2017 Presenter Workshops

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Attention Virgins/First Timers: BEYOND LEATHER INSIDE AND OUT: Known as a very fast paced high energy event, your producers Sir Top and slave bonnie share how to navigate the ins and outs of BL10 so you do not miss any thing while still getting to focus on what you want to learn, what you want to see and so much more, while attending Beyond Leather.



CreamDream/MALE SUBMISSION WITHOUT LOSING SELF: How do you maintain your identity as a male submissive or slave? What societal stigmas or cultural norms could impact your submission? We will discuss the subject of submission in the community and in private. Learn to create personal tools and abilities to maintain submissive or slave headspace in your current or potential power exchange dynamic without feeling inadequate.


Cross/WHAT YOU FORGOT TO NEGOTIATE:Wanna spank me?" is enough of a negotiation for some situations, but other times, you need to spend a lot more time discussing what will and won't happen. In this class, we will cover everything you might have forgotten to talk about in your last negotiation, as well as strategies for figuring out what you should remember to ask next time so that everyone can have the best experience possible.


Kevin & Katie/PROACTIVE SUBMISSION: Inspiring the new or stagnant D/s relationship. It is easy for a Dominant to get his/her needs met.  How does a submissive get her/his needs met without being accused of Topping from the Bottom or worse? This workshop helps give submission new direction and focus.


Kevin & Katie/SELF-DISCIPLINE BEFORE DISCIPLINE: What makes you fit to lead or follow? Many folks in this lifestyle want you to trust them with your body, or your heart.  And yet, as we look around many of those same people don't seem to have their shit together.  They want to Lead or they want to Follow, but their own lives are chaotic and disheveled. We believe that Self-discipline is a core skill to a healthy and long-term relationship.  Do you want a better relationship?  Do you want a better life?  Do you want to be worthy of the trust you seek?  We will teach you the secrets of self-discipline.


Lady A/TO POLY OR NOT TO POLY - Managing a life of Multiple Relations: As everyone who’s married knows, managing and maintaining a relationship with a single partner is tough.  Add multiple partners into the mix, and quite often you have a recipe for disaster.  So, how do you manage multiple intimate relationships? And what do you do when things go awry? In addition to discussing the different types of poly relationships, this class will also address potential pitfalls and how to avoid them, techniques & strategies for creating positive and meaningful relations, and finally, what to do when the green-eyed monster appears. This class is designed for anyone interested in poly relationships; those that have them, those that are curious about them, those that have tried poly and experienced the aforementioned disaster. 


Master Jon & slave amendah/YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT? An Introduction to Protocols: A sub falls into step behind their Dom like it's second-nature.  A Master says a single word and the slave makes things miraculously Happen. And you say to yourself, "That's great, but I can't do that myself."  Actually, you can: It's not random, and it's not magic. It's a carefully managed system of of practices and behaviors that we call "Protocol".In this class, attendees will be shown basic language, applications, and examples of this essential, yet often vaguely-defined, concept in order to help integrate or refine it into their own relationships.


Master Jon & slave amendah/INTERPRETING EXTREME OWNERSHIP: What a Business Book Taught Me About M/s  Being a leader is not an easy proposition, whether you lead a slave, a project, or a platoon.  Master Jon interprets the New York Times bestseller Extreme Ownership and will discuss how the lessons of corporate and battlefield leadership make for more effective Masters and slaves.


Master Obsidian & slave Namaste/POWER CORRUPTS? Explore Total Power Exchange Relationships: Does absolute power corrupt absolutely? Many seem to think so. Join Master Obsidian and His slave namaste in this discussion of TPE myth, legend and transitions. This class will cover many of the concerns people often have in entering into a TPE relationship. Additionally we will explore some of the myths and ideas one may encounter concerning TPE. Does absolute power corrupt absolutely? What does it mean to have no limits? Is this even possible? How does one transition to a TPE relationship safely? And much more. Expect this class to be interactive, so bring your questions, your ideas and your stories.


