These rules are also posted at the event. By your entry into the Play Space/ Dungeons, you acknowledge that you have read these rules, understand and will abide by them and that you assume all risks incident to your attendance at this event:


No alcohol or any illegal drugs or illicit substances of any kind may be brought into the Play Space.


Anyone who is noticeably affected by either alcohol or drugs will be denied admittance or asked to leave by the Dungeon Monitors.


All attendees for Beyond Leather will be required to present a badge and wrist band for admittance to the Play Space.There will be NO exceptions to this rule so be sure to wear your badge/wrist band.


Prostitution, solicitation and negotiation of compensation for sexual services are illegal, and will NOT be tolerated.Any violator will be immediately ejected from the event and from the hotel premises.




No cameras or cell phones of ANY kind and no video or audio recording devices of any kind will be allowed in the Play Space.

Even if the cell phone is not capable of taking pictures, all cell phones are banned from the Play Space.


Any person seen with such a device shall be immediately ejected from the premises.


For everyone’s protection, we ask that you use the rubber gloves and cleaning supplies located throughout the Play Space.


Cleaning supplies are available at safety stations throughout the Play Space and classrooms.


No intercourse in play area.


If you do a wax or other messy scene, please use a tarp or drop cloth.


Please clean up after your scene.


Leave all equipment free of sweat, bodily fluids, wax, etc.


Place bodily fluid contamination in proper bins.




No food or drink (except bottled Water) is allowed in the play areas.


No scat, water sports, open flame branding, open flame wax play, or fire play allowed.


Do not sit on the play equipment or in the playing spaces, unless you are playing.


Normal Play Space etiquette is required. Do not intrude into a scene unless invited by the participant.


Do not touch anyone or anyone’s gear without permission.


Please limit your play on each piece of equipment so that others may get a chance to enjoy the different play spaces.


Watching from a respectful distance is permitted, but please keep all conversation, laughter and comments to a minimum in the Play Space.


DO NOT talk to the players while their scene is in progress. Be respectful of the players during their scene.


Please take all conversations "outside to the atrium" area.


Dungeon Monitors must be obeyed at ALL times. If someone is breaching Play Space etiquette and your scene is being disturbed or you are being bothered unduly, please notify a Dungeon Monitor.


No refunds will be given to anyone removed from the Beyond Leather event for violation of any of the above regulations.