Reviews for Beyond Leather 2008


We've been to big events and honestly, we thought yours blew them out of the water.


Bravo to Sir Top and slave bonnie:
On an absolutely WONDERFUL week-end!! Y/your hard work paid off! E/everyone W/we spoke to said what an AWESOME time T/they had!!! Kudos to the staff/volunteers!! E/eVERYONE of Y/you did GREAT!! The teams stepped up and pulled thru!


The Presenters were OUT OF THIS WORLD!! i didn’t get to see all the O/ones i wanted, but what i did see was UNBELIEVABLE!!! Vendors were totally COOL!!!! There was a nice variety going, and i was able to see M/many that i hadn’t seen in awhile!



I just gotta say it again, CONGRATULATIONS to Sir Top and Her slave bonnie for a wonderful Event!! brandigirl



Top and Bonnie... You did it!!!! WOW! What a totally fantastic weekend! What a PHENOMENAL effort and event Beyond Leather was this last weekend!!! MAJOR KUDOS to both of them, as well as all the BL presenters and volunteer staff!



The Volunteer Department Heads and their staffs were devoted, hard working and totally committed to doing whatever they could to insure that BL would be be great!



and event for everyone in attendance! BL was NEW, FRESH, EXCITING and right up there in class and caliber with the other major national events. It was FANTASTIC seeing BL support and draw in so many people from near and far alike for its inaugural year. It was EVEN MORE FANTASTIC to everyone unite in an environment where we could all learn, share and grow in the various forms of alternative lifestyles and living that we love! I have no doubt that BL will continue to grow and be that way every year for years to come! The volunteers were AWESOME! The presenters were WONDERFUL! The attendees were AMAZING! Congratulations to all the BL volunteer department heads! WOW what a team Top and Bonnie put together! Keiki



[BeyondLeather] Words can't express:
Dear Sir Top, slave bonnie, and all of the other fabulous people that helped create and carry off Beyond Leather 2008: Words can truly not express how much Jim and i enjoyed O/ourselves this past weekend. The classes were truly informative and inspiring. In fact, W/we heard more than one couple (O/ourselves included) say that
they missed classes they planned to attend due to being *warmed-up*;-) by one of the earlier classes. All of the staff and attendees were warm and welcoming; W/we were able to connect with our Tampa Bay friends and meet a lot of amazing, witty, and knowledgeable people from around the country. The dungeons and music were out of O/our dreams and fantasies, and watching so many skilled others play was beyond hot!



Naysayers had told U/us that W/we would be let down by the conference --that as a hetero couple we would feel out of place and that the classes and speeches wouldn't really apply to us. WOW, were they wrong! Beyond Leather was truly a pansexual event where everyone and every kink was welcome. This was the first kink conference of any kind that W/we have attended, and you have all set the bar astronomically high for any future events we attend.



W/we definitely plan to attend BL 2009. In fact, W/we look forward to being at Beyond Leather 2028, reminiscing with others who were there for the beginning of such a phenomenal and inclusive event. Thank Y/you for sharing your dream.
Brightest blessings,
Jim and piper



Fun in the Sun:
Master Talon and i cannot thank Y/you both enough for the vision of BL and for the time and effort involved in developing and presenting a spectacular event such as this! Y/your volunteers, presenters and shows were all professional and well planned. If there were any snags in the background they were seamless to the attendees, which is as it should be for any event.
The hotel was perfect, the hotel staff were all accommodating and handled our event with all the professionalism and friendliness you would expect for any upscale event. my food allergies are always an issue when traveling, but the food staff handled it beautifully and took excellent care of my special needs. W/we did leave a RAVING comment card for the hotel and staff and would urge others to do the same by calling or writing the manager Sheraton Suites Cypress Creek, 555 N.W. 62nd Street · Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309. Phone: (954) 772-5400 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (954) 772-5400      end_of_the_skype_highlighting ...a positive comment will go a long way when Sir Top and slave bonnie plan the next event!
The shows were a fabulous idea and everyone we spoke to enjoyed them immensely and i think the performers were having as much fun as the audiences!
One additional word about the presentation by! i knew immediately, when i attended her Corseting class that i HAD to attend to hear her speech on Saturday night (and made sure O/our schedule allowed U/us to be back from Master's birthday dinner celebration just in time for the ceremonies at 8pm. None of U/us were disappointed! She is a wonderfully, warm, caring and intelligent person and it comes across in all she does.

Beyond Leather will be on O/our "must attended list" for the future and W/we cannot wait until next year. W/we ended our weekend at the BBQ and stayed an extra night at the hotel to relax in the Florida sunshine for one more day. W/we arrived back in Madison to welcome sunshine, no snow and a hopeful 70 degress this week...a wonderful end to our vacation! The South Florida community rocks! W/we will be spreading the word here in the Madison and midwest communities!

Sir Top and slave bonnie, hats off to Y/you both from MasterTalon, and a most thankful and respectful slave bow to Y/you from me. Master Talon and slave pita



It's Tuesday and I'm still flying:
Above everything, I want to thank Sir Top and bonnie once again for inviting us to attend this year. I can honestly say this was the absolute BEST energy I have experienced at an event (no offense to any other producers). My little girl and I knew only a handful of people when we arrived, but we had many new friends when we left. I don't believe I have experienced that level of hospitality and kinship with so many people so quickly.

We already have two more that want to come next year with us (our "odd square") and it's already on our calendar.

Zita and I want to return to the area before another year goes by, though. We're glad to be home, but it was tough to leave. Hopefully, we'll be there soon.
Yours in Leather,



Dear Sir Top and slave bonnie, (and everyone else too!)
Just wanted to let you know that this was our first time attending an event within your "circle" and we absolutely loved it. My girls and I had a wonderful weekend at Beyond Leather. The event was extremely well organized. The energy was incredible. The presenters were knowledgeable and personable. We instantly felt like part of the group. We're still in denial about being back in vanilla-land already!