Master Orindil & fallible_being/THE WAY OF THE BUTLER: Taken from the pages of "The Butler's Guide to Running a Home and Other Graces", renowned butler, Stanley Ager outlines the way a butler is to act, think and BE. Learn to care for your Sir or Madam's home properly. Wash, dry and maintain clothing, the correct way of tending the dining table and so much more!!!The delicate art of anticipatory servie has never been so eloquently conveyed.


Master Talon & justkathy/HELP! I THINK IT’S A LITTLE: Do you suspect that you are harboring a Little in your relationship and you don’t know what to do with it? Both sides of the slash will want to join Master Talon and justkathy in this lighthearted exploration of the Big/little relationship from discovery to enhancing the dynamic through play.


Mistress Mayhem/THE COOKIE EXPERIMENT-Finding your way: Are you Poly, open hearted... Dealing with Jealousy, Envy & Lust? Mistress Mayhem's "A Cooks Guide to Using Jealousy in Your Healthy Sexy Dishes" A demonstration of sharing - A platter of cookies are shared around the room... This is the beginning of the class and an introduction to the concepts of Poly, many loves and living as a tribe.


MsDDom & CreamDream/CREATING REALISTIC FEMDOM DYNAMICS: Does the FemDom or male submissive approach first? What are the expectations from each side? What about the fantasy that stems from stereotypes of FemDom relationships? In this workshop, learn how to prepare yourself for the approach by setting your own personal path of realistic wants, needs, and desire for creating a dynamic. Craft negotiable terms or contracts that benefit both parties yet establish clear power exchange. This workshop focuses on the FemDom/male submissive dynamic, but all are welcome.


Ms. WillowKat & Aren/CONSENT VIOLATIONS & CONSENT ACCIDENTS! Increasing Safety for Bottoms and Tops: Consent violations connote failure to uphold rules, agreements or expected protocols. Consent accidents, on the other hand, often stem from a failure of communication. Both bottoms and tops can contribute to these failures. In this workshop and discussion, we will review ways to minimize the chance of both consent violations and consent accidents. We will also discuss ways to address these breaches when they occur, and how to move toward healing.   


Ms. WillowKat, Ranell & Aren/COMMUNICATION PROTOCOLS FOR POWER EXCHANGE: Power exchange relationships present unique communications challenges and opportunities. In this class, we will discuss and demo several communication protocols that we use regularly.  These powerful tools build safety for transparency while supporting authority-exchange dynamics. We will share stories of some of our own struggles and successes. This is an interactive class, please bring your own stories, questions and ideas. 


MsKendra/WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO OWN ANOTHER PERSON: Owning a slave is a big responsibility. What are the responsibilities of owning another person?  What are the joys and agony of owning another person?  Is this for you?  Come prepared to ask questions and learn about the true life and times of owning someone. 


MsKendra/LIVING AS A LEATHER PERSON: Living as a Leather Person can present itself in many living forms.  What does it mean to be a Leather Person?  What does it take to be a Leather Person?  Why would you want to be a Leather Person and why would you not want to be a Leather Person?  Come with your questions about what it means to be a Leather Person and find out if this is the right path for you.


Sir Vick & Lady Elsa/WHO’S THE BOSS? Power Exchanging Outside the Lines: When two dominants (or two submissives) fall in love, standard assumptions about power exchange don't work anymore. Who makes decisions? Who serves? Whose desires prevail? Nothing is clear-cut. In this discussion-oriented class we'll tell you about has worked for us in our Dom/Dom partnership, and we’ll provide some conceptual models and prompts help you better understand and navigate your own non-traditional power exchange situations.


slave Namaste/SACRED SERVICE: What is the "spirit" of Service? How can you combine spirituality and service, surrender and obedience to elevate your power exchange dynamic? How can service and surrender be a spiritual tool? What is the role of the Dominant/Master in this dance of service?  slave namaste will explore the concepts of spirituality and of service and will teach how combining the two can create a synergy that is both compelling and intense, serving to deepen the dynamic and strengthen the bonds of M/s. You'll learn practical tools that can be used, how to ritualize any action or directive, what is Presence, and much more. Come with an open mind!


Snoflak/NEGOTIATIONS AND A CONTRACT FOR A D/s,M/s DYNAMIC: Why have a contract? What to put in it? How to implement an exit strategy? From start to finish, a course in developing an M/s contract. This class is interactive you will need a pen and paper.


