Leather Leadership Conference, Shibaricon, Folsom Faire, SPANK, the Leather Archives and Museum, Austin Ropecraft Symposium, and many other venues. As a bi poly kinky dom he misses the title "mega-slut" by only the narrowest of margins and currently roams the countryside, an itinerant Rope Top smiting the evil of sloppy ends wherever they may lie.

Master Archer

Leather, just the sound of the word gives a sense of the sensual power of treated skins. As a teen Archer started working with leather, the smell and feel of it had some primal effect on him. Even then the power images of leather had a part in his sexual fantasies, but the images of abuse held him back from exploring them. Leatherwork went by the wayside when he graduated and then went to Marion Military Institute and earned a Commission in the Army Reserve. His love of working with leather returned years later. That, along with the sensual images of his youth, led him to begin in Dallas, Texas in 1996 what he expect to be a life-long exploration of BDSM.

Archer’s relationship with his slave Elegant started in September of 1998 and prompted him to get more involved with the leather community. His immediate leather family now also includes his Boi Lane and Renee. Archer is a member of MasT-Atlanta, MAsT Southeast Region Representative, CORE-Atlanta, NLA-International, and a business member of NCSF. He is an Environmental Scientist and ‘out’ to his employer. Since moving to Atlanta in the summer of 2002 Archer has also been working to expand his leather and toy business, Fantasies In Leather. He provides educational experiences to groups large and small on subjects ranging from Fireplay and Microbondage to Exploring Your Leather Identity and Rites Of Passage. His dedication to the community and specifically in lifestyle education always leads him to new experiences.


Elegant began her leather journey in Dallas, Texas in 1997 and has been an active part of the Atlanta community since moving in 2001. She does not like being identified with a single label, as her identity is a blending of her life. She is slave to Master Archer, mother to two teens, PTA volunteer, leather crafter, bootblack, and co-owner of Fantasies In Leather and TLC Leather Care. Elegant is a member of NLA-I, MAST-Atlanta, Publicity Team Lead for Southwest Leather Conference, past Publicity & Marketing Chair for SouthEast LeatherFest (2004-2007), staff for International Community Bootblack, producer of Boot Camp Atlanta and was the creator of the Atlanta Fetish Flea Market. Her experiences have led her to judging opportunities at International Community Bootblack competition, Southwest Bootblack competition, SouthEast Master/slave contest and other leather contests. Elegant had the honor of being selected as Southeast Bootblack 2005 at Together In Leather and 1st Runner-Up at International Community Bootblack 2005.

Bootblacking and leather care are Elegant’s passions. She considers them services of love and an art form in which to express herself. She has a kinky love for extreme clothespin play, hooks and needles, deep impact opportunities and all things flaming and has led education classes on techniques and workshops of the mind with Master Archer. Her dedication to the community and specifically in spreading a positive awareness of D/s~S/m is a never-ending path to understanding her own life


Lqqkout is a fun-loving rope geek and sex educator who has found a home in the Midwest kink community. When he's not traveling to events, he contributes to the Iowa State University CUFFS group, and serves on the board of Minneapolis TNG group Min-KY. Although he's a relatively new member of the scene, LqqkOut has presented at numerous events across the country, including Kinky Kollege, Shibaricon, Denver Bound, and Beyond Leather.

As a presenter, LqqkOut aims to provide a comfortable down-to-earth learning environment for all genders, orientations, and experience levels.

LqqkOut's long list of presentations, events, and class materials can be found at his website

Insatiable Amazon

Insatiable Amazon began her leather journey nearly two decades ago. She weaves her passions and beliefs together to make her a much sought after presenter whether it is relationship dynamics, techniques or body, mind and spirit presentations as well as her erotic/exotic shows.

She is a European born, multi-cultural, bilingual Domme who currently calls Atlanta, GA home. She wears many hats as a volunteer, mentor, teacher, student of life, advocate, community leader and active participant and lifestyle professional.She proudly embraces life & lives her colors.

Insatiable Amazon is an embodiment of her name who not only stands a statuesque 6’2” but also exudes an incredible passion for adventure, love, learning, life and sharing with others savoring it one bite at a time.

On a personal note she enjoys traveling, cooking and tempting all of ones senses. Her current quest is to get her pilots license. Quote, “Life is a journey to be enjoyed”.

She has presented locally, regionally and across the nation serving and participating as: Ms Southeast Olympus Leather 2007, Mentor/Promoter SE Olympus Leather Board of Directors, Secretary/Operations Leather Leadership Conference (LLC)/LOC Atlanta 2009, Mistress of Ceremonies DomCon Atlanta 2005 - 2008, Mistress of Ceremonies DomCon LA 2007, 2008, Assistance Presenter Coordinator DomCon Atlanta 2006-200, Mistress Of Ceremonies Atlanta Bound 2008, Judge Southeast Olympus Leather Contest 2007, Judge West Coast Olympus Leather Contest 2008.