Thank you so much for an amazing experience. We are eagerly looking forward to future events!
Sincerely, Sir Seven, slave jennifer, slave rebecca



Coming Up for Air:
Man-O-Man what a wild ride it's been. Where do I start and more importantly where do I stop ???? This event brought out the best in everyone. I love to walk the play spaces and see the combined energy of all those playing. I witnessed so many great scenes and the energy that each scene produced was easily measured...I still feel it !!! Great job, Great people and a FANTASTIC event...Top & bonnie, you've raised the bar for other events...Love 'cause there's niothin' better!!! Master Oakman



Wow, from the Golden Ticket Winner:
Thank you Sir Top, slave bonnie and all the fabulous volunteers!!! Never in our wildest
imagination did we think the first happening of Beyond Leather would be so absolutely
fabulous. Everything was perfect. We meet some olde friends and made so many new
friends. We learned more then we ever thought possible and loved every minute of it. For those of you who missed my screams of glee when we won one of the raffle baskets....a wonderful assortment of canes donated by, , we were also the winner of one of the Golden tickets, which was a pass to next years event! Everything was brilliant...
Thank you once again to All who worked so hard...It really showed! The only disappointment was that the weekend ended so soon. Cheers,



We will be coming to Beyond Leather 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 ...
OK, you get the picture.This event was worthy of ANY Premier event. I and m'lady jo were totally awed at Sir Top and bonnie's new-found venture. No ... I'm not forgetting the others ... they are all included here in our thanks to that great adventure. We applaud you both, Sir Top and bonnie, and all you who helped them, and all who attended. It was an extreme and wonderful experience. Let's just enjoy LIFE!
M'Lord Paul, m'lady jo, and slave sherry



Resounding Ovations:
The last time I learned this much at one event was when I attended BR X, back in 1997; it was my first big weekend event. Congratulations to all the presenters and to Top and bonnie for an excellent program!



Excellence was not confined to the program - there was a spirit of joy in all the play spaces and indeed permeating the entire event. Such happiness! Is there a special award for "best designed vendor space"? If so, surely BL 2008 would win. Special thanks is due for the kind consideration given to my pony lyndsey and I as we moved around the dungeon Saturday night. I think to some we looked like a mobile bondage scene. The DM staff took us "in stride" and strangers helped us several times. It isn't often you see a cowboy - spurs and all - ride a human pony in a dungeon. Thanks again to all who helped us and accommodated us.

I almost forgot about the hotel. I won't ever forget the hotel! It was wonderful, and I hope they have us back next year! Tim aka Ponygroom / ponygirl lyndsey



Absolutely an Incredible Weekend!!!! I Believe That This Was The Best " First Time Kick Off " of any National Event that I Have Ever Been to That was as Well Planned, Well Run, & Had ss Much FUN, PLAY, & ENLIGHTENMENT!! WELL DONE TOP & BONNIE
I can't Wait for 2009!!!!WOOOOHOOOO!



Beyond Leather was the event of the year:
Congratulations to Sir Top, slave bonnie, and all of their wonderful helpers. It was so nice to be greeted by friendly faces and everything went so smoothly. We were well taken care of every step of the way and we especially loved the elegant atmosphere.

The Atrium of assorted vendors was a pleasure to stroll through and shop. The whole beautiful downstairs area was an ideal way to "Prominade" and schmooze with the delightful array of guests from all over the U.S.

I had an especially festive time at the boot blacking station. My thigh high boots were given the deluxe treatment by Chris, pet of Miss Rae. Miss Rae herself came to give us timely tidbits of erotic cane finessing at the caning interactive. I just had to get over to her booth to get one of her special whippy canes!

The highlight for us was the High Tea instruction by Demonica and sissymaidkelly. What a delight! Demonica has taken formal tea service and bent it to her own creative needs and desires. She was exquisite in her demeanor and posture and very lovely to look at. Kelly was the quintessential sissy maid and was very attentive to correct service. Crimson mae was the perfectly turned out butler, and when it came time to serve tea to the packed room, several lovely submissives stepped up to the plate, which was a lovely plate indeed: tea sandwiches, assorted cookies and petite fours all supplied by the fabulous Karen Matroni.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the Lube Wrestling. All that male energy sliding around, yum!

When can we sign up for Beyond Leather 2009!
With love and appreciation,
Lady Qitara



Re: Resounding ovations for Beyond Leather
Awesome Event, Top and bonnie; thank you! And a huge thank you to the many people who worked so hard to make this such an amazing weekend.

I agree with Tim; I hope the hotel will host Beyond Leather 2009. I've reserved the dates for Chris and I, not that our contractors will give a damn...

I learned so much in the classes and met so many warm, wonderful people who freely shared their knowledge and experience. I enjoyed the theaters immensely... Conrad, you were a true gentleman when you finally lost your shorts. Lube wrestling has my vote for an encore next year!

The dungeon furniture was fantastic; well-made, original designs by Kat and Cyn.
Chris ordered a matched set of elk floggers for me in my signature colors; I can't wait until they arrive. In the meantime, I've been practicing the knots I learned in Lee's
speed tying class; thanks for your patience and your help, MJ. I'm almost ready to use them on a victim, I mean... a subbie.

More things I learned this weekend: Corsets aren't so bad and they look great.

Heeled shoes look great, but they are very, very bad... I'll stick to my steel-toed boots, thanks.

Stop after 2 chocolate beers; if I drink 3, I'm in danger of falling off the damn heels!

It was great to see old friends and to meet new one's. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of Beyond Leather.Looking forward to next year, already.