Vi Johnson/RECLAIMING OUR LEATHER HISTORY: From lost storage lockers to items in flea markets; much of our valuable history is being lost, sold or trashed.  There is a growing army of warriors who are actively seeking these treasures to preserve them, return them to their rightful owners or get them back to the organizations.  Come and learn more about their mission and how to join them in Reclaiming Our Leather History!






Aren/ROLE PLAY & IMPROV IN BDSM: Role play can bring life, fun and intensity to your scenes. This interactive class

will include discussion of role-play and improv in the context of BDSM, as well as demos and easy role play and improv exercises geared toward BDSM application. No theater experience is necessary; all are warmly welcomed to play. Come join in the fun as participant and/or audience!


Big Red/BITING AND OTHER ANIMALISTIC ENERGY EXCHANGES & PLAY: Come sink your teeth into the juicy, sensational, and tasty morsels of biting and Other Animalistic Energy Exchanges and Play. Biting is as much a Sadist’s delight, as a sweet gift of succulent service.  It is an energy exchange and manipulation that can be deeply sensual, physical, sadistic, playful, erotic, spiritual, emotional, and mental. Via experiential learning we’ll discover how things such as biting, scratching, clawing, licking, and sucking can be beneficial tools of control and intimacy in the BDSM relationship, setting a scene, full body explorations, techniques, and safety. 


Lady A/MORE THEN A STING AND BITE: SENSUAL PLAY with SINGLE TAILS: Single tails are often seen as an object of affection or terror. For the tops and bottoms alike, the crack of the whip is a singular sound – and everyone in the dungeon turns to look.  Those who play with whips and single tails certainly delight in the fear or excitement such a sound brings.  But is there more to whips than whipping it out?  Can single tails be sensual?  This class is for those who are interested in getting more from their single-tails than a single type of use.  Topics covered include deliberate wrapping, using single tails softly, and in more “delicate” areas, ways to work through a fear of single tails for those who can’t stand the “crack”, and ways to use single tails without leaving heavy marks.  Whips can be scary, but they can also be erotic and joyous.  This class is a hands-on practical workshop.   Attendees should come prepared to either bottom for the experience or have some experience with using whips as a top.


Lady A/SCARIFICATION! MAKING YOUR MARK AND MAKING IT LAST: There are many ways to create scars and body modifications. Besides just artistic cutting, scarification can including skin removal, using specific products on cuttings to deepen scars, as well as branding (cautery and strike) and cell popping (Commonly called “Devil’s fire).  The types of scars created, along with the safety considerations of each type, the merits and demerits of each, and the tools necessary to ensure lasting marks.  This class also discusses the mental and emotional impact of scarification, and the effect it can have on relationships.


Master Oakman & slave diamond/FLORENTINE FLOGGING: This is a hands on workshop requiring two similar in weight and length floggers. (W/we have extras) Florentine Flogging involves two floggers used simultaneously and in unison to produce a rhythm of strikes. The over and underhanded wrist motion used in this technique requires accuracy, skill and control of the tails of the floggers. Other factors include the length and material of the tails that the floggers are made of producing unique sensations either stingy or thuddy depending on the desired effect. Come feel a Florentine Double-Team!


Master Obsidian & slave Namaste/PRESSURE POINT PLAY: In this interactive seminar, we will explore pressure point work in S/M sessions. Becoming experienced with non-impact/non percussive techniques can open up new horizons in our relationships, providing a conduit for the discerning Dominant to awaken or inflict a broad spectrum of sensations in the body of the submissive or bottom. By manipulating different pressure points or accupoints on the body, sensations ranging from orgasm to excruciating pain and even deeply moving emotional catharsis can result. These techniques are toy bag independent – there are no size and gender requirements to perform pressure point play – most techniques are performed with an empty hand.


Master Orindil & fallible_being/DINING ETIQUETTE (301): This class will cover proper attire, appropriate conversation topics, table manners, host/ hostess duties, place setting, glassware setting, flatware setting for both formal and informal dining. Menu preparation, and how to properly set and clear a table.