Master Gallad and slave kelly

Master Gallad and slave kelly’s calling became known soon after being in the presence of the other, each drawing from the other- that missing part of the balance which drove them forward with purpose. Motivated heart and soul by the Master/slave dynamic, each felt that their spiritual path was directly connected to the M/s dynamic, and has surrender obedience to the Universe.
Master Gallad and slave kelly’s BDSM interests fall into the category of 'high impact' play. Further developments of fire play, needle work, shibari, and whips have given them the opportunity to extend knowledge to others. They offer to educate others with skill development and information on best practices and safety pertaining to each. BDSM play for them has developed in a way that enhances the Master/slave dynamic, not only through physical aspects, but as part of spiritual enhancement through cathartic play sessions.

With the sounds of woofs and whoo whoo's coming from each side of the country, Master Gallad and slave kelly are motivated to lead others through their own journey. Along with their newly formed Windy City MAsT, other ideas and enhancements are in the works. Preparations are being made to offer classes in Shamanism, and expansion and unification of MAsT and the Leather Community on a Regional level. Master Gallad and slave kelly are honored and humbled to hold the title of Great Lakes Master and slave 2008.

Foxy and Sherifox

International Pony Play Championship 2008. Winners of BEST OF SHOW at the International Pony Play Championships in Minnesota 2007

Foxy is a southern outdoorsman, cowboy and horse trainer. Sherifox [SHA-REE-FOX] is of French and Native American descent. She is a direct descendant of Chief Joseph of the Nez Pearce tribe. During his western travels Foxy met Sherifox in Montana and together they explored her Native American culture, which piqued their interest in the ancient rituals and ceremonies. Involved in the lifestyle for decades, they also enjoy all aspects of BD/SM ranging from rope bondage/suspensions to training ponies for pony play.

Foxy and Sherifox are founders and proprietors of NATIVE AMERICAN EXOTICS based in Central Florida.

Leon Grossman

Leon moved to Chicago in 1998 and became a part of the pansexual BDSM community shortly thereafter. He has participated in the operation of several organizations including presidency of The Next Generation of Chicago (TNGC), participation in the Chicago Leather Leadership Council, and volunteer work for both the LRA and Galleria Domain II of Chicago. He is currently the Secretary of the Leather Archives and Museum.

He helped popularize rope bondage in Chicago with participation in the Chicago Rope and Mummification group and from there has taught a variety of topics from rope bondage to D/s theory at lifestyle events and organizations around the Country.

His fetish and BDSM photography has appeared in Eros-Zine, the Dirty Show, Baltimore Erotic Arts Festival, SEAF, Bondage Magazine and other venues.

Cherries Jubalie

CherriesJubalie is a switch, an independent professional Domme, and the collared slave to Leon von Monkey Fetish. I have been in the lifestyle since I tied my dolls to the chandelier of their dream house and I am currently living in a 24/7 relationship. I am very active at both Pansexual and Leather lifestyle events and for the community at large. I am also an active volunteer and supporter of the Leather Archives and Museum. and

Utah Rox

• Utah Rox is a Dominant Leatherman trained in both traditional old guard and modern SM leather. Rox lives the Master/slave and power exchange lifestyle 24/7. He is a long standing patched charter member of a large international motorcycle club. He believes that if you are given the gift of education and knowledge your responsibility is to pass it on and share it with others. He has earned extensive wisdom in teaching one on one and group sessions.

• As a retired Police Officer Utah Rox incorporates real life pain delivery tactics into his play skills set. He gained many of his BDSM tools from being experienced in mountain search and rescue, firefighting and emergency medical response. As a past educator in law enforcement, Rox is able to captivate an audience and teach his classes based from life experiences.

• Utah Rox is the Key Organizer of the Utah Rebellion, he is the Head Master of a Salt Lake BDSM201 Intermediate series of classes ,he is on the administration and a presenter coach for the Path 101 BDSM Group. He has performed fetish demos at several clubs as well as Thunder in the Mountains, Maui Kink in Hawaii, DomCon Los Angeles, and DomCon Atlanta, The Journeyman III Academy and The Leather Quest.

Rox is a fetish photographer, runs a CD/TV/TS website and has extensive experience in gender play. Some of his top fetishes include boots, single tails, taboo, needles, smoke, uniforms and breath control.


