2017 International Power Exchange Contestant Family



Kevin and katie

Great Lakes Power Exchange 2016/2017

Kevin and katie have lived as Master/slave for the last 14 years, and enact the relationship using an Executive model. They are the recipients of the 2016 & 2017 Great Lakes Power Exchange title.
As a retired psychologist, Kevin guides their focus on helping people create, maintain and optimize their relationships and personal growth. Their rollicking presentations mix humor and honesty. Kevin and katie present internationally including Lupercalia, Winter Wickedness, Spanksgiving, Sin in the City, Beyond Leather, Power Exchange Summit, Master/slave Conference, and Leather Leadership Conference. They delivered the Keynote for Power Exchange Summit IV. They like orgasms and boardgames.



Sir Luke and His ophelia

Florida Power Exchange 2017



Sir Luke and his ophelia have built a devoted, long-term M/s dynamic with layers of service, protocol, and Leather. They hold the 2016 Florida Power Exchange title and take pride in extending education about specific elements of their unique dynamic.



They are activists in their daily lives and fiercely convicted about LGBTQIA+ and intersectional politics. Their power exchange dynamic has liberated them to live their lives authentically through the act of complete, total surrender and the mastery of one who serves. Now, they encourage that same authenticity and love the phrase, "Be authentically you."





Bernie and marisa

Northeast Power Exchange 2016/2017


Bernie and Marisa live a lifestyle based on “Functional Kinky Love.” Over a fifteen year relationship they evolved a natural inclination of Dominance and submission into a total power exchange dynamic. With a passion for education and sharing their personal journey in life they have served both as the 2016 and 2017 Northeast Power Exchange Title Holders and are returning as competitors in the International Power Exchange at Beyond Leather for the second straight year. Bernie and Marisa have presented throughout the Northeast and are currently developing www.functionalkinkylove.com, a lifestyle website focused on and active dialogue about life in total power exchange dynamic.



Lady A, Meekdragon and Thumper



Together, our triad has over half a century of experience in the BDSM/kink community.   We are a bonded trio, with a fluid approach to relationships and kink, and enjoy sharing our passion for education and Edgeplay with others. Our triad is composed of Lady A, who has been in the lifestyle 20+ years, teaching and presenting across the US and Canada for over 10 years.


A Domme, Master, and wife, her strength and ability to present are thanks to the two amazing people in her life – Meekdragon, her husband and consort, has been in the lifestyle 25+ years, starting in the UK.  Her slave Thumper has been in the lifestyle 15+ years, starting her leather path in 2012, focusing on education, and teaching 101-level classes for negotiations and safety.