WOW...the International Power Exchange contest was outstanding!

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the contest! 



2017 International Power Exchange TitleHolders

Kevin and katie

Great Lakes Power Exchange 2016/2017

Two weeks after IPE we were hosting the regular Athens UnMunch in our home. That happens every month. That turned out to be around 15 folks.

We also, because why not, staged our 8 minute Fantasy Scene for the UnMunch. We also showed off our cool sashes. Many congratulations were had.


In mid-May (1 week later) we attended Power Exchange Summit. Our obligations were:

  • Teach Actions Express Priorities
  • Do "Ask Us The Hard Shit" panel with Dan and dawn
  • Cater the 50 person VIP dinner.

The "Thank You" thread, with lots of gushy details, is in the PXS group. We had an amazing time, and catering that dinner turned out to be a moving experience. We also were unexpectedly offered an "outstanding leadership" award from MAsT: Columbus.


The June UnMunch was early June, followed by another visit to our home by a few of the Science of BDSM team. @Science_of_BDSM


A month after PXS (mid-June) we went to Indianapolis to do an intensive for MAsT. They had a very nice venue, a great group of folks, and brought in a lunch from Olive Garden. Wow. We had tons of fun there.


Coming Soon:

In just a few days we host the July UnMunch. A week later we fly out to Kansas City for the Show Me Leather event. We will be presenting one class - Executive Power Exchange. The announcement is HERE

We will also both be judging the contests held that weekend, including a new state feeder for GLPE! Woo hoo! The contest list is:

• Master/slave
• Ms Leather
• Person of Leather
• Puppy
• Power Exchange
• Mr Olympus
• Ms Olympus
• Show Me Leather Sir/boy
• Show Me Leather Bootblack


Two week later (late-July) we present two classes at SINergy IV.

Last year when we taught at SINergy we could only give them one class, and had to leave right after it was over because we had booked to attend a Mud Run that same weekend. We were super glad they let us do the one class, but we were sad we had to bail, rather than get to really experience the whole event. This year we look forward to being there for the whole thing. Here is a pic from a different mud run - just because.

And... because we just can't seem to help ourselves, we've agreed to do our Fantasy Scene on stage (AGAIN!!) in support of an entertainment/talent show sort of evening event.


In late August, we will be attending Florida Power Exchange for the first time! Woot!

We've been asked to teach "Stinkin' Thinkin" and "Executive Power Exchange." If you saw our 10 minute presentation at Beyond Leather and want to know more about the way we enact our relationship, then the Executive Power Exchange class is your opportunity!We look forward to seeing friends and family (and curious strangers that look at us sideways) at these events. Please come introduce yourself and chat with us!