An international presenter, title holder, contest judge, emcee, keynote speaker, and recipient of a Pantheon of Leather award, Caro has been actively involved in the Leather community for decades. Having presented all over the United States, most recently she was a presenter at Spring Iniquity in Houston, Texas and Beyond Leather in Fort Lauderdale, FL. In Canada, she has presented workshops at Mr. Leather Toronto, and for Ottawa Leather Pride in Ottawa, Canada. She has also been a presenter for events such LLC, IMsL, CLAW, Beyond Vanilla, Tribal Fire, smOdyssey. Heart of America/KCLU, TES-30, Threshold, NJ Leather Weekend, Florida Fetish Weekend, and Floating World as well as for smaller groups such as DSF and Black Phoenix. She has also been a guest lecturer for post-graduate level classes at University of Pennsylvania, Widener University, and UCSF.

A former titleholder, Ms. Olympus Leather, 2005, in 2008, she was selected as a judge for the 30th anniversary of the International Mr. Leather contest. In 2009 she judged the regional contests for International Leather Sir and boy, and the North American Pony/Trainer, which, in addition to judging the International Pony/Trainer, makes her the only person to have judged both national/international pony contests. She has been a judge for the international Olympus title twice, once as a head judge, and also judged regional contests for the Olympus title in both the US and Canada. She was also selected to judge Mr. Leather Ottawa in 2007.

Her honors include the Pantheon of Leather Award in 2007 and being selected to join Mama’s Family, (Mama’s Tyrannosaurs Regina). Caro is part of the Philadelphia chapter of NLA-I, the Leather Tribe of Philadelphia, and she serves on Executive Board of the National Leather Association International, and the Educational Committee. In 2009, she received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Leather Association International


Dex is a Dominant who began his journey into the lifestyle over 10 years ago on an educational and self-reflective path of discovery. Dex’s interests are wide and his play styles varied. He is passionate about leather and sharing what he has learned. For eight years, Dex immersed himself in the lifestyle as Master of a formal leather house that at one time had a 24/7 submissive and 17 extended family members. Featured in Sensuous Sadie’s book, It’s Not About the Whip, Dex would say it is all about the whip and, yes, much much more.

Dex is a whip slut who will create a whip scene with anyone who will stand for a whip. He considers the whip more than simply a toy in a toybag. He loves the energy and synergy in the crowded dungeon and loves the dance of the whip. Dex is passionate about the whip. He is also very interested in rituals and formalities of the lifestyle, leather, corsetry, medical play, electric play, bastinado, caning, and food play. He is always seeking ways grow in the lifestyle and sharing what he has learned with others. He has presented at Summer Bash, Spring Fling, The Floating World 08, Southeast Leatherfest 09 and Thunder in the Mountains 09. He has worked with local groups and presented for T.I.E.D., Anchor, APeX, AKPC, Rose & Thorn, and Ohio SMART.

John Warren, Ph.D.

Author: The Loving Dominant, The Torquemada Killer, Murder at Roissy, Safe Sane Consensual and Fun, High-Tech Toys

Of John Warren’s four published works, the most popular, The Loving Dominant, is a nonfiction exploration of the how’s and why’s of consensual domination and submission play. Two others are fiction. The Torquemada Killer, is a police procedural set in the New York D&S scene; Murder at Roissy is a who-done-it set at an Arizona D&S resort. Safe Sane Consensual and Fun is an unusual blend of fiction and fact. Fifteen short D&S-based stories are presented both for the reader’s enjoyment and to serve as seed-stock for his or her real-life sensual scenarios. Advice and safety information are provided in marginal notes. His most recent fictional work was a short fiction story, “Blunted Affect” in Greenery Press’ Dreaming in Color. His most recent book was High-Tech Toys, part of Greenery’s Toybag Guide Series. He is also the author of numerous magazine articles.

Dr. Warren received his Ph.D. from the University of Tennessee. He has taught at both East Carolina University and the University of Southern Mississippi, and he ran Diversified Services, a mail order company that has been providing books and other things for the BDSM community for over a decade. He is married to Libby, a switch, who wrote a well-thought-of section of The Loving Dominant on submission. They created the Boston Dungeon Society, a educational and social group for those interested in BDSM


Rapacious is a male dominant, professional whip artist, and martial arts instructor accumulating extensive experience with bullwhips, knives, and martial arts weapons. With his submissive Purple, Rapacious performs martial arts, knives, and bullwhip demos/seminars for both Ds and vanilla events. Rap has over 40 years of martial arts experience and has studied in Okinawa, mainland Japan, and Europe, as well as here in the United States. Rapacious has been involved in the BDSM community for 14 years and is well known in the southeast BDSM community. Rapacious was a member of the Orlando power exchange and has previously served on the board of directors. Additionally he has presented seminars and workshops across the country to include, The Orlando Bash, Dominion, Kinky Kollege, Woodstocks and both years of Beyond Leather. Rap is currently retired after completing successful careers in both the military and as a professional educator. Rapacious is extremely versatile and doesn’t limit himself to just whips and knifes. He is highly skilled in suture play, fire play, bondage, electrical play, pressure points, floggers, etc. Raps says that skill with various implements is important, but knowing how to use the mind it the most important skill of all.