Master Talon & justkathy/LEADING THE DANCE: Does the beauty of a well-played scene intrigue you? Have you wondered at the magical mind reading powers of a skilled top? Join Master Talon and justkathy to learn techniques that will help you to read your bottom, and ways to use that knowledge to lead them through the dance and into a happy place. Come prepared to participate in this very interactive class!


Miss Rae/IN DEPTH CANING: The first half of the class will cover a brief overview of different types of canes, how they’re made and how to care for them. Then on to the good stuff. She will start with the basics and then shift into a more advanced lesson on caning. Miss Rae will help you get over any fears you've had about canes. Miss Rae will help you learn how to properly use them or how to enjoy having them used on you from sensuous to sadistic and all stops in between. Ever heard of a canegasm (cane + orgasm = canegasm)?  Bring canes if you have them or borrow one of hers. Everyone is welcome and "hands on" participation is encouraged!


Ms Julie Spanks/PADDLES, STRAPS AND OTK SPANKINGS: This is a class offered for those who enjoy the sensual art of spanking. We discuss the different types of spanking and why it is so erotic and why people may prefer Over the Knee spanking VS just a regular spanking.  We will also discuss the different tools for administering spankings and how they feel and the importance of “the warm up”.


Q/HELP, I’M NOT A TOP: What can you do when you suddenly find yourself running a scene? We’ll discuss some tips and tricks for the new top to help you take AND maintain control of your scene.


redwarrior/POWER BOTTOMING: There are dozens of classes to help a Top gain new skills for Topping. This class focuses on skills for bottoms to become more skilled at bottoming, from techniques to process pain to creative ways to initiate play and delight your Top, and ways to be more interactive within a scene without taking power from the Top. We will discuss energy exchange, communication, and helping to build anticipation and prepare long before the scene as well as how to communicate and recover long after the scene has ended. This class will end with a demonstration of the techniques discussed.


Sir Top & slave bonnie/KNIFE PLAY: Amazing Sensation Play with Sir Top, slave bonnie and victims! (Volunteers) Learn how different knives challenge those we play as we share how you can take your play to another level. This demo provides an opportunity to learn correct and safe knife play, which can be highly erotic, and the physical and psychological reactions can be intense. Bring your blades and let's have fun.


Snoflak/BDSM 101 CRASH COURSE: We will go over the lingo used within the lifestyle both old terms and newer, a brief on basic lifestyle etiquettes, implements and striking zones, scene negotiations basics, relationships and contracts and defining yourself.


Snoflak/STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN! Using Impact Play to get your bottom to Fly: The science and dance behind climbing the Endorphin ladder. Learn how the chemistry and music play into getting your bottom to be able to achieve "fly" time. This is a sensuous dance from start to after care with demo to follow.


Vi Johnson/CORSETTING FOR HUSBANDS AND LOVERS: She looks so good in that corset, but you dread every time she comes to you and says “Honey could you lace me?” Never be intimidated again! Bring your Lady, her undergarment (s)  and  just a little patience for this new toy in your toy bag. Spend an hour or so Vi Johnson and become a Master of the Laces.  Learn the art of corset lacing and all its intimate secrets.  You will be the most popular person at your fetish event.  This is a hands on practice class.




Mistress Mayhem/HAIR BONDAGE: There will be three demos - The Japanese Braid, The Ring Tie, And The Tube Tie: Bondage to contain, control and change the wearers perception in the scene. Hair used not just to bind and control head movement but to alter perception in the scene. These ties can be added into your scene or be stand alone mini scenes.


Mistress Mayhem/CHASTITY-CAGED TO INTENSIFY AND CONTROL: For tops & bottoms, boys & girls Owning your own and another's orgasms. We will display cages and devices for controlling, encasing and delaying gratification. We will also discuss and demonstrate a wide selection of cages and devices showing the benefits of each one.


Spike/SELF BONDAGE: Learn how to safely tie your favorite person: you! Learn a few ways to restrain yourself for either preparation for your partner or as the prelude to some romantic “alone time”.


Spike/SELF SUSPENSION: A class where the students will learn how to suspend themselves without the need for a partner. Safety, preparation, methods of quick release, and exploration of the “worst case scenario” will all be discussed before a single student will be suspended.


Spike/CHANGING DIRECTIONS: A comprehensive guide to changing a rope’s direction in the middle of a tie. Do your hitches collapse on you? Do you have trouble getting your lines to stay in place once you’ve placed them? This is the class for you!  Please bring rope. If you have a rope partner, bring them. If you don’t, the techniques shown can be practiced on an inanimate object like a chair.


Tatu/THE RHYTHM OF ROPE: So you think you are doing Japanese rope. Just following instructions in a video or website or even in a class on how to do a certain form, but there is MUCH MORE!. Tatu will introduce Japanese cultural concepts as opposed to hard western aesthetics. You will learn principles such as “Beauty in Imperfection” & “Beauty in Simplicity” and “Space is Never Empty”. We will then build about “Rhythm” using other concepts such as “Japanese Taiko Drumming”, which is known as “The Heartbeat of Japan”… movements, intensity, timing, exchange of energy and space; all work together to communicate energy filled moments with your rope.  What to Bring: 1-3 / 7-8 meter (about 23-26 feet) lengths of 5-6mm jute or hemp rope.


Tatu/FULL BODY BINDING: aka TAWARA or RICE BALE BINDING in Japan. Tatu introduced this tie to North America – This is a fun total body binding done in the fashion that the Japanese bind bales of rice. A form from the school of iconic late Akechi Denki taught shortly before his passing, students will be given instruction in a traditional dojo styled format. The forms will be demonstrated, then students will follow step by step, and then practiced repeatedly. What to Bring: 7-8 meter (about 23-26’) lengths of 5-6mm jute or hemp rope.


Tatu/BINDING TO EXPOSE THE ANUS: These forms are taught to beautifully accentuate and present the “momo” the Japanese sexual euphemism term for “peach” or as referred to in the West as the buttocks; in a second form students will take this presentation to a much more intimate and “deeper” level as they will be instructed on how to use their rope to expose the Kōmon (anus) of their model for mutual pleasure. The forms will be demonstrated, then students will follow step by step, and then practiced repeatedly. As time allows other forms such as the hunting sling and hanging like a bat will be explored. What to Bring: 4-5 / 7-8 meter (about 23-26 feet) lengths of 5-6mm jute or hemp rope.


Tatu/JAPANESE STYLE HIP HARNESS: Inspired by the work of Japanese Bakushi / Performer Otonawa. Learn a new and safer way to tie a hip harness suitable for suspension. Bring: 5-6 / 7-8 meter (about 23-26 feet) lengths of 5-6mm jute or hemp rope.




Big Red/THE INVISIBLE REALITIES OF KINK & BDSM: Studding, Cuckolding, Pregnancy Kink, Impregnation Kink, Chubby Kink, Fat Fetishism, Fat Sex & Play, Suckling/Nursing/Lactation Kink, Attraction to disability.We will address many of these “Taboo” areas of the BDSM and Kink Lifestyle; integrating and bringing to life playfulness, sensuality, intimacy, connection and power in full life and body experiences. We'll cover definitions, setting a scene, potential pitfalls, ways to make adjustments, methods to broaching these with your partner(s), and how it can be beneficial for bringing and/or keeping fire and freshness in play, relationships, and sometimes transient life situations and experiences.  And, as always, there will be goodies too!!!


Dr Evil and Ms Julie Spanks/THE ART OF FISTING: The miracle and art of fisting taught by a couple of fisting experts. Are you a virgin Top who has yet to try? Can't get your entire fist inside? Are you a bottom eager to learn and take more? In this class, you will be entertained and amazed with a colorful power point presentation, engage in discussion around anal vs vaginal fisting, followed by a hands-IN demonstration and Q & A. Yes, we will go where all of your dreams come true and your fisting problems will be solved in one easy lesson! Splash guard provided.


Big Red/FEMALE ORGAMS, TEASE, DENIAL AND CONTROL: Orgasm tease, denial and control can be a hot stand-alone scene of several hours or an ongoing component of a dominant-submissive dynamic. Male orgasm control seems fairly simple: lock up his goodies. But how does one control the female orgasm short of a medieval (and impractical) chastity belt? Join us for this interactive conversation on female orgasm tease, denial, and control. We will discuss the differences between tease, denial, and control as well as the psychological and physiological impacts of each. We will share ideas for devious tease & denial games and techniques and pointers for maximizing the fun for both the teaser and the teased. Orgasm tease, denial, and control is not hot or even appropriate for all people and we'll cover the characteristics of a good candidate for this deliciously torturous form of play.


Master Oakman & slave diamond/THE ART OF THE BLOW JOB: Cock sucking- Tips & Tricks; Join slave diamond and Master Oakman as we delve into the Pleasurable World of The Art of the Blow Job! This is a mouth-on class for those interested in learning some Tips and Techniques to pleasure your Partner into ecstasy! Bring your “Top” for an interactive class. Real or dildo…You can still learn the techniques! We’ll go over how it feels and what emotions or pleasurable feelings are evoked by the stimulus! Demo and then instruction with some time for class participation.


Q/SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED: Fucking with a cock can be hard. It can be even harder when you’re trying to do it with a cock that’s not factory installed. Wouldn't it be great to have some help figuring out how?! Which cock should I choose? What are my style and material choices when it comes to harnesses? Which positions might work best? There will be in class demos so bring your questions!




Cross/NAILED DOWN: This class will demonstrate numerous techniques for using piercings for bondage, predicaments, and more. Nothing can be more intimate or devious than using a person’s own skin against them. A brief primer on basics and safety will be given, but those without play piercing experience should seek basic instruction and hands-on training before attempting anything demonstrated in this class.


Dr. Evil & Ms JulieSpaks/MIND FUCKS! The Ultimate Discomfort Zone: Everyone loves a magic show. We sit in the audience and try to figure out how the trick is done or just sit back in wonder at the illusion. Your conscious brain is lead by the magician to see things that aren’t really there or are too obvious not to accept. What is the energy of creating the illusion and then playing with that illusion in a scene or in your play at home? Frankly, it’s yummy, often hysterical, and best of all it can re-energize our day-to-day drudge. Attendees must be open and willing to participate in merely the pain of personal growth.


Robin Pyro & redwarrior/PRIMAL SPIRITS: In this class, we explore the primal energy within us all, the connection to the primitive animal part of our minds and our spirits and how that can be drawn into BDSM play and relationships. We’ll talk about how to unleash your primal side if you’ve felt trouble connecting with it. We’ll talk about what the challenges can be in channeling and focusing primal energy; both in play and power exchange. We’ll have hands-on exercises to help you get in touch with your own primal and techniques to help your partner(s) feel more comfortable unleashing their own.  We’ll also explore animal totems in BDSM play and relationships and how to connect with your own animal totem. Come take a fun and liberating walk on the wild side!


Sir Top/FACE YOUR FEARS: Have trouble initiating a fear play scene? Kick it up a notch. Get a jump start for new relationships and rejuvenation for old ones.  Sir Top is bringing ALL his toys and looking for victims to use them on!!!  We will explore deep dark fears and even open up ones you never knew you had. Dominants come prepared to throw your submissive to the front of the class and submissives, come prepared to break through some of your deepest fears.  Lets work through them together.... mwahhhhhhh 


Sir Vick/FIRE AND BLOOD CUPPING: Fire cupping is the ancient practice of heating the air inside a glass cup to create a vacuum inside it, then quickly applying it to the skin.  Practiced for health in many Asian countries, it has also caught the attention of kinky people worldwide, who enjoy it for its sensual intensity and deep purple markings that can be arranged artistically and precisely on the body.  Blood cupping (cupping over a small cut in the skin) is an alternate method that pulls blood into the cup, for more dramatic and intense scenes and sensations. This class explains and demonstrates both practices, including safety, equipment, application, and clean-up.


Spike/ABDUCTION PLAY: Spike will walk you through the pitfalls and rewards of abduction play. Learn how to navigate negotiating this form of consensual non-consent without losing the element of surprise. Learn how to form a team of kidnappers and what questions to ask your would-be hostage. Learn how to pull off a successful abduction without a trip to the emergency room. And finally, we'll answer that age-old question: "now that I've kidnapped them, what do I do to them?"